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Volunteer of the Month

Volunteer of the Month is a quick and easy way for volunteers, girls, and parents to recognize a volunteer for their time and dedication with Girl Scouts.

From planning a big event, to the small special moments shared with the girls—all their efforts are appreciated and important to building girls of courage, confidence, and character! Each month, one volunteer will be selected in every region of western Ohio (North, Central, and South).

Announcements will be posted on social media and our monthly newsletter. Volunteers of the Month can also look forward to awesome prizes! 

Congratulations to all of our 2018-2019 Volunteers of the Month! Nominations will reopen in the fall of 2019.


Volunteer of the Month Winners

November 2018

Clare Hylant, North Region

Clare co-leads a multi-level troop of 35 girls that meets weekly, and takes the time to plan activities, trips, and meetings for every level! She genuinely cares about what she does and helping the girls to get everything they can out of each project. She facilitated the opportunity for our Juniors to make a systematic change in our school's menus: inviting the superintendent and other board members to a panel to discuss the health of what food is offered to the kids; found a fresh food grant the girls applied for and received for the school; ultimately earning their Bronze Award.

Kerrie Weise, Central Region

Kerrie leads a team of school recruiters and manages at least 4 large school recruitment events each year—this year was no exception. In her usual Go-getter and Innovator style, Kerrie introduced girls to the Girl Scouting Program at school open houses, girl talks in kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms, and troop forming round-ups. Under her fantastic Leadership, the recruitment team was able to form 9 new troops for our service unit! She was also able to encourage a whole new group of Risk-Takers—each of those new troops are complete with leaders and girls. Plus, Kerrie led her team in reaching our fall recruitment goals!

She gets results! Our Service Unit has met all Fall Recruitment goals due to Kerrie's outstanding efforts and is well on our way to meeting our Spring recruitment goals! She organized and oversaw all recruitment meetings, came up with new ideas for recruitment, and went above and beyond by giving of her time to speaking to girls via a cute skit during classroom visits. She also coordinated new leader meetings and keeps on top of all our data requirements. We have no waiting lists for girls! We couldn't ask for any better than Kerrie and I am honored to nominate her for VotM. She is very deserving.

Sarah Sturgeon, South Region

Sarah has been the troop leader of my troop since we were Daisies (We're now in 11th grade). She's always encouraging us to try new things and reach our fullest potential. Under her leadership we've gone on camping trips, done service projects, and even traveled hours away as a troop to try new things. When I mentioned I wanted to run a Mom & Me campout, most of my troop wasn't interested and didn't want to do it. However, Mrs. Sturgeon heard me and encouraged me to do it anyway. Now I'm doing it as part of my Gold Award project. She encourages every girl in our troop like this, and is working with each girl on accomplishing their own individual Gold Award. I think getting this recognition as Volunteer of the Month is just something she deserves for being caring and encouraging to every one of the girls in our troop.

December 2018

Haley Wulff, North Region

Haley is a college student who is one of our Graduates. She came back after graduation to help and has moved on to being a Leader for the Napoleon combined troops high school girls. Her girls love her and look forward to their meetings. They contact her outside of their meetings and look up to her as a role model. Haley has also been instrumental in our fund raising activity this fall. Taking the lead with the girls and organizing it. Haley also took the lead in organizing our very recent 1st ever day camp for girls K-12. I don’t know how we ever got along without her being so involved. We other Leaders look up to her too. We are very blessed to have her as a Leader and involved with all of our girls K-12th. All this while going to college at BGSU full time.

Kelly Bonilla, Central Region

Ms. Kelly is an amazing asset to our Girl Scout family as she has the heart of Gold and truly lives and breaths the Girl Scout Way. Her love and dedication to the girls is truly a beautiful thing to witness. She helps keep us organized financially by taking on troop treasurer, she was an amazing asset as our Product Sales Coordinator as she rocked out and helped every parent with questions, delivery schedule issue, and offering help and support even while holding down a full time job and multiple other commitments. Kelly gives her all to the girls and the troop 100% of the time and she truly helps show the girls that they can do anything they put their mind to. She embodies Girl Led and gives the girls opportunities they ask for and helps guide them when they ask for help, she is the reason our Cadette Troop is still together and thriving!!

