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Awards & Recognition

Here at Girl Scouts, we value a culture of appreciation and strive to ensure our volunteers feel respected and valued for their service and contribution. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

We want you to feel empowered to share that same appreciation for the volunteers and parents you work with every day who help make the Girl Scouts experience special and unique. To get started, download the Volunteer Appreciation Resource Guide or check out the list below. The guide provides all the information you need to know about recognizing and celebrating the great work you’re doing. Sometimes the smallest token can make the biggest impact – a handwritten note, lunch or dinner, or shout out at a team meeting. Don’t underestimate the power of a genuine appreciation! 

Formal recognition awards are granted annually. Award winners are nominated by their peers using the nomination forms included in the packets below. All award nominations and applications must be received by February 1. Please contact your regional Girl Scouts Service Center for more information or assistance. 


Use our online Volunteer Appreciation Form to nominate an incredible volunteer! Need extra help? Check out the nomination process.



Sincere gratitude received from peers is some of the best you can get! Whether an informal luncheon or a more formal dinner or special ceremony, there are many ways you can show your fellow volunteers and parents how much you appreciate their support.

Check out VSN for more information
Download the Volunteer Appreciation Resource Guide zip file




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Volunteer of Excellence Award

Recognizes volunteers who have contributed outstanding service through use of the national program portfolio, or in support of the council’s mission delivery to girl and adult members.
Download the Volunteer of Excellence Award packet


Appreciation Pin   

Awarded to volunteers who have given outstanding service to at least one service unit.
Download the Appreciation Pin packet

Honor Pin   

Awarded to volunteers who have given outstanding service to two or more service units or program delivery audiences.  
Download the Honor Pin packet

Thanks Badge   

Awarded to volunteers who are actively giving service that is truly outstanding and impacts the council or entire Girl Scout movement.
Download the Thanks Badge packet


Thanks Badge II    

Awarded to volunteers who continue to give outstanding service that benefits or the Girl Scout movement. Recipients must have already received the Thanks Badge.
Download the Thanks Badge II packet


President's Award  

Awarded to service unit teams who have assisted their assigned areas in successfully achieving Council Goals during a membership year.
Download the President’s Award packet



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Service Team Star Award

Awarded to Service Team or administrative volunteers who have helped a service unit achieve one of the essential responsibilities as outlined on the nomination form.
Download the Service Team Star Award packet


Green Badge of Courage  

Awarded to volunteers who have performed a courageous act or met a challenge in a creative way within their role as a Girl Scout volunteer. 
Download the Green Badge of Courage packet


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Membership Year Pin

Represents the number of years registered as a Girl Scout – include both girl and adult years. Distributed annually in five-year increments (5, 10, 15, 20 etc.) to currently registered volunteers. 
Submit Membership Year Pin form online  
Download the Membership Year Pin packet


Volunteer Years of Service Pin 

​Represents the number of years of volunteer service. Distributed annually to currently registered volunteers for 20 years of service or more. These pins come in 5-year increments and can be purchased at the council shop.​
Submit Volunteer Years of Service Pin form online  
Download the Volunteer Years of Service Pin packet


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