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2019 Gold Award Girl Scouts

Congratulations to the 2019 Gold Award Girl Scouts!



Alli Beard | Sunman, IN

Alli Beard of Troop 47006 is a senior at East Central High School. Alli is involved with FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America), tennis, golf, and National Honors Society. She has been in Girl Scouts for ten years and is a Bronze Award Recipient.

P.U.F.F. (People Unite for Furry Friends)

Alli partnered with the Ripley County Humane Society to raise awareness about the growing numbers of rescues in shelters and the importance of connecting these pets with loving owners. Alli coordinated multiple drives and community-based educational events to help support the Humane Society. She recruited volunteers to attend her workshops, where she taught them how to create hand-made pet toys, tie blankets, and treats. Alli packaged these items into “Pet Parcels” as an incentive to those adopting animals. Alli hosted a program at the Humane Society to raise awareness of the shelter’s role in the community and the importance of finding loving owners for pets. Thanks to Alli’s Gold Award, the shelter has become more established within the community and now has a larger circle of active volunteers.

Anja Bally | Lebanon, OH

Anja Bally of Troop 46681 is a senior at Springboro High School. Anja is involved with Student Council, National Honors Society, and is the Vice President of her 4-H Club. She has been in Girl Scouts for thirteen years and is a Bronze and Silver Award Recipient.

Recreational Gardening For Senior Citizens

Anja designed a pollinator garden at Otterbein Retirement Home. Originally, Anja decided to plant the garden to help the local bee and butterfly population. As she progressed, the focus of her project shifted to bringing joy to the residents at Otterbein through the beautification of their outdoor space. As Anja worked on the garden, she met the residents and learned that her garden was the hot topic buzzing around the community center. Therapy patients even began exercising in front of the windows that faced the garden! Anja threw a “Bee Party” to dedicate the garden to the residents at Otterbein. She shared her knowledge of pollinators and flowering plants, and had them create garden stones. Otterbein residents and the landscaping crew will continue to maintain the garden.

Ava Batsel | Cincinnati, OH

Ava Batsel, a Juliette, is a junior at Wyoming High School. Ava is involved with Student Council, Track, and Swimming. She has been in Girl Scouts for eight years and is a Bronze and Silver Award Recipient.

Roselawn Condon Courtyard Enhancement

After observing the scant courtyard at Roselawn Condon - an elementary school in a low-income neighborhood - Ava envisioned transforming the space into an inviting area that would make students feel comfortable, safe, and engaged with outdoor learning. Ava designed and implemented an outdoor learning venue where students could get outside of the traditional classroom to enjoy hands-on educational experience. She weeded flower beds, built an elevated planter to grow vegetables in, added bird feeders, and designed interactive components as activities for students. Students helped by painting pots, planting produce, and beautifying the space with chalk art. Ava worked with students over the summer and educated them on using the space to get in touch with nature. Students and teachers now regularly use the space for learning and play.

Camille Vainrib | Cincinnati, OH

Camille Vainrib of Troop 41096, graduated from Walnut Hills High School in 2018 and is now a freshman at the University of Kentucky studying Speech Pathology. Camille is involved with Youth Group, Wind Ensemble, and Girl Scouts. Camille has been in Girl Scouts for 13 years and is a Bronze and Silver Award Recipient.

Career Connections

After learning that while women make up 48% of the United States workforce, they only make up 24% of the STEM field, Camille wanted to help more girls get interested in STEM careers. Camille partnered with Dater High School to create an event called Career Connections, featuring a Nutritionist, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and Research Associate – all women – to talk with the girls about their jobs, the education required, and the obstacles they faced in getting where they are today. Camille also created educational materials to pass out to the students with facts about various STEM career options, and a goal worksheet. As a result of Career Connections several of the students expressed interest in job shadowing at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and Camille was able to connect them with these opportunities.

Chloe Cunningham | West Chester, OH

Chloe Cunningham of Troop 46242 is a senior at Lakota West High School. Chloe is involved with Peer Counseling, Bowling, and National Honor Society. She has been in Girl Scouts for ten years and is a Bronze and Silver Award Recipient.

Firebird Community Commitment Program (FCCP)

With a new Boys & Girls Club building doubling in size from the previous facility in her community, Chloe realized that the center needed more volunteers to support twice as many children. Chloe’s vision was to connect Lakota West volunteers to serve as mentors at the Boys & Girls Club. To incentivize participation, Chloe developed certificates to give to students based on tiers of hours served. Chloe recruited, trained, and coordinated twenty-two new volunteers to support the new facility. Chloe tracked that her program fostered over 250 hours of community service hours of student support to the Boys & Girls Club. Chloe’s program raised awareness among students about the challenges poverty brings upon youth in their community. Peer Counselors plans to continue Chloe’s model by managing the Firebird Community commitment Program.

