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  • Girl Scout Cookies Help Satisfy Girl’s Taste for Travel

    Aniya Chambers-Brown joins the Young Women of Excellence Girl Scout Troop (YWOE) in Toledo and sells cookies to fund the trip of a lifetime.

    Aniya Chambers-Brown began her Girl Scout journey in elementary school, where she spent three years in a troop building friendships, earning badges, selling cookies, and going on local adventures. When her family began a series of moves, she left her beloved Girl Scout sisters behind. She was never in a place long enough to join another troop, but thanks to her Girl Scout experience, Aniya embraced being on the move and developed a love for traveling and trying new things.

    Skip forward, several years. Aniya has settled into her freshman year at Waite High School and has finally reunited with the Girl Scouts through the Young Women of Excellence Girl Scout Troop (YWOE), a three year partnership between Girl Scouts of Western Ohio and Toledo Public Schools designed to increase graduation rates and improve academic success.

    “YWOE has given me a strong group of friends who are really on their game,” said Aniya. “We’re a sisterhood of young women working to empower ourselves and others through team building, community service, and striving for excellence in school and at home.”

    During a “Keepin’ it Real” Girl Scout weekend at Camp Libbey, Aniya attended a session on Girl Scout Destinations, the ultimate adventure program where girls ages 11 and older are engaged in travel adventures around the coun...

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  • Girl Scout Cookies = Camp: Camp Registration Opens January 27!

    The Girl Scout Cookie Program helps girls learn goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics, but did you know that it also helps them go to camp?  

    When you buy cookies from a Girl Scout, you invest in so much more than a box of treats. You help fund new adventures and life-changing opportunities for girls—like spending a week at camp, where girls meet new friends, learn how to be self-reliant, and explore their environment, while creating lifelong memories.

    “When my daughter came home from camp, she was notably more confident and filled with stories about trying new things, overcoming fears, and making friends,” said Tami, whose 10-year-old daughter attended week-long resident camp.

    Research overwhelmingly affirms that girls benefit immensely from time spent outdoors. According to a recent study by the Girl Scout Research Institute, More Than S’mores, girls who regularly spend time outdoors more readily seek challenges, are better problem solvers, and eclipse their peers who spend less time outdoors in environmental stewardship —all important traits in twenty-first century leadership.

    Outdoor experiences are also particularly beneficial to girls of comparatively low socioeconomic status (SES). More Than S’mores finds that lower-SES girls who have regular outdoor exposure through Girl Scouts are likely to credit Girl Scouts with...

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  • Girl Scout Cookies Are Back!

    If there’s anything that can make cracking open a box of fresh Girl Scout Cookies even better, it’s knowing that you’ve contributed to helping empower girls with the skills, strength, abilities, and drive they’ll need to become accomplished women who benefit themselves, their families, and their communities. Starting January 8, it’s easier than ever to get your hands on delicious Girl Scout cookies. In addition to the traditional methods of taking orders, orders can also be taken through a program called, “Digital Cookie,” where a Girl Scout you know can invite you, via email, to purchase cookies online with a credit card through her personalized website. Traditional booth sales begin March 4 and run through the end of March.  “Digital Cookie is great news for girls. It has forever changed the Girl Scout Cookie–selling experience, bringing our legendary cookie program into the twenty-first-century and providing our girls with a fun, engaging new way to learn the skills that will drive the future economy,” said Roni Luckenbill, chief executive officer for Girl Scouts of Western Ohio. “This initiative is a first step in preparing girls to be leaders in the high-tech, fast-paced, e-commerce world of today.” Eight varieties of cookies are offered this year: Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Trefoils, Do-Si-Dos, Savannah Smiles, Rah Rah Raisins, and Toffe-tastics. New and in limited quantities this year, the gluten-free variety, Toffee-tastics, are...

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  • Medical Mutual of Ohio provides health and wellness day for local Girl Scouts

    On November 24, the Medical Mutual of Ohio offices served as a classroom for more than 50 Girl Scouts in grades 4-5 who participated in a special health and wellness day created just for them.

    Medical Mutual staff planned the entire day and volunteered to inspire the girls to be active, eat right, and create healthy habits.

    The girls who participated in the program earned their “Staying Fit” badge by completing four, 40 minute sessions on health and wellness throughout the day. Each session was led by a volunteer whose goal was to educate and captivate the girls in attendance.

