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Awards & Recognition

Do you know a volunteer who has done outstanding work? A volunteer who has inspired your daughter, provided a fantastic event for the girls in your service unit or made day camp the best ever?

Take some time to consider the following GSUSA National Awards and Girl Scouts of Western Ohio awards and nominate this outstanding volunteer for a Girl Scout award.


Don’t forget to request your Girl Scout Membership Pin and your Volunteer Years of Service Pin-20 (+) years and higher. These are awarded in five-year increments. All pin requests are due by February 1.


Girl Scouts of the USA National Awards
  • Volunteer of Excellence Award
  • Volunteer of Excellence Award

    For outstanding servicewhile partnering directly with the girls to implement the Girl Scout Leadership Experience through the use of Girl Scout Journeys, the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting, the Volunteer Toolkit, or any other GSUSA resource.

    Award Packet Requires: 2 endorsements

  • Appreciation Pin
  • Appreciation Pin

    Recognizes a volunteer for outstanding service to one service unit or geographic area.

    Award Packet Requires: 2 endorsements

  • Honor Pin
  • Honor Pin

    Recognizes a volunteer for outstanding service to two or more service units or geographic areas.

    Award Packet Requires: 3 endorsements

  • Thanks Badge
  • Thanks Badge

    Recognizes a volunteer for outstanding service that has benefited the entire council or Girl Scout Movement.

    Award Packet Requires: 4 endorsements

  • Thanks Badge II
  • Thanks Badge II

    Recognizes a volunteer for outstanding service that has benefited the entire council or Girl Scout Movement who has already received the Thanks Badge.

    Award Packet Requires: 4 endorsements

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio Awards
Service Team Star

Recognizes a volunteer who is currently or has been a service unit team member or appointed administrative volunteer, who has helped a service unit achieve one of their core responsibilities: recruit & retain members, direct support to leaders & girls, educating community about Girl Scouting, act as a communication center for Girl Scout volunteers, provide activities that reflect the Girl Scout Leadership Experience or providing on-going coaching and education to volunteers

Award Packet Requires: 2 endorsements


Green Badge of Courage

Recognizes a volunteer who has performed a courageous act or met a challenge in a creative way within their role as a Girl Scout volunteer.

Award Packet Requires: 2 endorsements


Service Unit Founder's Award

Named for our founder, Juliette Gordon Low, who strived to support as many girls through Girl Scouting as possible, the Founder's Award is given to a service unit that provides the best support to Girl Scouts in their community.

The award has 10 required benchmarks or actions, plus five additional requirements. Service Units who complete the requirements will earn $100 to continue supporting girls in their community!

Submissions are due August 1, 2022.

Downloading the Requirements
Complete the Checklist

Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month is a quick and easy way for volunteers, girls, and parents to recognize a volunteer for their time and dedication with Girl Scouts.

From planning a big event, to the small special moments shared with the girls—all their efforts are appreciated and important to building girls of courage, confidence, and character! Each month, one volunteer will be selected in every region of western Ohio (North, Central, and South). Volunteers of the Month will be selected from September to May. 

The Volunteer of the Month winner receives:

  • Signed certificate from our CEO, Roni
  • $25 gift certificate to our council shops
  • Social media recognition


Past Volunteers of the Month

North Region
Amanda Ehinger - November 2019
Susan Daniels - December 2019
Rebecca Lewis - January 2020
Ashley Oloshove - February 2020
Nioka Weichman - March 2020
Felica Boyd - April 2020
Vicki Blanco - May 2020
Jessica Stombaugh - January 2021
Tina Conklin - February 2021
Connie Wallace - March 2021
Jennifer Carner - April 2021

Central Region
Jessica Wells - November 2019
Heidi Clements - December 2019
Beth Martin - January 2020
Jalynn Helton - February 2020
Heather Tuttle - March 2020
Catherine Muterspaw - April 2020
Kadijah Taylor - May 2020
Maria Demey - December 2020
Jill Henry - January 2021
Dora Weis - February 2021
Emily Morgan - March 2021
Patty Curtis - April 2021

South Region
Andrea Buell - November 2019
Cheri Fitch - December 2019
Julie Walulik, Shana Borger, & Michele Kelley - January 2020
Gillian Woodard - February 2020
Chrissy Dawson - March 2020
Sarah Bailey - April 2020
Lynne Castle - May 2020
Holly Griffin - December 2020
Shannon Richardson & Yakaira Alexander-Ramos - January 2021 
Saundra Oprea - February 2021
Mary Lynn Stoffel - March 2021
Jennifer Ortiz - April 2021

Membership & Years of Service Pins
Membership Year Pin

This pin indicates the total number of years as a registered member of Girl Scouts, including girl and adult years. The pin comes in 5-year increments: 5, 10, 15, etc.

Years of Service Pin

Recognized a registered adult member for the numbers of active service as a volunteer. The council will purchase pins for 20 years and above. The pin comes in 5-year increments: 20, 25, 30, etc.



All award nominations must meet the following criteria:

  1. Nominee is a currently registered member of Girl Scouts
  2. The nominee is in good standing with the organization at the time of the service and the nomination. (Good standing means they have no outstanding cases or concerns related to their service and they have a current criminal background check if their role requires it.)

Need help? The Volunteer Awards Information Packet has everything you need to know!