Emily Kestermann | Lemon Township, OH

Emily Kestermann, of Troop 42588 is a junior at Monroe/Butler Tech Natural Science Center. Emily is involved with Marching Band, National Honor Society, and Youth Group. Emily has been in Girl Scouts for 10 years and is a Silver Award Recipient.

Forever The Flag

Emily noticed that very few people have seen a Flag Retirement Ceremony, and were unaware of Flag Etiquette, To change this, Emily set up several collection bins for old flags, performed Flag Retirement Ceremonies for her community, and made several how-to videos for different types of Flag Retirement Ceremonies. She also gathered volunteers to place markers on Veteran’s graves at a local cemetery. Emily created a website to host the videos, along with information on her collection bins. Emily also coordinated the creation and delivery of several American Flag painted skids to give to Veterans to thank them for their service. Monroe Public works and the local VFW will continue to have the Flag collection bins that a local troop will collect from to perform Flag Retirement Ceremonies.

Emma Beck | Cincinnati, OH

Emma Beck, a Juliette, is a freshman at the University of Cincinnati in the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. In high school, Emma was involved in French Club, Slam Dunk for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and was a nanny. She has been in Girl Scouts for thirteen years and is a Silver Award Recipient.

Professional Makeup = Self-Esteem

Emma learned that Dress for Success, a nonprofit organization that provides lower socioeconomic women with professional attire to secure employment, did not have the resources to educate their clients about makeup application. Emma kick-started her project with a makeup supply drive. She packaged the donations into totes to gift to clients at an outfit fitting day, where she offered instruction on how to use the various products and explained the benefits to sporting tasteful makeup for an interview. Emma developed a brochure for clients to help them navigate a variety of makeup products and learn techniques for application, including links to detailed video tutorials that Emma created. Emma trained Dress for Success employees to continue educating their clients on makeup application techniques, various products, and the link to self-esteem.

Hannah McDaniel | Loveland, OH

Hannah McDaniel of Troop 40939 graduated from Loveland High School in June 2018, and is a freshman at University of Cincinnati with a major in Middle School Education with endorsements in Math & English. Hannah is involved with Drama, and Christ’s Fellowship of Little Miami Youth Group. She has been in Girl Scouts for 13 years and is a Silver Award Recipient.

Groveport Book Cart

When Hannah learned that the Groveport Community School in Lancaster, OH did not have a library in the building, she worried that the students there would fall behind due to their lack of access to reading materials. Hannah recruited volunteers to help her build a mobile book cart for the school, which would serve as a mobile library allowing their book collection to be shared between multiple classrooms. She also held a book drive, which stocked her cart full of books, and some games. These collections were placed into the cart to be shared amongst classrooms, and extra books were placed into storage tubs at the school. Hannah created a catalog system for the books to keep them organized, which she shared with the school.

Jenna Janesch | Cincinnati, OH

Jenna Janesch of Troop 42588 is a senior at Monroe Sr. High School. Jenna is involved in Marching Band, National Honor Society, and is a lead singer in the youth group at First Church of God. She has been in Girl Scouts for ten years and is a Silver Award Recipient.

Social Story for Riding Center

Jenna connected with the Therapeutic Riding Institute (TRI), which offers equine-assisted services to people with disabilities. Jenna learned that individuals at the institute often times cannot get involved in an activity because they are unaware of what is happening to them, leading to anxiety with the activity. Jenna decided to create a social story book - a step-by-step graphic resource that helps riders process and understand the different types of activities they will participate in – for the clients. Jenna worked with TRI staff to choreograph activity scenes for the social story book. Jenna meticulously designed, edited, and bound the book. She distributed hard copies and an electronic file for TRI to keep on hand, and plans to continue creating new social story books to assist riders at the center.

Katy Luebbe | Middletown, OH

Katy Luebbe of Troop 42588 is a sophomore at Monroe Sr. High School. Katy is involved with soccer and Girl Scouts. She has been in Girl Scouts for ten years and is a Bronze and Silver Award Recipient.

Snowball Dance

From her time spent working with the elderly, Katy observed that they often mentioned how they wished they could go back to “the good ole days.” After doing her research Katy settled on coordinating a snowball-themed “prom” for nursing home & senior center residents. Katy fundraised money to fuel her project and delegated logistical tasks to her volunteer team to prepare for the event. Katy organized refreshments, raffles, games, music, and a photographer. She recruited thirty senior citizens to attend her dance—and they all had a blast! The attendees all left smiling ear-to-ear and had a chance to break up their regular routines and meet new people. Katy plans to work with Girl Scouts in her service unit to make this an annual event to continue spreading the joy.

Kelsey Brown | Cincinnati, OH

Kelsey Brown of Troop 47305 is a senior at Mariemont High School. Kelsey is involved with Mariemont Varsity Softball, Youth Fellowship, and Girl Scouts. She has been in Girl Scouts for ten years and is a Bronze and Silver Award Recipient.

