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Staff Directory

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Administrative Staff

Roni LuckenbillChief Executive Officer(513) 619-1402
Susan OsbornChief Operating Officer(513) 619-1404
Marcia DowdsChief Development Officer(513) 619-1419
Linda OdenbeckChief Financial Officer(513) 619-1452
Susan Redman-RengstorfVice President of Special Campaigns(513) 619-1422
Cheryl DrinnenAssistant to CEO(513) 619-1408
Margaret Negron JonesSenior Director of Membership Growth Strategies(513) 619-1436
Cheryl EngelSenior Director of Human Resources(513) 619-1390
Jennifer MonaghanRecruitment and Benefits Manager(513) 619-1369


Marcia DowdsChief Development Officer(513) 619-1419
KayAnn RutterDirector of Marketing and Communications(513) 619-1431
Caitlin HonardDigital Marketing Manager(513) 619-1372
Megan BaileyGraphic Designer(513) 619-1382
Jackie MichaelBusiness Support Team Leader(513) 619-1388
Becky SpiekermanBusiness Support Specialist(513) 619-1359
Beth DeckerBusiness Support Specialist(567) 225-3531
Faith ShepherdBusiness Support Specialist(513) 619-1375
Mona EifertBusiness Support Specialist(419) 225-3053

Community Development: North Region

Erin HorsleySenior Director of Membership Support(513) 619-1380
Christy GustinDirector of Regional Services(567) 225-3570
Brittney CassiCommunity Development Team Leader(567) 225-3542
Madison GeorgoffCommunity Development Manager(567) 225-3539
Madison GornekCommunity Development Manager(567) 225-3544
Rachel WellsCommunity Development Manager(567) 225-3533
Tinuke AkintobiCouncil Evaluation Manager(513) 619-1406
Joyce RhodesCommunity Development Team Leader(567) 225-3546
Morgan SilerCommunity Development Manager(567) 225-3543
Anitra BatesCommunity Development Manager(567) 225-3537
Chelsea VogelbacherCommunity Development Manager(567) 225-3551
Sandra LorenzenCommunity Development Manager(567) 225-3547
Tabatha ZemenskiCommunity Development Manager(567) 225-3545
Lisa CanalesCommunity Development Manager(567)225-3558
Maddi HoffmanCommunity Troop Support Manager(567) 225-3540
Ashley ChapskiCommunity Development Manager(567) 225-3550
Maddi HoffmanCommunity Troop Support Manager(567) 225-3540
Marianne TylickiMembership Support Specialist(567) 225-3553
Kyle O'MalleyCommunity Development Manager(567) 225-3560
Rebecca HarrisonCommunity Development Manager(567) 225-3552
Corinne HymelCommunity Development Manager(567) 225-3544

Community Development Central

Erin HorsleySenior Director of Membership Support(513) 619-1380
Lissa BrownDirector of Regional Services, Central Region(419) 225-3043
Lynn BryanCommunity Development Team Leader(419) 225-3056
Cindy McCurdyCommunity Development Team Leader(937) 279-6540
Kim ConklinCommunity Development Manager(937) 279-6514
Paula ChapskiCommunity Development Manager(937) 279-6561
Kristen QuimbyCommunity Development Manager(937) 279-6533
Lynsey BrockCommunity Development Manager(937) 279-6526
Pamela HelmlingerCommunity Development Manager(419) 225-3057
Jennifer ParkerCommunity Troop Support Manager(419) 225-3044
Kelleigh ClaywellCommunity Development Manager(937) 279-6518
Katlin ShuherkCommunity Development Manager(419) 225-3048
Markel HaralsonCommunity Development Manager(937) 279-6515
Madelyn AlsaceCommunity Development Manager(937) 279-6510
Tammy MillerCommunity Development Manager(419) 222-3046
Victoria ChristyCommunity Development Manager(419) 225-3058
Tinuke AkintobiCouncil Evaluation Manager(513) 619-1406
Ashlyn HowardMembership Support Specialist (937) 279-6556
Mikki KennedyCommunity Development Manager(419) 225-3049
Cassie HackathorneCommunity Development Manager(937) 279-6573
Danielle RichardsonCommunity Development Manager(937) 279-6523
Natalie PayneMembership Support Specialist(937) 279-6507
Mirria MartinMember Support Specialist(937) 279-6535
Mackenzie DumasMember Support Specialist(937) 279-6538
Ialiah DavisCommunicty Development mANAGER

