Day Camp

From games to science to environmental preservation – our girls explore the world around them, try new things, and build self-esteem while having a blast at day camp. Girls learn confidence and leadership skills while participating in totally awesome activities like swimming, archery, team building exercises, and more.

Day Camps are typically 5 days long and may include an overnight stay. Girls sign up as individual campers.

And don’t forget – you can invite your very best friend to come too…even if they aren’t Girl Scouts. It’s one of the many ways you can get involved in the Girl Scouts Leadership Experience

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Volunteer Led Day Camp

These special day camps are run exclusively by our incredible volunteers, and vary from a few hours to a few days long. Girls enjoy a variety of outdoor activities where they connect with other girls and take action to make a difference in our community. 

Volunteer day camp is run by a dedicated team of specially trained volunteers who work year round to make this enriching opportunity possible. We'd love to have you volunteer to join the team! 

View the 2015 list of Volunteer Led Day Camps. More information coming soon!

    3A - Kicking it Old School
    3B - Make New Friends
    3C - TBD
    3D - I Survived Girl Scout Camp
    3E - TBD
    3F - The Girl Scout Daily Herald
    3G - The Amazing Race
    3H - got camp?

    5G- Survival
    5E - Storybook
    5D - TBD
    5F - TBD

    6A - Be In Your Element
    6B - TBD
    6C - Music
    6D - Animal Safari
    6E - TBD
    6F - A Day at the Movies: Lights, Camera, Day Camp!
    6G - Western

    1A - Hoedown in the Pines
    1B - Super Heroes
    2B - Medieval Times
    2C - Under the Sea
    4B - TBD
    4C - Disney Survivor
    4D - Survivor Camp
    4E - TBD
    5A - TBD
    5B - Wild West
    7A - Flashback
    7B - Country Carnival
    7C - Weird Science
    8B - TBD
    8C - Wild, Wild West
    8E - TBD