Warrior Youth Softball Skills Enhancement

Kelsey noticed a decreasing interest in softball amongst the youth in her community, and she didn’t want to see the sport decline. Kelsey found that the root cause to be the lack of a skills clinic for younger girls. Many girls do not feel confident trying out for the softball team if they don’t feel they have the skills to succeed. Kelsey organized and implemented a softball skills clinic in her community in order to increase the skill level, confidence, and self-esteem of younger girls, in hopes to revitalize interest in the sport. Those who attended Kelsey’s clinic increased their softball skills, and had the opportunity to learn from older students who served as positive role models to the younger girls. The varsity softball team has agreed to continue Kelsey’s softball clinic annually to ensure that younger girls are given the opportunity to improve their softball skills and gain interest in the sport.

Libby Spera | Cincinnati, OH

Libby, a Juliette, is a junior at Wyoming High School. Libby swims competitively for Wyoming High School & the Cincinnati Marlins, serves on the leadership team for Model UN, and is involved with mission work through the Presbyterian church of Wyoming. She has been in Girl Scouts for ten years and is a Bronze and Silver Award Recipient.

Lending Libraries for Gary

After taking a mission trip to McDowell County, West Virginia, the poorest county in the nation, Libby learned that it was financially challenging for families to prioritize providing books for their children. As reading shaped Libby into the person she is today, it was extremely important to her to know that all children in this community would have the opportunity to be positively influenced by books. Libby set out to coordinate a large-scale book drive through her church, where she collected over three hundred books to start. From there, she built three Little Libraries to transport to McDowell County so they could have access to free books. After delivering the libraries, Libby developed contacts with staple organizations in McDowell County to support the replenishing of books and upkeep of her project.

Maria Richards | Fairfield, OH

Maria Richards of Troop 40939 graduated from Stephen T. Badin High School in June, 2018, and is a freshman at University of Cincinnati with a major in Exploratory Studies with plans to go into film or forensics. Maria is involved with tennis, creating films, and volunteering at a basketball camp. She has been in Girl Scouts for 13 years and is a Bronze and Silver Award Recipient.

Short Video to Combat Mental Health Stigma

Maria self-directed a short film, called “Darkness Versus The Mind,” that would tell her story of fighting mental illness, and help others relate to those who have suffered mental illness. She felt that a short film with a powerful message that would stick with people would be the best way to combat mental health stigma. Maria taught herself how to edit and animate a film, recruited friends to act in the film, and when it was all finished she posted it to Youtube for the world to see. Throughout the process of creating her film and sharing it, Maria wrote a blog to share her progress, and what she learned along the way. “Darkness Versus The Mind” is now shared with students at Lakota Junior High Schools.

Morgan Parrish | Monroe, OH

Morgan Parrish of Troop 42588 is a sophomore at Monroe High School. Morgan is involved with Marching Band, National Honor Society, and Youth Group. Morgan has been in Girl Scouts for 7 years and is a Silver Award Recipient.

The Nature Project

Morgan saw that Dudley Memorial Park, located in her community, was not well cared for and was not being utilized to its full potential. Morgan organized recruited volunteers from her community to help clear trails, and dig a trench to help decrease flooding of the trails. She also created educational signs that were placed along the trails. When the revamp was complete, Morgan hosted a reveal party for her community to see the new and improved park. Since Morgan’s initial work party she has gone back once to continue to maintain the trails, and plans to host another work party at Dudley Memorial Park for her service unit in the Spring. Morgan’s Service Unit will continue to have annual events to maintain trails so that visitors can continue to enjoy the park.

Olivia Core | Mason, OH

Olivia Core of Troop 47700 is a senior at Ursuline Academy. Olivia is involved in Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Student Government, and Harmony Diversity & Inclusion Initiative. Olivia has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and is a Bronze and Silver Award Recipient.

Step Into STEM

Olivia saw that many of her friends who were minorities did not necessarily see themselves going into STEM careers. Olivia found that one of the most important factors for students to pursue STEM careers is having exposure to STEM early in life, so she created a STEM camp for students at an elementary school that caters to primarily African-American and low-income students. Her goal was to spark their interest in STEM and for this experience to allow them to start seeing themselves in a STEM career from an early age. Each day focused on different STEM subjects, and a featured a guest speaker who works or studies that particular topic. Olivia passed on her curriculum to the teacher that she worked with to develop the camp so that it can continue annually.

Renee Bauer | Sunman, IN

Renee Bauer of Troop 49451 is from Sunman, Indiana and is homeschooled. Renee is involved with Girl Scouts, Teen Pact, and mission trips. She has been in Girl Scouts for nine years and is a Bronze and Silver Award Recipient. 

