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These are our stories. YOUR stories. Stories of amazing girls doing tremendous things right here in our community. Share yours here. 



Troop 32185 Installs Buddy Bench and Helps Kids Make Friends

Thirteen thoughtful Brownies from Broadway Elementary School saw the need for a designated meeting place at their school, where kids could go to make new friends. Together they designed and built a "Bobcat Buddy Bench," in honor of their school mascot. They measured the wood for cutting, sanded the cut wood, and looked on as their adult supervisors showed them how to work the saw. Once the bench was assembled, they painted the bench in school colors and included the words "Make New Friends and Keep the Old." They presented the bench to their school administrators and made promotional posters to put up around the school. They also wrote a script that they presented during morning school announcements and were invited by the principal to come another day to sing "Make New Friends" to their schoolmates. What a special gift, girls!


Cheviot-Outreach-Girl -Scout-Little-Library

Outreach Girl Scout Program Brings Little Free Library to School

When planning their annual service project, fifth graders in the Outreach Girl Scout Program at Cheviot Elementary School agreed that they wanted to pursue a project with long-term impact. They discussed their community’s needs and tossed around different project ideas. Finally they settled on building a Little Free Library ( to place in Cheviot’s 5th and 6th grade hallway to promote literacy and a love of reading. Community Outreach Team Leader Alicia Gee delegated the task of building the Little Library to her husband Rob, and the girls focused on decorating inside covers of donated books and signing official stewardship cards. As official stewards, the girls have accepted the responsibility to keep the library neat and constantly stocked. "What happens when we leave Cheviot? Who takes care of the library?" asked a distraught girl. Her friend piped up cheerfully, "We’ll just have to teach the littler kids to respect and cherish it so they’ll be able to use it too!" 



Troop 48070 shines bright with Senator Bill Coley

These awesome girls recently earned their Girl Scout Bronze Award, which was presented to them by by Ohio State Senator, Bill Coley and his wife Carolyn! These six girls worked together to upgrade to Monroe Primary School's preschool playground. They refurbished shipping crates into outdoor storage units and turned old tires into colorful flower beds. They also built a bench to provide seating for adults and children, flower pots to help protect tree root exposure and patio blocks to prevent soil erosion in an existing garden. Way to go girls—Lilly, Kaitlyn, Jillian, Kelly, Livia, and Torrence!



Being a Troop Leader means making a difference!

As a leader, you often wonder if the time you invested in Girl Scouts makes a difference. Sometimes it takes a while for that investment to get to the top. When my troop (Troop 40191) bridged to adults, there were four young ladies who crossed. I keep in touch with each of them. Recently, one of my scouts texted to tell me she had built a kitchen island from scratch.  She shared that the total cost was $40.00 and that she felt confident taking on the project, because she had learned to use power tools as a Girl Scout.  Another one of my girls, who is now a sophomore in college, recently landed an on-campus job.  She said, "I can sell cookies like there's no tomorrow. I had to learn to sell myself for this interview."  Another is now a Brownie leader on her college campus. Have I reasons to be proud? You bet. The success of these young women has impacted me so much that I "re-enlisted" as a troop leader. Now, I'm having a blast with my third grade Brownie Troop 43538.                        - Heidi Smakula, Troop Leader

Volunteers like Heidi are changing the lives of girls and you can too! 

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Let’s ‘Spark’ an interest in STEM!

Thanks to Sparkbox our girls spent a whole day trying their hand at something new—coding! Girls were able to choose a topic and create their own website from scratch. With the help of Sparkbox employees, 33 girls learned how to write their own content, create a design, understand branding techniques, and apply it all to their new website. At the end of the day, their sites went live! The finished pages were then projected in the room so the girls could see and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Our girls (and parents) LOVED this special event and we’re looking forward to offering it again. One parent, Garlene Hamilton, enthused “You have a winner with this program!” We have to agree!


Robots, robots, robots!

A team of five Girl Scout Cadettes from Riverside and Vandalia won second place for “Gracious Professionalism” at the FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) Championship last weekend. Led by Mariann and Ed Savard, and Steve Heineman, the team dubbed “White Storm” competed with 49 other teams from Ohio. The event was held at Wright State University, and challenged teams in the areas of core values, robot design, and project presentation.

This year, only two all-girl teams competed and both received awards. White Storm was awarded second place in the category of Gracious Professionalism. Criteria for the category include encouraging high-quality work, emphasizing the value of others, and respecting individuals and the community.

This is the second year the team competed. The girls are already talking about plans for the upcoming FLL year. Congratulations girls!


Oh, the places you’ll go!

“As a Girl Scout I have experienced amazing things! I started Girl Scouts as a Daisy and this June I will become a Cadet. Through Girl Scouting the adventures are limitless— I have been to COSI overnight twice and our Troop used our cookie money to go to Chicago by train! By attending camp I have learned so many new things, I can’t keep count. I learned to give back to my community by making crafts to give to nursing home patients and to become more active in things at school. Girl Scouts helped me be more courageous, encouraging me to join a volleyball team and learn to play golf. During cookie sales I have learned business skills by learning how to take checks and make change, while helping our troop raise money to do even more awesome things. At first I didn’t really like to sell cookies during booth sales, but then I got to see how many fun things our troop can do with our cookie money. Now I work very hard to sell cookies to do fun stuff with my troop. I’ve had so much fun being a Girl Scout and I hope to earn the Gold Award someday!”

-Sydney, Troop 30796

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