Beth Wittich, South Region

Beth Wittich was a dedicated volunteer, helping out with 3 troops total at St. Jude school. She will be missed dearly by the service unit volunteers and the Girl Scout community at St. Jude.

Beth was a beautiful person inside and out. She was the perfect model for Girl Scouts. I think it would be nice for her children and girls she lead to remember her as an extroidinary role model as a Girl Scout. This may help in healing there family knowing she lived a full life serving others. Also it may help our community in remembering that our lives our gifts and we should live by the girlscout law day in and day out so when it is our turn we are ready to meet Jesus.

Beth is our angel and one of our Leaders for 3 troops at St. Jude. Beth was called home way to soon, but we know that God needed her for a reason. Her smile was contagious and she was ALWAYS with her girls doing good in one way or another. Through this tragedy- Beth has inspired me to be a better leader, woman, mother, daughter, sister, and ensure that I am doing everything I can to make a positive impact on our girls and our community. I am thankful to have known Beth, even if it were only a short time, but she has opened my eyes and made me even more aware of just what is most important in life. She will truly leave behind her love and her legacy. I hope I can be half the leader and volunteer that Beth is. St. Jude and the Girl Scouts were blessed to have had the time we did. If anyone deserves volunteer of the month- it is Beth. May her girls always know what a beautiful and kind and Christ like loving leader that mother was and always will be!

I know and pray that Beth’s family and friends will never let her daughters forget what an inspiration their mom was to so many. She touched soooo many lives. She wasn’t afraid to put herself out there and volunteer because she valued making a positive impact on other people. She positively influenced so many people. I hope she knew this while she was here. She is an inspiration for all of us to take the risk even with a busy schedule, to volunteer to make other lives better. To coach, to help your community, to be an involved mother and a friendly face to so many.

She has dedicated so much time and devotion too all the girls of St Jude girl scouts as well as to the three trips she led. From planning events, to finishing resources for other troop leaders, to helping new leaders plan their first meeting. She juggled so many played and made it all look easy. Super mom, super leader, super volunteer.

She was the true example of the Girl Scout law. She volunteered with not one but three troops, she was the school PTO VP she helped with many events Her strong female leadership presence will greatly be missed.

January 2019

Mandy Stout, North Region

Due to personal reasons my coleader needed to step down to only an occasional meeting and cookies. I went to Mandy and without hesitation she stepped up and has been a huge blessing to our troop including myself the leader and my coleader. She has such a positive sweet attitude and the girls all adore her. She has been a great example for our Girl Scouts! I would love for her to know just how much she is appreciated!

Nancy Mauter, Central Region

Nancy was the asst. troop leader for troop 579. Nancy willingly stepped up, and without question, took the position of Troop Leader when it was needed. She did not want to see the girls in the troop have to go without just because she had to step out of her comfort zone. She puts the girls' needs first and continues to insure the troop is happy and the girls continue to learn and grow while enjoying the adventure of Girl Scouts.

Angel Blevins, South Region

Angel is available for new leaders-contacts them and will show up at training to introduce herself. She’s available to leaders for conflict resolution reasons, to run parent meetings, etc., Angel shows appreciation with activities and rewards at each SU meeting and plans well into the future. Angel helps to find troops for girls when needed.

February 2019

Penny Choma, North Region

Penny continuously challenges her girls to increase their leadership abilities and offers them unique opportunities to learn new skills. She supports girl lead programming by challenging her scouts to plan their own activities. She encourages them to be strong communicators and to contribute to their community. As a fellow leader of high school girls I know how challenging it is to keep girls involved, yet Penny does it and makes it look easy. She is worthy of recognition!

Donna Mayes, Central Region

Despite being in a serious car accident at the beginning of October and having to stop doing several activities dear to her, including school safety patrol, she has pressed through the issues to continue to be a leader for her troop and ensuring that her Girl Scouts have an awesome year during that time. She is willing to step up and lend a helping hand to others.

Debbie Phillips, South Region

Debbie Phillips is a dedicated, caring, selfless fun loving Girl Scout leader who has impacted the lives of every girl scout that has been the her troop. She has and still leads girl scouts to be independent courageous and strong leaders. Debbie has sacrificed her time and efforts by being there for the girl scouts in every way needed, taking her spare time getting out on early mornings to be with the girls on projects, planning activities for them and teaching them to take charge of what they do, planning trips that allow them to see other people and places in the world; teaching them to care for others by laboring and giving community service to those who are in need and being examples of what it is to be a girl scout and staying connected to other girl scout troops. Debbie is an outstanding leader and deserves to be rewarded for her hard work.