Operation Rappin' Tappin'

Renee loves working with children, and wanted to help those who are less fortunate than herself. Renee knew that music helps children develop reasoning skills as well as hand-eye coordination. Renee partnered with Edelweiss House, which provides a temporary home for children who cannot live with their parents, which did not have a music education program. Renee built a music wall where instruments can be hung outside. When Renee met with the children at Edelweiss House, she taught them how to make home-made musical instruments from everyday household supplies. She also taught the students how to play the instruments, and even included a singing lesson from a music teacher in her community. Renee also built storage space for the musical instruments so that Edelweiss House can continue the music lessons each year.

Sarah Schonauer | Anderson Township, OH

Sarah Schonauer of Troop 41682 is a senior at Anderson High School. Sarah is involved with Theatre, Contemporary Young Adults, and she has a part-time job at Chipotle. Sarah has been in Girl Scouts for 12 years and is a Bronze and Silver Award Recipient.

Creativity Kits

Knowing that she has been very fortunate to have the resources to express her creativity, Sarah wanted to give others in her community who have less resources the chance to love art and creativity as much as she does. Sarah collected donations of art supplies and put together tote bags, called “Creativity Kits,” to donate to charities in her community, which were then distributed to children in need. Additionally, Sarah planned numerous hands-on art activities and projects for the organizations that she partnered with, including the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati, The Central Clinic Behavioral Health, and St. Vincent DePaul. Sarah created a binder with the activities that she planned, and passed it onto a younger Girl Scout troop so that they can continue this work.

Sloane Harris | Cincinnati, OH

Sloane Harris of Troop 41096 is a freshman at Northwestern University. In high school, Sloane was involved in Student Congress, Science Olympiad, and volunteered at Bethesda North Hospital. She has been in Girl Scouts for thirteen years and is a Bronze and Silver Award Recipient.

Road to Medicine

Sloane, having observed that there are not many African-American women in the medical field, felt strongly that minority patients would be more comfortable opening up to doctors that they can relate to. This inspired her to expose young girls of color to professional African-American women working in the medical field. Sloane designed a six-week after school club at Douglas Elementary where she worked with sixth grade girls to spark their interest in pursuing medical career. The series focused on anatomical science, with a female doctor making an appearance at one of the sessions. Sloane educated the girls about careers they could work towards, and served as a role model. Sloane’s club will be absorbed by the Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative to continue to inspire girls of color to pursue medical careers.



Aisha Naik | Centerville, OH

Aisha is a senior at Centerville High School. Aisha is in NHS, National Spanish Honor Society, Cross Country, DECA and Octagon Club. She has been in Girl Scouts for 10 years and earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.

Elks for Seniors Summer Program

Aisha’s project addressed the awareness of the generational gap between youth in society and senior citizens. Elks is the mascot for Centerville High School which is where she got her volunteers. Aisha has volunteered at St. Leonard Living Communities for 4 years and noticed how the senior citizens tended to get lonely and inactive due to lack of visitors. She created and implemented a summer program where CHS students would be paired with residents at St. Leonard. The 22 volunteers were paired weekly with seniors in 3 main departments: Kitchen and Dining Room, Traditional Assisted Living and Memory Care. They focused on building personal connections with activities such as planting flowers, in room visits and playing cards. Overall Aisha’s project impacted over 500 residents and was a big hit.

Alex Stelter | Miamisburg, OH

A 2018 graduate of Bishop Fenwick High School, Alex is a freshman at University of Cincinnati majoring in Business. Alex was on the Bowling Team, Ski Club and a CIT at Camp Whip Poor Will. She has been in Girl Scouts for 13 years and earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Alex wanted to create a club at her high school that would introduce students to various service organizations in the area. She founded HOPE Club (Helping Others Praying Endlessly) mainly for underclassmen so they could choose organizations to complete their required service hours. Meetings were held twice a month, with one meeting being an outing. Organizations they visited included Abilities First, Hope House, BOGG, The Woodlands of Middletown, PAWS and House of Bread. All outings consisted of a tour and explanation of what the organization did. They also spent time volunteering in various ways such as working with students, sorting donations and serving food. As part of the clubs Mission Statement, students were invited from multiple grade schools who were led in a service project and team building games.

Autumn Taylor | Waterloo, OH

Autumn is a homeschooled senior. Autumn is in Kettering Children’s Choir, Paramount Players of Ashland, KY, Wonders of Wonders Youth group and R.O.C.K. She has been in Girl Scouts for 13 years and earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.

