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Girl Scout Week

Whether you’re a Girl Scout alum, a current member, a dedicated volunteer, or you simply have an extraordinary Girl Scout in your life, you’re an important part of the Girl Scout family. And you know what families do together? Celebrate!

Girl Scout Week is definitely something to celebrate—even while we're apart. In 2021, show off your Girl Scout spirit with seven straight days of exciting challenges!

We're treating each day from Sunday, March 7, through Saturday, March 13, as a day of action focused on a powerful yet simple way to get involved. Join us in the GSWO Adventure Base Facebook Group each day throughout Girl Scout Week to meet your Girl Scout sisters from across the council and show off how you're celebrating!

As you participate, use #GirlScoutWeek #GSWOadventures. Then send us your photos to show us how you're celebrating Girl Scout week!

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Sunday, March 7 | Girl Scout Sunday
  • Research at least one religion that is different from your own. Share what you learn with friends or family!
  • In Christianity, Sunday is traditionally a day of worship. Attend a Girl Scout Sunday service in your community. Don’t know where to find one? Ask your Service Unit Chair, or encourage your faith community to host one!
  • Think about the ways that the Girl Scout Promise and Law are similar to lessons you’ve learned in your faith community. Work toward earning the My Promise My Faith Award.

Bonus: Invite your friend to serve with you! 

Monday, March 8 | Girl Scout Traditions
  • The Girl Scout Sign, raising 3 fingers of the right hand with the thumb holding down the pinky, represent the 3 parts of the Girl Scout Promise. Teach the Girl Scout sign to someone you know and tell them what it means to you!
  • Do a good deed, even something small! The Girl Scout Slogan, used since 1912, is "Do A Good Turn Daily." The slogan is a reminder of the many ways that girls can contribute positively to others every day.
  • Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere (SWAPS) are small tokens of friendship that girls share with other Girl Scouts they meet while traveling. Show off your SWAP collection! Where were you when you received it and what special person gave it to you?
  • Create a piece of artwork (drawing, craft, skit, or other) that represents your favorite line of the Girl Scout Law.

Bonus: Invite your friend to take part with your favorite Girl Scout tradition! 

Tuesday, March 9 | Acts of Service
  • Write a letter of encouragement or create a video showing support to a frontline healthcare worker, a senior citizen, or anyone who could use an extra boost of support.
  • Take a walk in your neighborhood and clean up trash. Be sure to practice safety while doing this activity by wearing proper protective gear and bright reflective clothing.
  • Support a food drive in your community, or start your own.
  • Volunteer at an organization in your community. Consider local social distancing guidelines and Girl Scout guidelines on gatherings before making plans to volunteer in person.
  • Research needs and issues in your community and their root causes. Make a commitment to do a take action project to tackle at least one of these issues. This is a great way to get started on a Girl Scout  Highest Awards project!

Tip: Many of these are part of Girl Scouts of the USA’s National Service Project. Check out the National Service Project web page to learn more.

Bonus: Invite your friend to do an act of service with you! 

Wednesday, March 10 | Outdoor Adventures
  • Go outside and play for 20 minutes or more!
  • Plan a hike at a local trail or park with your family.
  • Have the seasons started changing where you live? Get outdoors and observe the signs of spring. Share what you notice with others.
  • Learn the principles of Leave No Trace and make a commitment to practice them.

Bonus: Invite your friend to join you in your Girl scout outdoor activity! 

Thursday, March 11 | Girl Scout History
  • Explore Girl Scouts’ place in American history. What’s your favorite Girl Scout story from the timeline? Share it with someone you love!
  • Interview a Girl Scout alum! Find a neighbor, relative, older friend, or family member who was a Girl Scout. Ask her about her favorite memories and how Girl Scouts has affected their life. Talk about things that are the same and different from when she was a Girl Scout compared to today.
  • Learn the Brownie Tidying-Up Song from the 1960s. Then sing it as you tidy up your own space! Sung to the tune of “London Bridge."
            Weave the magic in and out, in and out, in and out.
            Weave the magic in and out, for we are Brownies.
            We have tidied everything, everything, everything.
            We have tidied everything, for we are Brownies!
  • Teach a traditional Girl Scout skill! Whether it is tying a sturdy knot, building a campfire, or basic first aid practices there are many important life skills that Girl Scouts have learned and taught to others for over 100 years. So pick an important skill that you have learned in Girl Scouts and teach it to someone else. A younger Girl Scout, a neighbor, a family member—it doesn’t matter who you choose. Everyone benefits when we share our knowledge!
  • Bake the original Girl Scout Cookie! Girl Scouts through the decades have participated in our iconic annual cookie sale—and they’ve had fun, developed valuable life skills, and made their communities a better place every step of the way.  Celebrate the beginning of this tradition by making the original Girl Scout Cookie recipe from 1922!

Bonus: Invite your friend to learn some Girl Scout history with you! 

Friday, March 12 | Girl Scout Birthday & Jummah
  • Lead your family in singing happy birthday to Girl Scouts!
  • Bake a birthday cake for Girl Scouts.
  • Make a Girl Scout paper doll.
  • Write a letter of thanks to someone who has supported your Girl Scout experience!
  • Wear your Girl Scout uniform to school (virtually or in person!).
  • In Islam, Jummah (Friday) is the holiest day of the week. Attend a Girl Scout Jummah service in your community. Don’t know where to find one? Ask your Service Unit Chair, or encourage your faith community to host one!

Bonus: Invite your friend to your next Girl Scout activity to find her own Girl Scout Spirit!

Saturday, March 13 | Girl Scout Sabbath & Spirit Day
  • Show your Girl Scout enthusiasm by wearing your uniform, vest, shirt or Girl Scout spirit wear. Share a picture with family and friends in person or virtually!
  • Write about why you love Girl Scouts and share it with others.
  • Tell others about your favorite Girl Scout adventure or your favorite badge that you’ve earned.
  • Sing your favorite Girl Scout song and let others hear it! You can share on Facebook, by phone with extended family, or sing it to your classmates.
  • Share your photos from your favorite Girl Scout events and share them on social media, and spread your Girl Scout love to everyone (be sure the photos don’t have other girls in the background for privacy!).
  • In Judaism, the Sabbath (or Shabbat in Hebrew) is a holy day of the week beginning at sundown on Friday and ending Saturday. Attend a Girl Scout Sabbath service at your place of worship or another in your community. Don’t know where to find one? Ask your Service Unit Chair, or encourage your faith community to host one!

Bonus: Invite your friend to your next Girl Scout activity to find her own Girl Scout Spirit! 

We encourage you to take part in as many of the challenges you like and show your Spirit. Complete at least one challenge from each day and celebrate with the Girl Scout Spirit patch!