March 2019

Ann Rice, North Region

She is always willing to help and go above the normal duties!


Becky Puff, Central Region

She's gotten my daughter really interested in Girl Scouts. Her life is Girl Scouts. Really need more leaders like her.

I'm from Becky's senior troop. I have been in her troop from about 6 years, but I know many of these girls have been with Becky since they were in kindergarten. She was also a leader for her eldest daughter’s troop when she was little (She is now in college). Becky isn't just our leader. In this troop I have found a family. She's like my mom. She not only takes us on trips, gets us into the world and helps us sell cookies, but she goes out of her way everyday to do so. She's constantly asking for our opinions instead of assuming or making decisions. She works with all age groups and has even ran more than one troop at once. She goes above and beyond her duties as a leader. She has established a deep connection with each of us. I know there were days she'd help all of us with our homework. She really cares about us. We would really love if she got this award because she's gone underappreciated for way too long.

She does so much with us as a troop leader and always takes time out of her personal life to make things happen. She always looks for better ways to get us out into the community. She has been a leader for so long but is so under appreciated . We love her so much.

Heidi Tucker and Carrie Sears, South Region

Heidi Tucker and her co-leader, Carrie Sears, should be recognized for their energetic, organized, and creative approach to helping host the annual Me & My Guy Dance: Harry Potter's Yule Ball. They exemplified keeping it girl-led by helping their girls to pick the theme and teaching the girls how to use a green screen to create an event commercial. They incorporated all of this planning into various GS badges like Playing the Past. Their troop was responsible for the theme, custom event patch, publicity and decorations for this annual dance which welcomes 400+ guests. The decorations were truly amazing, and I witnessed the girls and families coming together in true Girl Scout fashion to make it all happen. It was a group effort led by Heidi and Carrie!

April 2019

Christine Patterson, North Region

Christine takes care of all of the girls in her troop. Christine does all paperwork that we need for events and always makes sure everyone earns badges and pushes us to go for our Gold Award.

Peggy Taulbee, Central Region

The girls have learned valuable knowledge on various subject matter from Peggy, and in particular about cookie sales (setting goals, customer interaction, and safety). Peggy is honest and always provides accurate feedback and great guidance to the girls. She cares about all of them and treats them all with kindness and love, just as she does her own granddaughter. Peggy is a wonderful volunteer who is knowledgeable and has great integrity in working with the girls. She makes it her priority to do her best so that the girls will get the most out of their Girl Scout experience.

Peggy is actually a grandmother to two girls in our troop. One girl is a Junior, and one is a Brownie. Peggy is a full time custodial guardian to the girls, and while she should be enjoying her retirement and role as a grandma, she is raising these two girls and volunteering as a troop leader instead. Peggy teaches several things for the girls to earn their badges and journeys. She contributes supplies to the Brownie girls AND Junior girls, and is constantly going back and forth helping with every aspect of our split level troop. She is at every meeting assisting with the girls and has "double duty" when volunteering for cookie booths and other events that we do as a troop. Peggy is honest and always provides accurate feedback and great guidance to the girls. She cares about all of them and treats them all with kindness and love, just as she does her own granddaughter. Peggy is a wonderful volunteer who is knowledgeable and has great integrity in working with the girls. She makes it her priority to do her best so that the girls will get the most out of their Girl Scout experience.

Jen Strickler, South Region

It takes a special person to take the reins and commit to lead a group of strong-minded, independent, young girls. We are fortunate to have had Jen Strickler lead our troop these past 6 years. She stepped up when no one else had the ability to make the commitment and she has led consistently throughout the years. Dedication, Empowerment, Perseverance and Passion are a few of the words that describe her best. Our girls have learned many lessons along the way under her leadership. Their most recent and one of the most impressionable projects, required persistence and fortitude to see it come to fruition. With Jen Strickler at the helm, the girls saw their ideas come to life. They saw themselves in the face of adversity and they never, ever gave up! As a result, our girls made a world of difference to ALL the girls at their school and they learned an invaluable lesson that they can do ANYTHING they set out to do. For this and for the countless hours of meetings and behind the scenes work to make it all happen, Troop 45960 is grateful. Kudos to Jen Strickler!!!!