Litter Awareness & Cleanup

Autumn lives in Wayne National Forest and is very worried by all the trash and illegal dumping occurring there. She is also concerned about the water stream and the animals that have been impacted. Autumn scheduled several clean-up dates, but unfortunately, most were postponed due to inclement weather. With the help of volunteers and forest Rangers, she was able to do about 3 trash clean-ups. Autumn gave several presentations about litter awareness to her church members, homeschooling groups, local businesses and libraries. She hung up posters in schools and passed out homemade litter awareness bookmarks to kids at her presentations. Autumn has sponsored a clean-up site by adopting a road. The sign will be erected this spring titled “Keep it Clean: Autumn’s Girl Scout Gold Award”!

Dhira Venkatramani | Xenia, OH

Dhira is a senior at Beavercreek High School. Dhira is in NHS, Tennis (Varsity), Interact Club, Network Club and YGIC. She has been in Girl Scouts for 9 years and earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.

Safeguarding Personal Information Online

Dhira was horrified to learn how easily it is to access anyone’s personal information online. She set out to bring awareness of identity theft and steps on how to prevent it. Dhira held several workshops on how to prevent identity theft and how to opt out of data brokers, thereby removing personal information on websites. She held these workshops for Girl Scouts, senior citizens, teens and at libraries. Dhira also developed a website, a podcast and an online petition. The petition allows you to send a letter to legislators asking them to require data brokers by law to follow the same regulations as credit reporting agencies. Currently Dhira has Senator Hackett working on getting the bill passed. Her website:

Eileen Yang | Beavercreek, OH

Eileen is junior at Beavercreek High School. Eileen is on the Varsity Track Team – Pole Vault (3rd in State), Speech and Debate (Capt) and Network Club. She has been in Girl Scouts for 9 years and earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.

Skills for the Future

Eileen chose to create and implement a 5-day Life Skills Camp because she saw kids going off to college who didn’t have the necessary skills to be independent. She focused on middle and high school boys and girls with topics ranging from sewing, finance, car care, cooking, self-defense and tool implementation. Day 1 focused on sewing and cooking. Day 2 was budgeting and finance presentations. Day 3 focused on car care such as how to use jumper cables and basic car maintenance. Day 4 highlighted balancing a checkbook, writing checks and how to obtain insurance. Day 5 focused on self-defense techniques and Lowes came out to demonstrate the safe use of various tools. The 16 kids who attended the camp came away with a better awareness on how to be more independent.

Elysia Smith | Beavercreek, OH

A 2018 graduate of Beavercreek High School, Elysia is a freshman at Wright State University majoring in Neuroscience. In high school Elysia was in Jr. Optimist International (President), Student Council (Committee Head) and a Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer. She has been in Girl Scouts for 12 years and has earned the Bronze and Silver Award.

First Aid and Hygiene Education

Elysia’s project addressed the issues of proper hygiene (including dental) and basic first aid and how the lack of these simple practices impacts the daily attendance and health of the students. She focused her attention on Fairview Elementary in Dayton, which has a high population of ESL students. Elysia assembled over 100 dental hygiene and first aid kits to hand out. She taught classes (1st – 3rd grades) on hygiene and first aid with interactive activities, impacting over 200 children. Activities included proper hand washing and using the Dental Bear to show proper tooth brushing. Elysia also volunteered in the clinic twice a week to screen kids for hearing and reading issues. In the long term, volunteering at Fairview influenced her chosen career path to help in third world countries.

Grace Rudolph | Centerville, OH

A 2018 graduate of Centerville High School, Grace is a freshman at Ohio Wesleyan University majoring in Early Childhood Education. In high school Grace was in NHS, Golf Team (Varsity), Study Buddies and Knitting Club. She has been in Girl Scouts for 11 years and has earned the Silver Award.

Wildflower Guide

Grace combined her passion for photography, nature and educating children into a program that benefited The Voyager after school program and the Centerville Washington Township Park District. She especially wanted to address the lack of knowledge regarding the plants in the Centerville parks. Grace worked with about 15 children in the Voyager after school program at Cline Elementary once a week for several months. She taught them about many different poisonous and invasive plant species in a fun and exciting setting. Examples include making slime as fungus, buckeye bracelets, and coloring sheets on each plant. Grace offered a community wildflower photography class at Bill Yeck Park to learn how to create professional images of flowers. She made several permanent laminated wildflower guides and gave them to the park district.

Jodie Pierce | Beavercreek, OH

Jodie is a junior at Beavercreek High School. Jodie is in NHS, Cross Country (Varsity), Track (4x8 relay – 2nd at State and 2 mile) and Creek Crew. She has been in Girl Scouts for 11 years and earned the Bronze and Silver Awards.

Empowerment Through Art

Jodie is very passionate about art and she sought to improve the social and creative skills of children so they can grow up to be creative thinkers. Many kids don’t have the means to make crafts, so she wanted to give kids in her community this opportunity. Jodie and other Girl Scouts painted canvases with inspirational messages and donated them to the Dayton YWCA. Jodie also implemented and ran a 4-day camp at House of Hope in Xenia for the kids staying there. She focused on crafts and cooking for about 8 children from ages 2 to 10. Activities included making tie pillows, patriotic bracelets, chalk drawings and paper fish. Snack making included snow cones, decorating sugar cookies, jello and ice cream. Jodie felt it was extremely rewarding seeing how excited the kids got when they did the activities at her camp.

