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Empower Her

The campaign to transform our camps and our girls

There’s a place where girls can go to get away and come alive. It’s a place she’ll visit when she’s young, and then revisit in her mind for the rest of her life. When it’s time to leave, she’ll pack up her journal and her sleeping bag, and then she’ll pack up the life lessons, the leadership skills and the self-empowerment that she gained while she was there. She’ll head for home, but she won’t ever be the same. That’s because from now on, she’ll have a little camp in her. And while she may not know it now, the woman she’s going to become will be forever grateful.

These trails transform

The Empower Her Campaign is raising capital for the enhancement of four Girl Scouts of Western Ohio camps: Camp Butterworth, Camp Libbey, Camp Stonybrook, and Camp Whip Poor Will.

Studies show that outdoor experiences are essential to leadership development in girls, and this campaign will enable Girl Scouts of Western Ohio to remain leaders in providing quality outdoor experiences.

Since 2013, there has been a 46% increase in camp attendance. With the funding from this comprehensive campaign, we will be able to offer our girls the programmatic experiences and facilities they deserve by making significant, state-of-the-art improvements.

As the sixth largest council in the country, Girl Scouts of Western Ohio has the ability to leave a truly momentous mark on our future leaders—and much of that begins with what our girls take away from camp. By contributing to this life-changing campaign, you will not only be investing in a better camp experience for 33,000 girls and 10,000 volunteers in western Ohio, you’ll also be doing your part to help EMPOWER HER.

There are many ways to make a gift. If you wish to discuss your specific donation options, please contact Susan Redman-Rengstorf by email or at 513.619.1422.


Leave a Legacy of Leadership

A 2018 study of former Girl Scout campers revealed that their experiences at camp gave them a strong foundation for a lifetime of empowerment. With the help of your gifts, these powerful camp programs will be updated and improved to impact the next generation of future female leaders for years to come.

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“I learned to value differences. It is something hugely important to me as a teacher, Girl Scout, parent and human being.”

-Girl Scout Alum, Age 34

Growing up, one in every two women in the United States donned the title of “Girl Scout.” Maybe you were one of those girls, and maybe you’re the woman you are today because of that experience. Think back to your time with your troop. More likely than not, it shaped you in a profound way. Maybe it even left a little camp in you. 

With your donation, you will be ensuring that girls today have even better opportunities than those who came before them.