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Cookie Marketing Resources for Volunteers and Families

Promotional Tools for Virtual & Digital

Ready to promote the Girl Scout Cookie Program virtually? We've got plenty of promotional resources ready for you to use. We'll be updating this section throughout the 2022 Girl Scout Cookie Program, so be sure to check back regularly!

Online Marketing Guidelines

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is a girl-lef program and online marketing and sales efforts should always be lef by a girl while also being supervised by her caregiver. Girls should never share their last names, addresses, or personal information when marketing their products online. Sales links should never be posted to online resale sites (eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Swap, etc.) or public group pages. Neither GSWO nor other caregivers/volunteers have the authority to reprimand or remove posts shared on personal social pages. Top priority should always be to keep the Girl Scout safe while marketing her cookie business online. 

Before the Cookie Program Begins

Get excited for the Girl Scout Cookie Program! Let everyone know that cookies are coming up by sharing one of these graphics. Include important information, like dates and how to order, in the caption.

Click the thumbnail below to download the graphic.

Caption Samples:
Get ready to get your Girl Scout Cookie on–cookie season almost is upon us! Savannah will be selling Girl Scout Cookies this year, so let me know if you want her to call you for your order!

Which flavor are you most looking forward to sampling? Comment below!

  • For use on December 7, 2022

  • For use on January 2, 2022

  • For use January 3, 2022

  • For use on January 4, 2022

  • For use on January 5, 2022

  • For use on January 6, 2022


Cookies are Here

It’s Girl Scout Cookie time! Start sharing your cookie content on the first day of the Cookie Program.

Click the thumbnail below to download the graphic.

Caption Sample:
The day has finally come! Our favorite season is here. No, we don’t mean winter, summer, or fall. It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season!

Facebook Covers and Stories
Order Online

Do your cookie customers know they can order their favorite Girl Scout Cookies from the comfort of home? Let them know with these social media posts!

Click the thumbnail below to download the graphic.

Caption Sample:
No need to leave the house—order your favorite Girl Scout Cookies from home!

Contact-Free Delivery

If you're offering girl delivery on your Digital Cookie storefront, let customers know that you offer porch drops and other methods of contact-free delivery!

Click the thumbnail below to download the graphic.

Caption Samples:
You can now order Girl Scout Cookies online, and I'll deliver them right to your door, contact free!

Get delicious Girl Scout Cookies curbside delivered! As a sweet reminder, please wear your mask and maintain 6-foot distancing. Thank you!

Order from my #VirtualCookieBooth to get Girl Scout Cookies delivered to your door!

Virtual Cookie Booths

Virtual booths—hosted on social media—give girls a way to achieve their sales goals and help others in their community from home. In fact, girls may find this allows them to discover new ways to take the lead in their cookie business and stay connected through virtual means!

Virtual Cookie Booth Guide

Holiday-Specific Promotions

Spread the news that you’re selling cookies online by featuring different holidays and occasions!

Click the thumbnail below to download the graphic.

Caption Sample:
Did you know you can order Girl Scout cookies online? I’m participating in Digital Cookie, which means you can buy cookies from me no matter where you are! Ask me how!

  • Valentine's Day: February 14

  • Random Acts of Kindness Day: February 17

  • Chocolate Mint Day: February 19

  • Peanut Butter Lover's Day: March 1

QR Codes & Troop Fliers

QR Codes are a great way to share links to your individual or troop Digital Cookie Storefront, contact-free! If you've never made a QR Code before, or you want to make one that's on-brand for Girl Scouts, follow the directions below!

Building the QR Code

Copy your Digital Cookie link and open your QR Code generator app! GSWO uses QR Code Monkey to build our branded QR Codes.

Note that the QR Code preview in QR Code Monkey doesn’t update automatically every time you change a setting. To preview the changes you’ve made, select the green Create QR Code button under the preview image.

Enter Content
This is where you’ll paste your Digital Cookie URL.

Set Colors
For the foreground color, select Single Color (which should be auto-selected) and Custom Eye Color. The Single Color should be #00AE58, and both Eye Color boxes should be #000000. The background color should be #FFFFFF.

Customize Design
Finally, you’ll design the style of the QR code.

  • Body Shape: Select the fourth box from the right on the top row, which is large circles that touch.
  • Eye Frame Shape: Select the circle outline
  • Eye Ball Shape: Select the solid circle

Exporting the QR Code
Once you’ve selected all of the settings above, preview the QR Code by clicking the green Create QR Code button under the preview. If it looks right, select the size you need from the slider (1000px by 1000px is the default and should be fine in most instances), then click Download PNG.

Now you can print your QR Code and use as needed! We recommend adding a note to any printed pieces that say something along the lines of "scan this with your phone's camera to buy Girl Scout Cookies online!" so those who aren't familiar with QR Codes know what to do.

Troop Digital Cookie QR Code Fliers

Now that you've created the QR code to link to your Troop Digital Cookie site, add it to a flier and connect with area businesses or partners to see if they will display the poster to support your troop's program! 

