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Get ready for a year full of adventure and fun with the Girl Scouts! Want to go camping? Learn ballet? Explore caves? Join Girl Scouts now and learn super cool skills like knot tying, sewing, and woodworking.

Don't forget! Use the discount code "free"! All events must have a cost, so events we traditionally don't charge for now cost $1. However, if you use the discount code "free" (not cAsE sEnSiTiVe), the $1 charge will be waived.



Pre-registration is essential so our facilitators can be prepared and have an adequate number of materials available. It also allows us to communicate changes or cancellations.


If you are a Girl Scout member, you can register for activities on the Activities Tab. It is easy to find and register for the activities that interest your troop or family members! Just use the following steps:


1. Click on the Activities List or Activities Calendar on the left-hand side of this page.
2. Find the event that interests you by using the search feature, the interactive activity calendar, or by scrolling through a list of events (listed in chronological order).
3. Click on Register to be taken to your My GS login.
4. Log into My GS, where you can select the members of your troop or family to be registered.
5. Complete the registration steps and pay for the activity.


Important Note: The Activities Module cannot complete registration for an activity that is free. Instead, these activities cost $1. Volunteers and parents should use the discount code FREE to subtract the $1 fee. (It is not case-sensitive and only works for free activities.)


All registrations require immediate payment if a fee is required. Payment can be made by all major credit cards.


Questions? Contact us at or (888) 350-5090.


Program Event Guide

Check out our interactive event calendar, view a list of events, or download our Program Events Guide to learn how you can get started today! Each page is filled with activities that will create memories that last a lifetime – all while building leadership skills for girls across our 32 counties.

What can’t you wait to do?

Community Partners 

We partner with dozens of nonprofits and businesses to offer fun and exciting opportunities right here in your backyard! By working together as a team, we can collaborate with these partners and provide access to resources and experiences far beyond your wildest dreams.

Special thanks to these community partners!