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Leadership Circle

Leadership Circle

Now is an important time in the development of our girls. Girls are faced with challenges and opportunities that come from every direction. Girl Scouting is a way to connect girls to positive adult role models and peers as they navigate the daily challenges of life and the shifting messages heard every day.

When you join the Leadership Circle, you are not only helping build girls’ leadership skills, you are also advocating for girls to improve their mental health, strengthen their values of justice and fairness, and become inspired about their learning and education.

As a member of the Leadership Circle, you will join a network of supporters who invest in girls and help them grow into strong, confident women. Members of the Leadership Circle form a powerful voice of support for girls in their community. Where they are able, they not only invest their resources, but they also invest their time in special programming designed to uplift and inspire girls.


You make their bright future possible.

  • secretaries

    100% of all female U.S. secretaries of state

  • astronauts

    90% of all female U.S. astronauts

  • tech-leaders

    80% of all female tech leaders

  • senators

    76% of all female U.S. senators

...were Girl Scouts!


As a member of the Leadership Circle, you are part of a dedicated group who believes in girls and their power to make the world a better place. As a member of the Leadership Circle, you are:

An Investor: Each member makes an annual gift of at least $1,000 to support girls on their leadership journey.

An Advocate: Through exclusive updates, you will learn about the issues facing girls today so you can better support girls and their ambitions.

A Networker: Meet others who share your commitment to girls and expand your own personal power to make a difference.

A Mentor: You will enjoy unique opportunities to connect with girls and help them set and achieve their goals.