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For Service Teams

A Girl Scout service unit is a community of volunteers and girls in a geographic area defined by a cluster of schools. The service unit (or SU) team is an essential support system that organizes training, mentorship, girl program, and membership support for volunteers, girls, and caregivers.

Each service unit team is different, but there are some basic volunteer positions we recommend for every service unit:

Service Unit Chair
  • Provide leadership to the service unit and service team
  • Organize and implement service unit and service team meetings
  • Coordinate assessment, development, and management of Service Unit Annual Plan
  • Ensure ongoing communication between volunteers, families, girls and the community
  • Provide opportunities for volunteers to network and develop skills through the service unit/circle and enrichment events
  • Recognize and appreciate volunteers (informal and GSWO/GSUSA awards)
  • Ensure service unit finances are managed in accordance with GSWO policies
  • Support volunteers in conflict resolution and problem solving
  • Support Family Giving
Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) Chair
  • Promote the Girl Scout Leadership Experience by providing support to new and returning troops
  • Ensure that troop leaders are aware of resources available to them (i.e. Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, Journeys, Volunteer Toolkit)
  • Identify, coordinate and support learning opportunities at the service unit and circle level
  • Support the development of programmatic events for girls that promote girl-led, cooperative learning and learning by doing
  • Connect girls, adults and families to service unit, circle and council program activities
Data Chair
  • Support volunteers and caregivers/girls with the membership registration process encouraging at least 12 girls per troop
  • Educate service unit on benefits and processes for early and on time registration by established dates
  • Review membership reports to ensure accuracy and share progress with the service unit
  • Support placement of girls and adults into new and existing troops through promotion and use of the Participation Catalog
  • Follow up with lapsed girls and troops
Product Program Coordinator (Fall Product Program / Cookie Program)
  • Train and support troops throughout product programs to ensure success of troops within the service unit
  • Understand and be able to explain programmatic and financial benefits of product programs to troops
  • Ensure troop fall product or troop cookie managers adhere to fall product or cookie program procedures and timelines
  • Receive, reconcile, and summarize troop paperwork
  • Accept delivery of and distribute recognitions to troops
  • Serve as main resource for troop cookie/fall managers during product programs
Recruitment Chair
  • Partner with the service team and staff to develop a year round recruitment plan
  • Lead and/or coordinate recruitment efforts
  • Organize interested girls and adults into troops by program level, grade, and school and share the registration process (supporting registration of at least 12 girls and one grade level per troop)
  • Follow up with potential new volunteers and support them through the registration, background check and new volunteer processes
  • Build a recruitment team utilizing school coordinators
School Coordinator
  • Assist service unit with recruitment of girl and adult members at a specific school (this can include reserving space, distributing fliers, and being present at troop formation nights)
  • Represent Girl Scouts at school events and open houses
  • Maintain a strong relationship and presence with school staff, administrators and members of the PTA or PTO
  • Follow GSWO financial processes for service unit accounts
  • Maintain accurate records and reporting on an annual basis
  • Support service team members in planning and budgeting for service unit events
  • Support troops in following financial processes
  • Support new volunteers in establishing bank accounts