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Volunteer Appreciation

Every day, Girl Scout volunteers make fun, friendship, and awesome new experiences possible for girls across western Ohio. Every volunteer in Girl Scouts of Western Ohio deserves a sincere “thank-you” for how they are changing girls’ lives and our communities.

With love, patience, and a deep dedication to enriching the lives of girls everywhere, these incredible individuals give their time every day to mentor, inspire, and help girls discover the world around them and the spark inside of them. We are beyond grateful. Show your appreciation by saying a simple “thank you,” sending a card, or nominating a volunteer for an award!


Informal Appreciation

Informal rewards are day-to-day ways to say “thank you” to volunteers—they are intangible benefits and heartfelt displays of recognition. These sincere expressions of appreciation are based on specific contributions and are given in a timely manner. Informal recognition is powerful and effective, because volunteers feel valued by a personal touch. Examples of meaningful informal rewards include:

  • A welcome or thank-you card or letter
  • Skill-building learning opportunities (For example, how to use social media to network)
  • A recommendation for a promotion
  • Sending the volunteer’s supervisor or CEO a letter recognizing her/his contributions
  • Complimenting a volunteer’s work to a supervisor or co-worker (in the volunteer’s presence)
  • Showing interest in a volunteer’s personal life (such as asking about a volunteer’s grandchild or weekend plans)
  • A shout-out on Facebook or Twitter



Formal Appreciation

Volunteer Award Nominations

Do you know a volunteer who has done outstanding work? A volunteer who has inspired your daughter, provided a fantastic event for the girls in your service unit or made day camp the best ever. Take some time to consider the following GSUSA National Awards and Girl Scouts of Western Ohio awards and nominate this outstanding volunteer for a Girl Scout award. All award nominations are due February 1 and are only able to be submitted through the links below.

Don’t forget to request your Girl Scout Membership Pin and your Volunteer Years of Service Pin-20 (+) years and higher. These are awarded in five year increments. All pin requests are due by February 1.

Girl Scouts of the USA National Awards
Volunteer of Excellence Award

For outstanding servicewhile partnering directly with the girls to implement the Girl Scout Leadership Experience through the use of Girl Scout Journeys, the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting, the Volunteer Toolkit, or any other GSUSA resource.

Award Packet Requires: 2 endorsements

Volunteer of Excellence Endorsement Form


Appreciation Pin

Recognizes a volunteer for outstanding service to one service unit or geographic area.

Award Packet Requires: 2 endorsements

Appreciation Pin Endorsement Form


Honor Pin

Recognizes a volunteer for outstanding service to two or more service units or geographic areas.

Award Packet Requires: 3 endorsements

Honor Pin Endorsement Form


Thanks Badge

Recognizes a volunteer for outstanding service that has benefited the entire council or Girl Scout Movement.

Award Packet Requires: 4 endorsements

Thanks Badge Endorsement Form


Thanks Badge II

Recognizes a volunteer for outstanding service that has benefited the entire council or Girl Scout Movement who has already received the Thanks Badge.

Award Packet Requires: 4 endorsements

Thanks Badge II Endorsement Form

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio Awards
Service Team Star

Recognizes a volunteer who is currently or has been a service unit team member or appointed administrative volunteer, who has helped a service unit achieve one of their core responsibilities: recruit & retain members, direct support to leaders & girls, educating community about Girl Scouting, act as a communication center for Girl Scout volunteers, provide activities that reflect the Girl Scout Leadership Experience or providing on-going coaching and education to volunteers

Award Packet Requires: 2 endorsements

Service Team Star Endorsement Form


Green Badge of Courage

Recognizes a volunteer who has performed a courageous act or met a challenge in a creative way within their role as a Girl Scout volunteer.

Award Packet Requires: 2 endorsements

Green Badge of Courage Endorsement Form

Membership & Years of Service Pins
Membership Year Pin

This pin indicates the total number of years as a registered member of Girl Scouts, including girl and adult years. The pin comes in 5-year increments: 5, 10, 15, etc.

Request a Membership Year Pin


Years of Service Pin

Recognized a registered adult member for the numbers of active service as a volunteer. The council will purchase pins for 20 years and above. The pin comes in 5-year increments: 20, 25, 30, etc.

Requests a Years of Service Pin




All award nominations must meet the following criteria:

  1. Nominee is a currently registered member of Girl Scouts
  2. The nominee is in good standing with the organization at the time of the service and the nomination. (Good standing means they have no outstanding cases or concerns related to their service and they have a current criminal background check if their role requires it.)
Still need help? Check out the handouts below!

Volunteer Appreciation Q&A
Volunteer Nomination Flow Chart
Writing a Strong Endorsement
Questions on Endorsements
Informal Appreciation