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Community Outreach

We are committed to providing all girls, regardless of the availability of volunteers, the opportunity to participate in Girl Scouts. We seek out communities that have few traditional troops and significant barriers to joining Girl Scouts and bring the materials and fun right to them, during or after school. Our Community Outreach programs address topics such as peer pressure, conflict resolution, healthy relationships, and STEM, all presented by trained and caring staff.


All of our Outreach curriculum introduces girls to practical topics in a way that reinforces our Girl Scout program processes (Girl Led, Cooperative Learning, and Experiential Learning).  In addition, all of our program content has been aligned with Common Core Standards.  Click on each curriculum to see the specific standards addressed in each program.

  • Conflict Resolution | Grades K-12
    Girls learn practical skills by developing a strong sense of self and gain the skills necessary to help others and address conflict when it arises.
  • Health and Wellness |  Grades K-12
    In this program they will make a healthy snack, learn cool exercises and learn what it means to be healthy inside and out.
  • STEM | Grades K-12
    Girls practice skills in science, technology, engineering, and math, while having a blast!
  • Financial Literacy |  Grades K-6
    Girls will receive hands on experience, building financial skills, by running their own business! They will earn rewards while using the Girl Scout Cookie program as a real life example.
  • BFF |  Grades 6-8
    Girls will explore issues like peer pressure, stereotyping, gossip and cliques. The program inspires girls to lead one another with friendship.
  • Take Charge | Grades 6-12
    Girls will discuss ideas such as what healthy relationships look like, what makes a relationship unhealthy, gender stereotypes and the dangers of dating violence. They will gain tools to ensure they are participating in healthy relationships. 


Girl Scouts of the USA research has shown that Girl Scouts complements school curriculums by building self-esteem, promoting teamwork, and teaching conflict resolution.

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