Joelle George | Centerville, OH

Joelle is a junior at Archbishop Alter High School. Joelle is in Marching Band (percussion and woodwind), Alter Castle Players, and Dance Team (school and community). She has been in Girl Scouts for 13 years and has earned the Bronze and Silver Awards.

Project S.H.I.N.E.

Joelle has been involved in dance since she was 2. She wanted to introduce young girls to different types of dance and choreography, all while focusing on positive self-esteem, healthy mind and spirit. Joelle held a 5-day camp for girls ages 8 to 10. Each 3-hour camp day consisted of hip-hop and jazz basics, exercises and eating healthy. She also focused on mental health, self-esteem, body issues and the effect of social media on all of these topics. Joelle had between 7 and 9 girls at her camp with 2 assistants helping her. On the last day of camp, the parents came and got to see the girls perform their two dance routines they had learned. After the camp was over, Joelle was approached by some mothers who told her how much their daughter’s behavior had changed for the better because of the camp.

Kathryn Cordeiro | Centerville, OH

A 2018 graduate of Centerville High School, Kathryn is a freshman at University of California, Santa Barbara majoring in Chemistry. In high school, Kathryn was in NHS, Centerville Alternative Strings (violin), GSWO Board of Directors, Chaired the 2018 CSA Leadership Conference Committee and was a GSWO Camp Counselor. She has been in Girl Scouts for 12 years and earned the Bronze and Silver Awards.

Awareness Outreach

Kathryn’s project addressed low self-esteem in students and a lack of awareness for clubs and community groups. Low self-esteem is often caused by a lack of involvement which leads to strong feelings of inadequacy. Kathryn developed and implemented a school activity fair which was held during freshman orientation. Overall, she had about 25 clubs and groups participate which included CHS: Clubs, Activities, Athletics and Arts. Several community groups were involved as well, such as WTRC, Martial Arts, the Parks District, Laser Web, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Kathryn’s fair impacted about 600 students and parents, who were quite interested in the number of options available at the school and in the community. She created a binder listing every club and what they have to offer and gave it to the school to use as a source of reference.

Kaylee Lade | Beavercreek, OH

Kaylee is a sophomore at Beavercreek High School. Kaylee is in High School Club. She has been in Girl Scouts for 11 years and earned the Bronze and Silver Awards.

Creative Community Art

Kaylee sought to inspire others who might need a creative outlet. She wanted to show how important art is in their community. Kaylee designed and painted murals in two family style bathrooms at Angels Pass Park in Beavercreek. The Park Board provided all the funding. Each bathroom had a different theme: one was Spring and the other was Fall. Kaylee and her team started by prepping the bathrooms for painting. It took at least 12 days for the details to be painted. Details included pumpkins, bicycle riders and walkers on the path, birds, flowers, trees and ponds. Kaylee finished it off with a graffiti proof sealant. The bathrooms were showcased during ArtFest, where over 2,000 people saw her results. Kaylee was given a lot of positive feedback, which shows the huge impact of her project in a short period of time.

Madilyn Carson | Dayton, OH

Madilyn is a senior at East Dayton Christian School. Madilyn is in NHS (VP), Student Government (VP), Basketball, Track, Cross Country and Softball (all Varsity). She has been in Girl Scouts for 13 years and earned her Silver Award.

Recipes to End Hunger

Madilyn volunteered at local food pantries and saw that customers only selected convenience type foods that could be easily prepared. To encourage better health and nutrition, Madilyn created easy recipes with fresh items from the food pantries and handed out samples at With God’s Grace Food Pantry and The Foodbank (Dayton). She made recipe cards of all her samples for patrons to take home. Some of her recipes included meatless lasagna helper, fruit salad, PB fig crackers and ham with noodles. Madilyn felt the most successful aspect of her project was handing out the samples herself, explaining her project and interacting with people. By being there every week, she developed a rapport with the patrons and they told her how they made her recipes and even passed them along to others.

Mary Hamilton | Springboro, OH

Mary is a senior at Springboro High School. Mary is in Marching Band (percussionist), Winter Percussion activities and High School musicals. She has been in Girl Scouts for 10 years and earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.

