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Staff Directory

Media inquiry? Contact KayAnn Rutter at 513.619.1431 or by email.

Roni Luckenbill Chief Executive Officer 513.619.1402 βœ‰
Susan Osborn Chief Operating Officer 513.619.1404 βœ‰
Pat Polley Chief Financial Officer 513.619.1453 βœ‰
Susan Redman-Rengstorf Vice President of Special Campaigns 513.619.1422 βœ‰
Cheryl Drinnen Assistant to CEO 513.619.1408 βœ‰
Cheryl Engel Senior Director of Human Resources 513.619.1390 βœ‰
Jennifer Monaghan Recruitment and Benefits Manager 513.619.1369 βœ‰
Community Development: North Region
Erin Horsley Senior Director of Membership Support 513.619.1380 βœ‰
Christy Gustin Director of Regional Services 419.887.9499 βœ‰
Joyce Rhodes Community Development Team Leader 419.887.9476 βœ‰
Anitra Bates Community Development Team Leader 419.887.9467 βœ‰
Chelsea Vogelbacher Community Development Manager 419.887.9528 βœ‰
Sandra Jechura Community Development Manager 419.887.9477 βœ‰
Lisa Canales-Smith Community Development Manager 419.887.9487 βœ‰
Brittany Campbell Community Education Manager 419.887.9490 βœ‰
Alissa Wauford Community Development Manager 419.887.9475 βœ‰
Sarah Ryler Community Development Manager 419.887.9474 βœ‰
Lizzie Kayser Community Development Manager 419.887.9462 βœ‰
Stephanie Ravas Community Development Manager 419.887.9482 βœ‰
Caitlin King Community Development Manager 419.887.9457 βœ‰
Tina Ohmart Mendoza Community Education Manager 419.887.9466 βœ‰
Community Development: Central Region
Erin Horsley Senior Director of Membership Support 513.619.1380 βœ‰
Cindy McCurdy Director of Regional Services 937.279.6540 βœ‰
Paula Chapski Community Development Team Leader 937.279.6561 βœ‰
Gina Minyard Community Development Team Leader 937.279.6509 βœ‰
Lynn Bryan Community Development Team Leader 419.225.3056 βœ‰
Stephanie Kasza Community Development Team Leader 419.225.3056 βœ‰
Lynsey Brock Community Development Manager 937.279.6526 βœ‰
Heather Jenkins Community Development Manager 419.225.3048 βœ‰
Tammy Miller Community Development Manager 419.225.3046 βœ‰
Erin Pollock Community Development Manager 937.279.6515 βœ‰
Amanda Tesarz Community Development Manager 937.279.6535 βœ‰
Autumn Davidson Community Development Manager 937.279.6533 βœ‰
Bonnie Riell Community Development Manager 937.279.6565 βœ‰
Rhonda Cowden Community Development Manager 937.279.6523 βœ‰
Jessica Husted Community Development Manager 937.279.6556 βœ‰
Joy Trudics Community Education Manager 937.279.6507 βœ‰
Taylor Mims Community Education Manager 937.279.6518 βœ‰
Becky Hamshar Community Development Manager 419.225.3058 βœ‰
Community Development: South Region
Erin Horsley Senior Director of Membership Support 513.619.1380 βœ‰
Cynthia Rhodes Director of Regional Services 513.619.1371 βœ‰
Kristen Quimby Community Development Team Leader 513.619.1414 βœ‰
Natasha Bigl Community Development Team Leader 513.619.1373 βœ‰
Aimee McBride Community Development Team Leader 513.619.1387 βœ‰
Julie Mullins Council Evaluation Manager 513.619.1427 βœ‰
Nicole Bates Community Development Manager 513.619.1446 βœ‰
Amanda Irwin Community Development Manager 513.619.1361 βœ‰
Amanda Moore Community Development Manager 513.619.1389 βœ‰
Maggie Pool Community Development Manager 513.619.1374 βœ‰
Cheryl Shrider Community Development Manager 513.619.1424 βœ‰
SavannahΒ Ledford-Gault Community Development Manager 513.619.1405 βœ‰
Kersti Newberry Community Development Manager 513.619.1423 βœ‰
Tracy Hiles Community Development Manager 513.619.1377 βœ‰
Jamie Story Community Development Manager 513.619.1438 βœ‰
Sarah Lenox Community Development Manager 513.619.1357 βœ‰
Chelsey Kaufman Community Development Manager 888.350.5090 βœ‰
Michaela Sturgill Community Education Manager 513.619.1358 βœ‰
Jaime Brown Community Development Manager 513.619.1386 βœ‰
Devan Murphy Community Development Manager 513.619.1432 βœ‰
Ashlyn Tate Community Education Manager 513.619.1394 βœ‰
