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240 - 2017 Leadership Conference 0218-0220

Sat Feb 18, 4:00 PM - Mon Feb 20, 11:30 AM EST
Crowne Plaza Blue Ash 5901 Pfeiffer Rd, Blue Ash, OH, 45242 Map
Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Discount Code:  FREE

Before registering make sure you know which workshops the girl wants to attend.  Once the workshops have been chosen they cannot be changed. Use Discount Code to remove Workshop Session and T-Shirt $1 fee.

Spend the weekend at a hotel with over 200 Girl Scouts from Western Ohio and have one of the most memorable times of your Girl Scout experience!  This conference is planned by a girl planning committee to give you the opportunity to discover what you like, connect with new ideas and people, and take action to make the world a better place. Choose from a variety of interactive workshops offered. 

Workshops A - Select ONLY one
  • Pottery: Illustrate your inner goddess through art.
  • Modge Podge:  Transfer a picture of your choice onto wood using modge podge.
  • Design Thinking:  Design an app! Prerequisite sessions on January 12 & 19th in Cincinnati.
  • Friendology 101:  Identify possible relationship obstacles. How do stereotypes impact friendships.
  • Astronomy: Hear star lore that comes from classic Greek mythology constellations.
  • Stress Relief 101:  Learn techniques such as meditation and breathing exercises that will help your days feel smoother.
  • Chemistry: You will perform hands-pn experiments as a scientist in this workshop.
Workshops B- Select ONLY one
  • Knitting: Knitting for beginners or experienced masters of the needle.
  • DIY Room Decor: Make a Goddess Jar to keep in your room.
  • Sign Language: Learn today's sign language as a orm of unspoken language.
  • Painting:  Paint a mythological icon onto canvas.
  • Wood Working:  Design your own string art using nails and string.
  • Architecture Engineering: Try engineering challenges to find out how ancient buildings are still standing.
  • Henna Body Art:  Design your own body art using henna.
Workshops C
  • Character Drawing:  Use pictures to show stories of mythological gods, goddesses, and heros.
  • Cross Stitch:  Choose a mythologica tehemed print to cross stitch.
  • Cup Cake Decorating:  Express your inner goddess thorugh cup cake decorating.
  • Dance: Communicate through dance. Learn dances from different parts of the world.
  • Hair Braiding:  Learn and practice some braiding techniques.
  • Swimming:  Learn basic lifesaving skills and water aerobics.
  • Harry Potter Workshop:  Wizardry training course includes the study of Mythical Creatures, potion making, and wand making.