United Nations: Learn and Serve

Mary is an active participant in her church, Miami Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. She wanted the church to become more involved with UU-UNO (UU - United Nations Office). Mary developed and implemented the UU-UNO Envoy program at her church. Every spring, there is a Seminar held at the United Nations in NYC that youth and adults from UU-UNO Envoy programs can attend. Mary has attended the past 2 years. This seminar focuses on human rights issues that have global impact. Mary also created a subcommittee of the UU-UNO Social Action Committee so youth and adult envoys can be appointed annually to attend the Seminar. This will assure her church will always have participation. She also spoke at 2 UUF churches in Cincinnati to get them to establish the Envoy Program. Mary was the first youth to be recognized as an Unsung Hero at her church!

Shyanne Salters | New Carlisle, OH

Shyanne is a senior at Tecumseh High School. Shyanne is in NHS, Marching Band (flute, tuba, drums). She has been in Girl Scouts for 9 years and has earned the Silver Award.

A Bit of Home

As a child, Shyanne was diagnosed with HSP, a disorder that causes bleeding in small blood vessels throughout the body. Her fondest memory from her treatments was a nurse searching through a closet to find a blanket because she was freezing. Shyanne was inspired to give back to Dayton Children’s by making fleece tie blankets for distribution to their patients. She enlisted the help of Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops in making the blankets. Overall, Shyanne and her team made 152 twin bed sized blankets. She delivered the blankets to Dayton Children’s with the help of her team. Policy prohibited her from personally delivering blankets to individual patients, but as a child was leaving, a doctor pulled her over to have Shyanne give her a blanket to take home. Shyanne still has her blanket and holds it nearest and dearest to her heart.

Stephanie Mullins | Beavercreek, OH

Stephanie is a senior at Beavercreek High School. Stephanie is in Color Guard (fall – Captain), Winter Guard and 4-H Club President (woodworking). She has been in Girl Scouts for 13 years and has earned the Bronze and Silver Awards.

Spin, Toss, Catch: Color Guard

Stephanie wanted to bring awareness to the middle schools and Girl Scout troops in Beavercreek about the art of Color Guard. Her goal was to teach color guard basics to kids to encourage participation in high school guard. In order to encourage learning, Stephanie had 10 helpers with a ratio of 4 students per helper. The skills that were taught were drop spins, cones, row boats, and pop tosses. She taught 3 Girl Scout troops at various workshops. She also taught the gym classes at both Coy and Ankeney Middle Schools in Beavercreek. Overall, she impacted 360 children. Throughout her Gold Award project, Stephanie gained confidence to be a leader, which prompted her to audition for the Beavercreek High School Color Guard Captain and was selected for the 2018 school year.

Taylor Huff | Beavercreek, OH

Taylor is a senior at Beavercreek High School. Taylor is in Gymnastics, Athletic Training and a Student Aide. She has been in Girl Scouts for 8 years and has earned the Silver Award.

STEM Day Camp

Taylor chose to create and implement a STEM day camp because she wanted to raise awareness of STEM occupations for kids in her community. She held a 4-day camp at Quest Gymnastics and Extreme Sports Center in Beavercreek for about 20 participants in grades 3 through 6. Each day was a different theme. Day 1 focused on springs in our daily lives, made slime and went through an obstacle course. Day 2 consisted of making paper airplanes and had a guest speaker from Wright Patterson Air Force Base. Day 3 focused on making popsicle stick bridges and a fun activity with Mentos and Coke. The last day the kids had fun making robots and mouse trap cars. The camp was a huge success and Quest Gymnastics has decided to continue it next year.

Valerie Dranchak | Beavercreek, OH

Valerie is a senior at Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School. Valerie is a member of the tennis team (varsity) and F.L.I.G.H.T. She has been in Girl Scouts for 11 years and has earned the Silver Award.

Owen's Place Friends

Valerie’s project focused on getting kids with all abilities to interact and socialize with each other. She started a club (Owen’s Place Friends Club) at St. Luke School, which consisted of twenty-three 7th and 8th graders. The focus of the club was to teach kids about disabilities, particularly Autism and Downs Syndrome and how to interact and socialize with each other. Valerie gave excellent presentations that encompassed videos and hands on activities to educate the members of the club so they could interact with special needs children. She hosted an Owen’s Place Friends Club Party that included 10 children with various disabilities and members of the club at St. Luke.



Andrea Rodeheffer | Minster, OH

Andrea Rodeheffer of Troop 20686 is a junior at Fort Loramie High School from Minster, OH. Andrea participates in pole vault club, drama club, and Skills USA. She has been in Girl Scouts for 11 years and she is a Silver Award recipient.

Plaques for Lakeview Nature Trail at Lake Loramie State Park

Andrea worked with the park staff and volunteers at Lake Loramie State Park to design and install informational trail signs along a hiking trail that educate hikers on native animals, plants, and insects. She also created brochures for the park visitors that provide additional activities along the trail to enhance the hiking experience. The park naturalists plan to feature the trail signs and brochures as part of future educational guided hikes.

