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240 - 2018 Resident Camp - Whip Poor Will - Week 3

Sun Jun 24, 2:00 PM - Fri Jun 29, 5:00 PM EST
Camp Whip Poor Will 3223 Middleboro Rd, Morrow, OH, 45152 Map
$165-$600 depending on session
Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador
Week 3 - June 24 - 29, 2018 - Camp Whip Poor Will
  • Dr. Frankin-Brownie - Become a mad scientist and learn how to whip up your own experiments. Make ice cream, launch rockets into the sky, grow crystals you can eat, and make glow-in-the dark slime! You’ll also create your own giant bubble and make soda explode. When you’re not experimenting in your lab, head down to the pool or up the climbing wall for more adventure. Girls will work towards their Home Scientist badge.
  • Dream Builders - Dream, Create, Build! This week is all about using your imagination, problem solving, and creating new and exciting things. Design, build, and test your very own race car! Work together to make a track to test them and see how different textured surfaces affect speed. You’ll even get to try your hand at using tools! You'll go home with a car built completely by you. Girls will work toward either their Daisy Model Car Design Challenge or Brownie Race Car Design Challenge badges.
  • Techno-Brownies - It’s time to think the unthinkable and design the incredible. Use your imagination to jump into the world of science! Learn about and create simple machines, test your senses, learn how robots think, and by the end of the week build your own simple robot to take home! You’ll take time out to take a dip in the pool and make a craft to take home!
  • The Usual Suspects - There’s been a crime at camp and all the counselors are suspects! You’ll learn the ins and outs of being a detective as you work to solve the mystery. Learn to extract DNA from fruit, find and learn about finger prints, learn how to find a suspect’s height just from their footprint! Clues may require you to use your canoeing skills or hunt along the trails of camp. You never know where they will be! You'll also get to see a demonstration by the local K-9 unit! Share your findings with the whole camp at the final campfire. Girls will work toward their Detective badge.
  • Launch Pad - Bottle rockets, solar cars, and catapults – oh my! Moving objects are zooming around camp this summer. Get ready to spark your inner engineer as camp becomes your laboratory. You’ll build, create, and test your own designs and if it doesn’t work the first time you can try a new idea! There will still be plenty of time to try out some traditional camp activities!
  • Horsin' Around -Are you ready to get on a horse for the first time? You’ll head to Camp Kern each day to learn the basics of horseback ride! Once your skills are assessed, you’ll either learn how to take care of a horse; practice grooming skills; learn to stop, steer, and control your horse; or work on more advanced skills. Go on a trail ride, weather permitting. Back at Whip Poor Will, you'll swim, do target sports, hike, cook out, and much more! Juniors will work towards their Horse badge.
  • Saddle Up - Are you ready to take your riding to the next level? Spend each day at Camp Kern where you’ll work on more advanced skills. Go on a trail ride, weather permitting. Back at Whip Poor Will, you'll do all the fun camp activities like swimming, target sports, hiking, cooking out, and much more! Prerequisites: Girls must have attended Horsin' Around or Saddle Up during previous years at camp or other horse experience. Juniors will work towards their Horse badge.
  • AirCamp -Come fly with us as the GSWO and Air Camp, Inc. team up to provide you with an opportunity to soar above the clouds! Are you ready for a week long adventure in aviation? Learn about the technology & engineering of aviation and aeronautics. You and your flight team will work together to successfully complete a water rescue simulation and black box retrieval design challenge. You’ll get to design and paint an aircraft, take flight ground school, meet experts in the aviation field, and so much more. By the end of the week, you will learn to pilot a real aircraft from Wright Brothers Airfield in Springboro under the direction and support of an FAA certified pilot instructor.
  • Coaster Craze -Explore the wild world of roller coasters and amusement park engineering! Begin your week at camp building and testing your own mini versions to discover how rides work. You will build your own roller coaster car and race it against your tent mates' cars! Didn’t win the first time? That’s ok; make some adjustments and try again. Next you will get to build mini-catapults and see how far you can make things fly. Towards the end of the week, take a trip to Kentucky Kingdom to ride the real ones! Girls will work towards their Entrepreneur badge.
  • Into the Woods: Hocking Hills - To the wilderness and back again! Take your camping to the next level on a backpacking trip to the Hocking Hills. Girls will spend their first day at Camp Whip Poor Will gathering gear and preparing for their trip. Then head to Southeast Ohio and spend three days and two nights on the trail. You'll cook your own meals and see beautiful scenic views and waterfalls. Girls may bring their own backpacking backpack or use one of camp's. Girls must be able to hike several miles a day carrying a loaded pack. Recommended: Girls take Backpacking Basics offered through GSWO. Girls will work toward their Adventurers or Ultimate Recreation Challenge Badges.