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Cookies 1•2•3

Girl Scout troops, get ready for the 2021 Girl Scout Cookie Program with our new Cookies 1•2•3 subscription boxes! Everything you need to have a successful season will be put together for you—it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Rally in a Box (December)

Get your troop ready and excited for the Girl Scout Cookie Program! Girls will prepare and create goals by making buttons, creating a horseshoe goal-setting craft, and more. Includes materials for 10 Girl Scouts.

Expected availability week of December 7

Box includes:

  • 5 activities from Cookie Rally guidebook with all materials needed, including a branded flashlight!
  • 10 Cookie Rally patches
  • 10 Super Seller bracelets
  • Family Entrepreneur pin guides for all levels
  • 10% off shop coupon for cookie merchandise

Plus, once you pick up your box, you'll receive an email template to encourage caregiver participation!

Business Start-Up Kit (January)

Gets girls in the entrepreneurial spirit! Dive into the world’s largest girl-run business with activities that jump-start your troop’s Cookie Program. Includes materials for 10 Girl Scouts.

Expected availability week of January 4

Box includes:

  • 200 business cards
  • 50 door hangers
  • 10 Cookie Entrepreneur patches
  • 50 reorder cards
  • 10 #CookieBoss pens
  • 10 branded calculators
  • Customer tracking sheet
  • Budgeting activity
  • Business tips and top seller practices
  • 10% off shop coupon for cookie merchandise

This box also comes with a template for a horse pencil. You can use the horse pencil from Rally in a Box! Otherwise, you'll need the following supplies, which are not included:

  • One pencil per girl
  • Optional: two googly eyes per girl
  • String or ribbon
  • Markers, crayons or colored pencils
  • Scissors
  • 1-hole punch
  • Brown embroidery floss (one skein is enough make tails for two girls' projects)
  • Extra embroidery floss (different colors, cut into 6″ strips)
  • Tape or glue
  • A cookie case for the clipboard, once you get cookies in hand
Booth Bosses Kit (February)

Stay safe at your cookie booths! No need to hunt around for hand sanitizer and face masks for your troop—this box provides them for you! Your girls will get creative decorating their booth with banners and social distancing signage. Includes materials for 10 Girl Scouts.

Expected availability week of February 1

Box includes:

  • Walking sandwich board activity
  • Booth banner activity with materials
  • Booth guide for leaders
  • Social distancing signage on cardstock
  • 10 branded cloth face masks
  • 10 branded hand sanitizer bottles

Supplies not included for the walking sandwich board activity:

  • Two poster boards
  • Two pieces of ribbon (2 feet long each)
  • Markers or colored pencils
  • Hole punch


Each includes supplies, materials, and activities for 10 girls to build the five skills of the Cookie Program: goal setting, money management, people skills, business ethics, and decision making.

Limited quantities remain, so don't delay! Order your Cookies 1•2•3 boxes now and help your girls hit their goals.

Please note, Rally in a Box (Box 1) is no longer available for pick-up in the Cincinnati office. If you'd like Rally in a Box and live in the Cincinnati area, please select shipping instead.

Consider coordinating with other troops in your area if you have more or less than 10 girls in your troop!

Each fun-filled box is just $40 ($4 per girl) and can be ordered individually. Or, purchase all three boxes for just $105—that's $15 off! You can pay to have them shipped directly to you, or pick them up for free at your local Girl Scout Service Center.

If you want to use Digital Dough to purchase a Cookie box, please contact the Customer Care Team at 888.350.5090 or by email!


2021 Cookie Champion: A big thank you to Planes Moving & Storage for sponsoring the Cookies 1•2•3 subscription boxes, keeping the cost affordable for all our troops and empowering our Cookie Bosses to learn the valuable lessons they need today to become the business leaders of tomorrow.