Rachel Partington | Minster, OH

Rachel Partington of Troop 20460 is a senior at Marion Local High School from Minster, OH. Rachel participates in band, volleyball, and the Catholic Youth Organization. She has been in Girl Scouts for 12 years and she is a Silver Award recipient.

A Spot for Thought

Wanting to give back to her community in a way that shows others nature’s beauty and also positively impacts mental health, Rachel worked with the Maria Stein Spiritual Center and community volunteers to design and install an outdoor space at their new facility in Montezuma whose landscaping and features encourages the center’s guests in prayer and reflection. She also created tutorial videos to help others learn how to plant and care for perennials and uploaded them to social media. The Spiritual Center agreed to maintain the landscaping and encourage use of the space.

Rebecca Dominguez | Saint Marys, OH

Rebecca Dominguez of Troop 20616 is a junior at St. Marys Memorial High School from Saint Marys, OH. Rebecca participates in band, cheerleading, dance, and track. She has been in Girl Scouts for 12 years and she is a Bronze and Silver Award recipient.

Honoring Hometown Heroes

To bring her community together and celebrate local veterans, Rebecca partnered with the VFW and the city to solicit information and photos of local veterans that they used to create and hang 70 banners featuring veterans around the downtown. Rebecca created a Facebook page where she shared the banners that reached over 5,000 people and also organized a celebration on Veterans Day. The city and the VFW agreed to continue her project and have plans to add another 63 banners to honor more local heroes.



Elizabeth Nitz | Monclova, OH

Elizabeth Nitz of troop 10024 is a junior at Anthony Wayne High School. Elizabeth participates in the Toledo Zoo teens. She has been a Girl Scout for twelve years, and has earned her Silver and Bronze awards.

Toledo Grows Children's Garden

The children’s garden at Toledo Grows serves 600 children a year, but was small and had only a few beds. The area was not interesting or interactive to help attract and inspire children in this urban setting. Elizabeth started work building 8 structures within the space, along with a rain gutter garden. Her mission is to inspire people to grow their own food, utilize organic sustainable gardening, and develop ways for those who live in urban settings to be able to garden as well. Her class that she developed, along with the garden are continuing to be used by Toledo Grows in its programming with schools and groups.

Janaki Patel | Maumee, OH

Janaki Patel of Troop 10407 is a 2018 graduate of Anthony Wayne High School, Whitehouse, Ohio and is currently attending the University of Illinois, at Chicago, majoring in Occupational Therapy. She was involved in Girl Scouts for 13 years and earned her Bronze and Silver Awards. She also worked on the girl planning team for the 2017 Girl Scout National Convention in Columbus, Ohio.

Restoration and Preservation of Girl Scouts to Toledo Metroparks

Janaki partnered with the Toledo Metroparks to build tent pads at the Pine Ridge Chalet site in the Oak Openings Metropark to enable more people to experience camping. Because the property had been a Girl Scout Camp, she also created a sign commemorating the history of the property and spread awareness of Girl Scouts.

Mackenzie Fleshman | Bowling Green, OH

Mackenzie R. Fleshman of Troop 10067 is a junior Bowling Green High School from Harrod, OH. Mackenzie plays both high school and club soccer, as well as participating in Chorale, Solo and Ensemble Contest, Guitar/Ukulele Club, and Senor Spanish Club. She has been in Girl Scouts for 12 years and she is a Bronze and Silver Award recipient.

Black Swamp Preserve Butterfly Project

Because she cares about preserving the ecosystem and enjoys teaching others, Mackenzie decided to partner with the Wood County Park District and The Ohio Lepidopterists Society to protect local butterflies through habitat creation, data collection, and education. She led a team of volunteers to plant a butterfly garden and then monitor the area for 32 weeks. She created a sign and brochures to inform visitors and hosted a grand opening event to draw awareness to the garden and the butterflies that live there. Volunteers have already stepped up to maintain the garden and continue the data collection. Mackenzie hopes her efforts will inspire others to respect, attract, and protect butterflies, ultimately increasing the butterfly population in the area.

Megan Ketner | Ottawa, OH

Megan Ketner of troop 20602 is a sophomore at Ottawa-Glandorf High School. Megan participates in the Marching Band/ Concert Band/ Pep Band at school, and is a member of P.A.R.T.Y. (Putnam Adolescent Response Team for Youth). She has been a Girl Scout for 11 years, and has earned her silver award.

Bicycle Rodeo/Bicycle Inspection

Megan took on this project to educate children on the safe way to ride a bicycle and avoid accidents. She organized and led a one day bicycle rodeo and inspection for the children of her community. The children first had their bikes inspected for any problems or hazards, then had their helmets properly fit to their heads. Finally all the children then were put through many stations teaching them about starting, stopping, and looking before pulling out into the road. Her project is going to be continued on with the Glandorf Park Board at the annual Glandorf Park Fest.