Caroline Conard Community Development Manager 513.619.1407 βœ‰
Riley Burke Community Development Manager 513.619.1364 βœ‰
Jenna Craig Community Development Manager 513.619.1399 βœ‰
Jennifer Griffith Community Development Manager 888.350.5090 βœ‰
Customer Care
Jeanette Smith Director of Customer Service 513.619.1412 βœ‰
Hillary Robnick Volunteer Human Resources Manager 513.619.1430 βœ‰
Lisa Berryman Customer Care Specialist 513.619.1365 βœ‰
Ashlyn Howard Customer Care Specialist 937.279.6556 βœ‰
Michelle Salyer Customer Care Specialist 937.279.6500 βœ‰
Takella Worthy Customer Care Specialist 419.225.3050 βœ‰
Rebecca Harrison Customer Care Specialist 419.887.9481 βœ‰
Shanicqua Lay Customer Care Specialist 513.619.1443 βœ‰
Antonia Draper Customer Care Retail Specialist 419.887.9466 βœ‰
Karley Sharkey Customer Care Retail Specialist 513.619.1384 βœ‰
Lottie Dominick Retail Specialist 937.279.6505 βœ‰
Data & Conversion
Rebecca Sites Data Administrator 513.619.1396 βœ‰
Alison Proffitt Data Manager 513.619.1362 βœ‰
Cyndy Self Data Manager 513.619.1410 βœ‰
Alexica Allen Data Manager 419.225.3045 βœ‰
Ericha Justiniano Data & Conversion Specialist 513.619.1415 βœ‰
Crystal King Data Support Specialist 513.619.1418 βœ‰
Kim Conklin Data Support Specialist 937.279.6514 βœ‰
Heather Mumma Event Registration Specialist 513.619.1397 βœ‰
Pat Polley Chief Financial Officer 513.619.1453 βœ‰
Beth Flaherty Accounting Specialist 513.619.1448 βœ‰
Amanda Randolph Staff Accountant 513.619.1389 βœ‰
Fund Development
Rhonda Starghill Chief Development and Marketing Officer 513.619.1445 βœ‰
Kelly Trame Director of Development, North Region 419.887.9471 βœ‰
Carol Serrone Director of Development, South Region 513.619.1376 βœ‰
Carrie Krach Grant Writer 513.619.1363 βœ‰
Steve Blankenship Data Research and Database Manager 513.619.1385 βœ‰
Marketing and Communications
Rhonda Starghill Chief Development and Marketing Officer 513.619.1445 βœ‰
KayAnn Rutter Director of Marketing and Communications 513.619.1431 βœ‰
Megan Bailey Graphic Designer 513.619.1382 βœ‰
Sabrina Schnetzer Marketing Manager, Member Experience 513.619.1359 βœ‰
Chloe Rosenberger Marketing Coordinator 513.619.1372 βœ‰
Jackie Michael Business Support Team Leader 513.619.1388 βœ‰
Lisa Stockdale Business Support Specialist 419.887.9461 βœ‰
Faith Shepherd Business Support Specialist 513.619.1375 βœ‰
Product Program
Devon Beck-Monahan Director of Product Program 513.619.1354 βœ‰
Molly Daffner Product Program Manager 937.279.6557 βœ‰
Katie Maskey Product Program Communications Manager 419.887.9484 βœ‰
Amy Orwick Product Program Manager 419.225.3062 βœ‰
Caroline Hoffman Product Program Manager 513.619.1379 βœ‰
Program & Partnerships
Sarah Kelly Director of Program & Partnership 937.279.6537 βœ‰
Vicki Proctor Outdoor Program Team Leader 937.279.6534 βœ‰
Megan Ramey Program Team Leader - Central 419.225.3052 βœ‰
Becky Sarantou Program Team Leader - North 419.887.9453 βœ‰
Arrianne Byrum Program Team Leader - South 513.619.1434 βœ‰
Chelsea Smith Program Manager - Central 937.279.6542 βœ‰
Maddi Hoffman Community Troop Support Manager- North 419.887.9470 βœ‰
Jennifer Parker Community Troop Support Manager- Central 419.225.3044 βœ‰
Marie Cordes Outdoor Program Manager 419.887.9454 βœ‰
Tori Houck Outdoor Program Manager 937.279.6527 βœ‰
Julia Koenig Program Manager - North 419.887.9463 βœ‰
Aren Apley Program Manager - South 513.619.1453 βœ‰
Miranda Dailey Program Manager - Central 937.279.6550 βœ‰
Abby Naylor Community Troop Support Manager- South 513.619.1367 βœ‰
Kade Abney Program Manager - South 513.619.1436 βœ‰
Monica Bowles Property Director 513.619.1420 βœ‰
Blake Wayman Property Team Leader 513.500.1772 βœ‰
Jeff Baldwin Property Team Leader 513.502.2384 βœ‰
Robert Lacey Facilities Technician 937.279.6516 βœ‰
V.J. Crow Ranger 419.225.3051 βœ‰
Matt Mumma Ranger 513.500.1878 βœ‰
Nick Smith Ranger 419.302.5366 βœ‰
Daniel Mumma Ranger 513.500.1876 βœ‰