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Product Program Coordinators

As the service unit product program coordinator, you're the the local expert on all things product program! You support the Fall Product Program and/or the Cookie Program within your service unit, including program training, answering troop volunteer questions, keeping track of overall sales for each troop, supporting product distribution, managing rewards, and being available to assist troops as needed throughout the programs.


Service Unit Product Coordinator Duties

Once you have registered and been appointed to the role, as service unit product coordinator, you will:

  • Be and ambassador for girls! Stay positive, motivate your volunteers and most importantly, have fun!
  • Attend the required trainings (including virtual service unit coordinator trainings) and key service unit meetings.
  • Receive, distribute, and reconcile (as needed) troop paperwork. 
  • Accept delivery of and distribute troop materials and rewards.
  • Support troop fall product program or cookie managers with regular check-ins and follow ups. Provide updated info, reminders and answer questions any leaders may have throughout the programs.
  • Agree to hold training (in-person or virtual) for fall and/or cookies.
  • Submit service unit online orders and/or reward orders.
  • Review and complete the online Service Unit Product Coordinator Agreement Form provided by the regional product manager.

How to Become the Service Unit Product Coordinator

You'll first want to have a conversation with the service team in your service unit to ensure the position is currently open and looking to be filled. This is an appointed position, so once you and the team discuss the role in further detail and you decide that it's a great fit, there are a few quick steps to get started.

  1. After registering for the membership year and receiving your approved background check, connect with Customer Care to have the service unit fall and/or cookie role added to your profile.
  2. If you haven't already, discuss one-on-one training with your regional product program manager or attend the schedule service unit coordinator training. They will also be able to provide you with the link to complete the Service Unit Product Coordinator Agreement Form to make the role official. If you're not sure who that is, Customer Care can help!

As we advance to the start of the programs, the service unit program coordinators will receive direct communication from the Product Program team and their regional manager. Trainings and topics specific to coordinators will be communicated through emails, calls, and Rallies that you'll be added to, so you'll always be in the know and can confidently lead your troops to success!