May 2019

Rosey VonSacken, North Region

Rosey co-leads a multi-level troop of 15 girls that meets bi-weekly. She has been the main troop leader working with the girls for 7 years now. When our leader suddenly quit part way through the year, Rosey stepped up to the challenge of leading a group of Daisies who up until she took over had no true leadership. Since then she’s taken the time to plan all activities, trips, and meetings including our service unit projects such as fundraising to install a new sign for our school playground and purchasing garbage cans for the playground to help with keeping the area clean. Using the power of G.I.R.L., Rosey has spent the last year with our girls encouraging them to run their own meetings and pass on knowledge to the other girls in the troop. She continuously pushes the girls to try new things and spends a great deal of personal time outside of troop meetings to support the girls in their activities. Whether it’s creating signs for other parents or attending functions, Rosey is always there to support the girls and has become a great shoulder for the girls to lean on in time of need. I would love for Rosey to receive this recognition as Volunteer of the Month to show her we as parents see what she has done for our girls. Our troop would be truly lost without her!

Jessica Wells, Central Region

Jessica Wells is a dedicated leader who has put her full effort into leading her troop through a variety of fun and educational activities, badge accomplishments and community service projects. A recent troop effort to build and place community food boxes in their local community was brainstormed and accomplished primarily through the Brownies in her troop thanks to her hands on teaching environment and enthusiastic leadership of her girls. She also successfully planned and executed a memorial park clean up effort in New Lebanon in the wake of the loss of sister scouts in WI in 2018 as a way to show our local girls ways to grieve and show gratitude for our fellow scouts in a healthy, meaningful and productive manner. She further organized a household goods drive to support one of her troop families impacted by 2 simultaneous, different and severe medical diagnosis affecting their Girl Scout daughter and her father. She unselfishly and regularly identifies and fulfills needs in her troop, in her community and in our Service Unit to comfort and uplift others. In hopes of inspiring others, I hope you will recognize her efforts as a volunteer of the month! Her leadership AND compassion are unmatched in our service unit.

Jenny McMahon, South Region

We have a large troop of 2nd graders and she makes almost every single cookie booth. She makes it fun and goes through all the points to make sure the girls truly understand the badges they earn. She’s innovative in keeping track of their cookie sales and has kept our girls interested and on track with their scouting. We really appreciate all she does.

Jenny has been our troop’s Cookie Manager for three years and she also became a full time leader at a time when our troop leadership was struggling. Jenny helped us to organize and reestablish good communication with the parents of our scouts. Jenny always goes above and beyond for our girls and I think she deserves to be recognized as a volunteer of the month.

June 2019

Julie Hankenhof, North Region

Julie is an asset to our service unit. She is always willing to step up for a role wherever she may be needed. She took over the trunk-or-treat this past year when no one was willing to do so. She not only steps into roles, she does what she says she will do, making her a reliable volunteer. She is also one of the few leaders who continually shows up to service unit meetings, so I know her girls are getting up-to-date information. Julie's dedication to Girl Scouts has not gone unnoticed and it would be nice for her to be recognized.

Rachel Collins, Central Region

Rachel has been involved with Girl Scouts since she was a young girl. She has now been a troop leader for 12 years. She has been such a strong leader through all of the people coming and going from our troop. She has been such a large and important inspiration to me since I was little. She has made Girl Scouts so amazing and fun, that when I am older and have daughters of my own I plan to become a Girl Scout leader as well! It's been an honor to have her as a leader for 12 years and even more of an honor to have her as a leader for the next two years as well!

Ashlee Williams, South Region

Ashlee is a superhero! In addition to raising her kids, working full-time and being in Army Reserves, she still manages to find time to lead 3 large troops (all 3 newly bridged - Brownies, Cadettes, and Seniors) and be the Service Unit Manager! She recently hosted our Service Unit Campout, complete with archery, slingshots, hiking, water gun painting, and low ropes course. She even capped off the campout with letting the girls throw pies in her face to celebrate a very successful cookie season!! Our troops and Service Unit are so lucky to have her and we all love her so much!