To add QR code image to flier:

  1. Download the Troop QR Code Poster below (2 sizes available) Note: once opened, you may need to click "enable editing"
  2. Edit the troop number by double-clicking one the word "number." Type in your troop number in it's place.
  3. Click "insert" from the top left of the toolbar section - choose Pictures - arrow down - Select This Device
  4. Find the QR code that you created for your Troop Digital Cookie link and double click to insert on the page.
  5. Click the arch/layout options (can also be found in the top toolbar under Wrap Text) and choose "In Front of Text." 
  6. Click and drag to place the image in the blank white circle and push/pull the corners of the code to resize to fit. 

Troop QR Code Poster 8.5x11
Troop QR Code Poster 11x17

Last Chance Weekend

Promotional Tools for In-Person

We want your year to be safe, easy, and fun! Check out the awesome promotional tools that can be easily downloaded and shared to showcase your troop's cookie business!

Order Cards

Now that the Cookie Program has officially begun, your Girl Scout can easily download and print this 2022 Cookie Order Card to start accepting orders.

Order Card 

If you would like an extra hard copy version of the 2022 Cookie Order Card, connect with your troop cookie manager for extras. 

When delivering your orders, be sure to include a Samoa Thank You so your cookie customers know how to connect should they need to stock up later! 

Door Hangers

Planning to go door-to-door and want to let your neighbors know more about your participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program? Consider leaving a door hanger at their place so they can contact you when it is convenient for them to place their order. 

NEW this year, a supply of door hangers have been provided to each troop who received a cookie materials kit! If you need more, connect with your troop cookie manager or service unit cookie coordinator for extras. You can also download and print more here.

2022 Door Hangers
Door Hanger (Cookie Booths)
Thank You Samoa Re-Order Card

In-Person Cookie Booth Promotions

Looking to make your Cookie Booth stand out? Consider yard signs or feather banners! Signs can be purchased through the GSWO shops or check out any of the downloadable graphics from to use to make your own. 

Large 7-foot feather banners can be reserved for use directly through our GSWO Regions Resource Centers. For assistance with reserving, contact Customer Care at 888-350-5090. To date, these are only available to reserve and are not available for purchase in the shops, however if you would like to purchase your own through a local printer, use this downloadable Feather Banner Template. 

Planning a socially distanced or drive-thru Cookie Booth? Let your cookie customers know either while you're there or ahead of time!

Click the thumbnail below to download the graphic.

Caption Sample:
Pop up at our Pop-Up booth on DATE at TIME at LOCATION! As a sweet reminder, please maintain 6-foot distancing and wear your mask. Thank you.

Beep beep! Yummy Girl Scout Cookies are outside waiting for you to pick them up at our Drive-Thru booth at LOCATION! Get a box — or a trunkful — of your faves today!

Cookie Booth Fliers

While homemade signs really do make for the best marketing for your cookie booth, here are a few other fliers you can print off to add to your booth or cookie stand. 

Cookie Lineup
Allergen Chart
How the Cookie Crumbles

Workplace & Networking Tools

Sell cookies in your network! Girls can make a box to collect order info at a makeshift order-taking station at your office or place of work. They can decorate a box to look just like them or decorate a box with fun cookie artwork! Girls can then ask permission from their caregiver's workplace to set up an order station.

Make sure this is not accessible to the general public, but just for the caregiver's coworkers or people they know to place their orders of interest. This is a great option for contact-less orders!

Check out the Workplace and Network Order Station Activity to make your own box!

Looking for more signs to place at the workplace or with your network? Check these out!

Girl Scout Cookie Station Sign
Order Cookies Here Sign

Cookie Donations

By donating cookies, cookie customers can double their giving efforts by supporting Girl Scouts and donating to others in need at the same time. Plus, girls learn about philanthropy and the power of giving back to their local communities. So, that's a win-win-win. Even better!

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio has two cookie donation programs available for troops: Council Gift of Caring (council handles the physical inventory and delivery of the cookie packages) and Troop Gift of Caring (the troop manages the inventory and delivery of these donations).

Council Gift of Caring Promotional Tools

Through the Council Gift of Caring program, customers can purchase cookies that will be donated to several organizations that benefit different causes, including the military groups and food pantries.

Share your troop's interest in donating cookies by letting your customers know you're participating in the Gift of Caring program!

Caption Sample:
Donate a box (or six!) of Girl Scout Cookies to military groups and food pantries! You can make a donation online while helping me hit my goal!

Gift of Caring Receipt

Gift of Caring Partners

This year Girl Scouts of Western Ohio will be supporting military groups and food banks/pantries through our annual Cookie Program with donations of everyone’s favorite cookies. This means we have more amazing partners for our cookie donation program! The partners are listed below, and will be updated as we form more partnerships in the future.

Food Banks
Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank
SeaGate Food Bank
Shared Harvest
Freestore Food bank
West Ohio

Military Organizations
Miami Valley Military Affairs
Yellow Ribbon Support Center
Wolverine Lake Community Packing Party for Troops
Lima Veterans Affairs Community Based Outpatient Clinic
Dayton Veterans Affairs Medical Center
USO Ohio - Dayton
180th Fighter Wing

More recipients coming soon! 



Troop Gift of Caring

Your troop can reach out to an organization in your community to collect orders for and deliver those donated cookies to through the Troop Gift of Caring program. The troop will decide who to partner with, collect the donations, and personally deliver the donated packages of cookies. It’s a great way to give back while teaching the troop valuable life lessons!

Troop Gift of Caring patches can be purchased through the regional shops.