    The girls learned about different types of exercise and participated in 30 minutes of aerobic activity in the Medical Mutual fitness room. They also discussed the importance of nutrition, learning to decipher food labels to tell if foods are healthy and how to balance their “Energy In” with their “Energy Out” to stay fit and healthy. While meeting with a health professional, the girls learned health tips for their age levels. Each girl took home a pedometer to track their steps toward a goal of 10,000 steps per day, a feelings journal to log their feelings by writing or drawing, and a number of healthy activities to do with their families two or three times a week.

    A Girl Scout troop leader in attendance said, “This was a wonderful experience for the girls. The volunteers were highly inspired and informative, and the education they provided these young people will last a l...

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  • Girl Scout Cookie Prices to Remain $4 in Girl Scouts of Western Ohio Council Area

    If you’re a cookie lover living in the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio council area, we have good news—our cookie prices will remain the same as last year at $4.00/box with the exception of our gluten-free variety, Toffee-Tastic, which is $5.00 and available in limited quantities as it is a pilot this year.

    Girl Scout Cookie season begins on January 8, 2016, with girls taking in-person and online orders through Digital Cookie, a program that provides girls with personalized cookie websites where they can initiate sales, take online orders for cookies, and accept credit card payment. Traditional booth sales begin March 4 and run through March 27, 2016.

    One hundred percent of the money raised through the Girl Scout Cookie program (every penny after paying the baker) stays right here in Ohio and is used for volunteer and girl support, troops and rewards, council-sponsored events for the girls, financial assistance, camp programming and facilities, Girl Scout awards programs (Gold, Silver, Bronze), and member support.

    Packages of Girl Scout Cookies sell for different prices in different areas of the country. Each of the 112 local Girl Scout councils has the right to set their own price, based on their needs and knowledge of the local market. 

  • Troop Opportunity Catalog goes live November 1!

    Update your troop’s information in the Troop Opportunity Catalog to ensure girls and adults in your community can get access to super fun troops like yours. All 2015-16 troops will be added to the Troop Opportunity Catalog on November 1st, 2015, unless they opt out by updating their information. Thanks in advance for your willingness to provide the most up to date information! Don't hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. 

  • Girl Scouts Beautify Playground, Win Bronze Award

    Monroe, Ohio — Girl Scouting has a long and successful history of getting girls outdoors and providing them with opportunities to connect with and care for the environment. Monroe Girl Scout Troop 48070 found a way to share their love of the outdoors with their younger classmates, by making upgrades to the Monroe Primary School's preschool playground.

    In 2012 the troop built a boxed garden in the preschool playground to bring a bit of nature and color into the play area. In July 2015, six of the troop’s 17 members, Lilly Champagne, Kaitlyn Lott, Jillian Green, Kelly Tracey, Livia Mattingly, and Torrance Johnson, teamed up to take the garden project to the next level and work toward a Girl Scout Bronze Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve.

    In just six weeks and approximately 30 hours of labor each, the girls refurbished shipping crates into outdoor storage units and old tires into colorful flower beds. They also built a bench to provide seating for adults and children, strategically placed flower pots to help protect tree root exposure, and installed patio blocks to prevent soil erosion in an existing garden.

    “Troop 48070 worked tirelessly to create a preschool playground space that is inviting and child friendly,” said the Monroe Primary School Principal, Kathy Gall. “They worked all summer raising funds to buy materials and collecting donations. They completed the project in time for the start of the school year. The preschoolers a...

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  • Be a Girl Scout Ranger!

    Girl Scouts is excited to announce a partnership with the National Park Service to launch the “Girl Scout Ranger Program,” a joint venture connecting girls with National Park Service sites throughout the United States, including monuments, seashores, and urban sites.

    Through the program, girls can participate in a variety of organized educational or outdoor service projects. Additionally, Girl Scouts may design their own project that aligns with their Girl Scout Journey experience, various badge activities, or a Take Action (“highest award”) project. Girls who successfully complete projects will be awarded certificates from the National Park Service and Girl Scout patches.

    “Providing girls with access to the outdoors is one of the cornerstones of the Girl Scout mission,” said Anna Maria Chávez, CEO of GSUSA. “Through terrific partnerships and programs like the Girl Scout Ranger Program, we offer girls a chance to engage in outdoor activities that encourage a healthy, active lifestyle and a respect for the environment. We are proud to be teaming up with the National Park Service to help more Girl Scouts in more places experience everything the outdoors has to offer.”

    Girls and troops who wish to participate in the Girl Scout Ranger Program can visit the National Park Service website to locate a park (“Find Your Park”) near their home. There, they can also explore the history of the park and learn about its natural and cultural resources. Troop leaders a...

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