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For Troop Volunteers

Troop volunteers are at the heart of Girl Scouting. They pull together meeting ideas, camping gear, craft supplies, and girls’ dreams, and magically turn all of those into the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. If you’re a troop volunteer, thanks for everything you do!

We know troop leaders can't do everything on their own. That's why we recommend creating a troop committee!

The term “troop committee” is used to describe the adult leadership team for a Girl Scout troop. There’s no one specific makeup of a troop committee; it’s flexible based on your troop’s needs!

Common roles in a troop committee include troop leaders (two are required to form a Girl Scout troop), troop cookie managers, drivers and chaperones, troop treasurers, and snack coordinators.

Let’s dive into some of these roles!

Troop Committee Roles

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Troop Leaders

Girl Scouts come up with so many amazing ideas to learn new things, take risks, and make a positive impact in their communities. At the beginning of the year, girls in a troop will come up with a laundry list of things they’d like to accomplish, and troop leaders are the ones who help make the magic happen!

Leaders are in charge of organizing the ideas and planning meetings and outings so girls can accomplish as many of their dreams as possible. The girls come up with the ideas and the agenda, and the leaders guide and support them. There are many resources available from Girl Scouts and fellow leaders to help leaders as they help girls have fun and keep everyone safe!

In addition, they’re the ones leading the troop committee. They’ll assign tasks, ask for help when needed, and make sure everything is getting done on schedule.

Driver / Chaperone

Girl Scouts are naturally curious about the world around them. As girls begin to experience adventures in Girl Scouting and see the possibilities, they want to explore their world! This requires transporting them in personal vehicles. We believe the safety of girls is paramount to all girl activities and experiences. That’s where drivers and chaperones come in!

Drivers and chaperones are troop leaders or troop assistants who drive to the field trips and keep girls focused on fun, learning, and safety during the outings! To be approved as a driver, adults must:

  • Be a current, background-checked member of Girl Scouts of Western Ohio assigned to your specific troop
  • Have a current and valid driver’s license
  • Have auto insurance that is in compliance with state law
  • Have a vehicle with working seat belts for every person in the car, including themselves
Troop Cookie Manager

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is not only a great way to fundraise for the amazing things your girls want to accomplish, it’s also an opportunity for girls to learn entrepreneurial skills like goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. The troop cookie manager ensures that the program goes smoothly for the troop each year!

As troop cookie manager, this adult will manage troop cookie funds, gather permission forms, help girls set and achieve their goals, pick up the cookies from Cookie Cupboards and deliver them to the girls, and more!

Because this position is so involved, we’ve found that the most successful troops have a troop cookie manager who is not one of the troop leaders.

After all, we want troops to continue with non-cookie programming throughout the program, continuing to earn badges and go on field trips like they do the rest of the year. This is much easier to handle if one person is in charge of the sale while another person is in charge of the outings and meetings!

Additional Roles

Depending on your troop’s needs, you might find it helpful to have additional roles like troop treasurer, troop camp first-aider, communications liaison, snack coordinator, distributor of sale materials, or supplies donor!

Get creative based on the needs of your troop and troop leaders.