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240 - 2018 Resident Camp - Libbey - Week 7

Sun Jul 29, 2:00 PM - Fri Aug 03, 5:00 PM EST
Camp Libbey 28325 St. Rt 281, Defiance, OH, 43512 Map
$165-$520 depending on session
Week 7 - July 29-August 3, 2018 - Camp Libbey
  • Dr. Frankin-Brownie - Become a mad scientist and learn how to whip up your own experiments. Make ice cream, launch rockets into the sky, grow crystals you can eat, and make glow-in-the dark slime! You’ll also create your own giant bubble and make soda explode. When you’re not experimenting in your lab, head down to the pool or up the climbing wall for more adventure. Girls will work towards their Home Scientist badge.
  • Dream Builders - Dream, Create, Build! This week is all about using your imagination, problem solving, and creating new and exciting things. Design, build, and test your very own race car! Work together to make a track to test them and see how different textured surfaces affect speed. You’ll even get to try your hand at using tools! You'll go home with a car built completely by you. Girls will work toward either their Daisy Model Car Design Challenge or Brownie Race Car Design Challenge badges.
  • Techno-Brownie - It’s time to think the unthinkable and design the incredible. Use your imagination to jump into the world of science! Learn about and create simple machines, test your senses, learn how robots think, and by the end of the week build your own simple robot to take home! You’ll take time out to take a dip in the pool and make a craft to take home!
  • Midnight Society - It’s the official meeting of the Midnight Society -- will you join? The Midnight Society solemnly swears to explore camp after dark, take a late night swim, sleep under the stars, practice our target skills with sling shots and glow paint, and any other ideas you may come up with! You will enjoy sleep-in breakfasts and daytime activities, too! Girls will work toward their Camper badge.
  • Way Finder - Learn how to find your way with a compass as you explore the many trails of camp. Go on a scavenger hunt to find the hidden mysteries of camp, plus learn to use a GPS as you look for geocaches located around camp. Make a compass craft and don’t forget to locate the pool and archery range. Girls will work toward their Geocacher badge.
  • The Usual Suspects - There’s been a crime at camp and all the counselors are suspects! You’ll learn the ins and outs of being a detective as you work to solve the mystery. Learn to extract DNA from fruit, find and learn about finger prints, learn how to find a suspect’s height just from their footprint! Clues may require you to use newly acquired skills or hunt along the trails of camp. You never know where they will be! You'll also get to see a demonstration by the local K-9 unit! Share your findings with the whole camp at the final campfire. Girls will work toward their Detective badge.
  • Natural Born Artist - Artists find inspiration in all sorts of places -- find yours in the outdoors! Spend the week with a professional artist learning how to make your own supplies from the world around you, then make master pieces to take home! You'll make art inspired by wild life, make something you can wear, and learn to make music with items you discover in nature. Girls will work towards their Outdoor Art Explorer badge.
  • Climb On! - It’s all about the equipment -- ropes, helmet, harness, and hardware. You’ll become the master of all of them! You’ll climb, rappel, and traverse sky-high elements on Camp Libbey's high challenge course and experience the zip line. But that’s only half the fun! Head out of camp for an overnight camp experience and master another climbing challenge. When you need a break from the heights, choose other camp activities like swimming, archery, and more!
  • Voyagers - Become a true voyager by spending your week on the water. Perfect your paddling skills in either a canoe or kayak or both! Work with a team to build your own raft and race against your fellow Voyagers. Then head to the Maumee River and put your skills to the test. Spend the night camped along the river listening to the water while watching the stars.
  • Old World Artist - Head back to a time when you couldn't buy all of your art supplies at a store. Spend the week with a professional artist learning how to make your own supplies from the world around you, then make master pieces to take home! You’ll explore Camp Libbey to find natural clay and learn how to fire it in a camp fire. You’ll make your own set of paints from plants, berries, and nuts. Learn about eco dyeing on silk with leaves and an iron. You’ll even make your own art journal to store all of your recipes and notes so you can continue your craft after camp! Girls will work toward their Outdoor Art Apprentice badge.
  • Road Trip: Pennsylvania - Embark on the ultimate American summer pastime -- a week long road trip! Create a playlist, pack up the camp van, and prepare to explore all that Pennsylvania has to offer. The best part? You and your new friends get to make the plan! Spend Sunday night finding all the best places to go; options could include a horseback riding tour of Gettysburg, visiting the Lost River Caverns, exploring Pine Creek Gorge - the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania, or even visit an art museum or zoo. The choices are endless and completely up to you! Girls will work towards their Ultimate Recreation Challenge or Traveler badge.