Donate Cookies

Want to pay it forward even more with your cookie purchase? By donating cookies, you can give back and support Girl Scouts at the same time.

Through Operation Cookie, girls learn about philanthropy and the power of giving back to their local communities. Together, the members of the troop select an organization that will receive the donated cookies and set a goal to sell a certain number of boxes. Troops often choose groups like local food banks, Ronald McDonald House, or homeless shelters. The girls keep their earnings, but the actual cookies are donated to the recipient of their choice. Girls even get to see the donation in action when they deliver the cookies in person to the chosen organization! It’s a wonderful way for the girls to get further involved in their communities and act to make the world a better place.

In addition, Girl Scouts of Western Ohio partners with Heroes in Action to provide cookies to the military. By selecting “Operation Cookie” on your cookie donation order form, you can offer a taste of home to military members and their families stationed abroad.