Community Development South

Erin HorsleySenior Director of Membership Support(513) 619-1380
Erin FockeDirector of Regional Services, South Region(513) 619-1414
Hillary RobnickCommunity Development Team Leader(513) 619-1430
Cheryl ShriderCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1424
Brittany SizemoreCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1370
Cynthia RhodesCommunity Development Team Leader(513) 619-1371
Casey RinellaCommunity Troop Support Manager(513) 619-1357
Tara MurrayCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1399
Julien WarrenCommunity Development Team Leader(513) 619-1387
Apryl VossmeyerCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1438
Savannah StacyCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1405
Avery FlenerCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1361
Shawnette DavisCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1383
Megan FrancusCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1386
Kelly OsborneCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1427
Katelyn HembreeCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1446
Lauren KlettCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1432
Tinuke AkintobiCouncil Evaluation Manager(513) 619-1406
Mackenzie BowerCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1392
Katelyn EisenmannCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1389
Angelia CottermanCommunity Development Team Leader(937) 279-6541
Ashley PattonMembership Support Specialist(513) 619-1373
Emily KuhnCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1423
Kristen WoodsCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1442
Sydnae SarakaCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1377
Lauren BeattyCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1364
Caroline HoffmanCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1379
Heather MilbyMembership Support Specialist(513) 619-1358
Margaret ClarkCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1374
Ki'Era MackCommunity Development Manager(513) 619-1364
Cassie LongstreetMembership Support Specialist
Claire LinepenselMembership Support Specialist

Customer Care

Jeanette SmithDirector of Customer Service(513) 619-1412
Crystal AllenCustomer Care Team Leader(937) 279-6511
Kelli RempeCustomer Care Specialist(419) 225-3054
Lisa BerrymanCustomer Care Specialist(513) 619-1365
Sarah ThomasVolunteer Compliance Manager(513) 619-1440
Samantha JacobsCustomer Care Specialist(513) 619-1443
Abby NaylorCustomer Care Specialist(513) 619-1377
Michelle SalyerCustomer Care Specialisst(937) 279-6500
Katelynn HollowayCustomer Care Specialist(419) 225-3050

Data & Conversion

Rebecca SitesData Manager(513) 619-1396
Cyndy SelfData Manager(513) 619-1410
Alexica HoudekInside Sales Specialist419-225-3045
Ericha JustinianoInside Sales Specialist513-619-1415
Bonnie EdginInside Sales Specialist419-225-3050
Debbie SantelEvent Registration Specialist(513) 619-1397
Crystal KingInside Sales Specialist(513) 619-1418


Linda OdenbeckChief Financial Officer(513) 619-1452
Kristyn HarmonSenior Accountant(513) 619-1450
Beth FlahertyAccounting Specialist(513) 619-1448
Deb McLarenRetail & Event Team Leader(567) 225-3535
Irma PorterRetail Specialist(567) 225-3557
Lottie DominickRetail Specialist(937) 279-6505
Laura ButlerRetail Specialist(513) 619-1379
Pat JackmanAccounting Specialist(513) 619-1356
Mona EifertRetail Specialist(419) 225-3053
Kate LitzlerAccounting Specialist(513) 619-1389

Fund Development

Marcia DowdsChief Development Officer(513) 619-1419
Kelly TrameDirector of Development, North Region(567) 225-3541
Kait BarnesGrant Writer513-619-1363
Steve BlankenshipData Research and Database Manager(513) 619-1385

Product Sales

Amy OrwickProduct Sales Manager(419) 225-3062
Devon BeckProduct Sales Team Leader(513) 619-1354
Katie MaskeyProduct Sales Manager(567) 225-3555
Molly DaffnerProduct Sales Manager(937) 279-6557
Keely WeisProduct Sales Specialist(513) 619-1367

Program & Partnerships

Sarah KellyDirector of Program & Partnerships(937) 279-6537
Vicki ProctorOutdoor Program Team Leader(937) 279-6534
Marissa HollanderProgram Team Leader, South Region(513) 619-1434
Megan RameyProgram Team Leader, Central Region(419) 225-3052
Becky SarantouProgram Team Leader, North Region(567) 225-3523
Tori HouckOutdoor Program Manager, Central & South Regions(937) 279-6527
Katie ShriverProgram Manager, South Region(513) 619-1420
Chelsea SmithProgram Manager, Central Region(937) 279-6542
Layla AhlersProgram Manager - Adult Learning(937) 279-6565
Nicki RoyceProgram Manager, Central Region(937) 279-6550
Rachel WellsProgram Manager, North Region(567) 225-3533
Marie CordesOutdoor Program Manager(567) 225-3524
Brooke BreckenridgeProgram & Partnerships Manager(513) 619-1453


Robert LaceyFacilities Technician, Central Region(937) 279-6516
Blake WaymanProperty Team Leader, Camp Whip-Poor-Will(513) 500-1772
Matt MummaRanger, Camp Stonybrook(513) 500-1878
Nick SmithRanger, Camp Rolling Hills(419) 302-5366
Jeff BaldwinRanger, Camp Libbey(513) 502-2384
Daniel MummaRanger, Camp Butterworth(513) 500-1876
Robert LaceyRanger, Little House Greenville(513) 978-2990