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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have been with the organization 20 years or 20 minutes, there is always a lot of information to process in order to bring girls the best Girl Scout experience possible.

If you are wondering where to find information or the answer to a question, odds are you are not the only one. A lot of repeat questions come to us each day in various communication outlets. Here are some of the common ones for quick reference:

Don't see the answer you're looking for? As always, you can contact the Customer Care Team at 888.350.5090 or customercare@gswo.org! We're happy to help.

How do I register or renew my membership?
You can log into your My GS account (linked in the main navigation of our website for easy access!) to renew, or head to the Join page to join or renew your membership.

What should I do if I haven't heard from my girl's troop leader?
If you haven't yet been contacted by your girl's troop leader, please contact the Customer Care Team at 888.350.5090 or customercare@gswo.org so our staff can follow up with them!

What is the cost of Girl Scouts?
The yearly membership fee for Girl Scouts is $25, which you paid at registration. That is the only required cost. However, there are other variable costs that you may wish to pay as well.

Many troops choose to charge dues to help cover the costs of supplies and activities, and this varies from troop to troop. Typically they range from $20-60 per year, but check with your troop leader for the specific amount for your troop, if there is one.

You may also choose to purchase uniforms, badges, patches, and other insignia, which are encouraged but not required. There is one uniform for each grade level, so one uniform could be used for at least two years. These typically cost $33-46 per year, but may be included in your troop dues. Check with your troop leader before purchasing a uniform.

A variety of Girl Scout books are available to support programming in troops, which typically cost $7-22 per year. In addition, you may wish to attend special programs throughout the year with or without your girl's troop. Those costs vary per event.

What uniform or books do we need, and where can we purchase them?
Uniforms and books are encouraged, but not required to be a Girl Scout.  Many troops choose to have uniforms, and you can purchase them online or at our Council shops.

Is a uniform required?
No, uniforms are not required. Each troop decides indiviually what uniform items they will purchase.

When will our troop meet?
Troop meetings vary from troop to troop. Most troops choose to meet once or twice a month, for 60-90 minutes, and may have an occasional outing on the weekend. Troop leaders and volunteers, usually with parent input, choose when and where the troop will meet.

Can my daughter participate without a troop?
Yes she can! While it is encouraged to join in a troop setting, this may not always be desired or possible depending on a girl's schedule. Individually registered members in grades K-12 are able to complete Girl Scouts activities with the guidance of a parent or adult mentor. They participate in a way that fits their schedule, attending events and participating in activities that meet their needs and interests.

Is there financial assistance available?
Yes! No one is denied the experience of Girl Scouts due to inability to pay. Girls and adults are welcome to request financial assistance to help cover the cost of membership and offset the cost of council-sponsored program events, including summer camp. We do ask that you pay for a portion of the fee, if able.

What are the different Girl Scout program levels?
There are six program grade levels: Daisy (K-1), Brownie (2-3), Junior (4-5), Cadette (6-8), Senior (9-10), and Ambassador (11-12).

How can I help my girl's Girl Scout troop?
You can help with your daughters troop in many ways! You can take a volunteer role or help in other ways outside of the traditional volunteer roles. We recommend talking with your troop leader to find out where they need the most help.

Are parents required to stay during Girl Scouts?
It depends on the troop, but most of the time parents aren't required to stay for troop meetings.  Any parent who wants to stay or help with the troop is required to become a Girl Scout volunteer, which includes purchasing a Girl Scout membership and completing a background check.

Leaders or other approved adults are required to attend program events with your troop or girl, and are responsible for ensuring the safety of the girl(s) attending. Community partner facilitators are never counted in ratio for the girls. Please ensure your girl or troop has adequate supervision going to, from, and while attending events.

How will I know if my girl got in the troop we requested?
If you registered online you should know if your girl was able to join your requested troop once you received your confirmation email. Because of safety ratios troops are required to maintain, some troops aren't able to add more girls.  If your girl isn't able to join your requested troop, we will help you find another troop near you that fits with your schedule.

Does she have to participate for a full year?
Girls have many different ways they can be involved in Girl Scouts beyond the traditional troop setting. She can join in a series or short program, go to camp, travel around the country or even around the world…the possibilities are endless!

We understand that sometimes a full troop commitment may not work with her busy schedule, but she still wants to have Girl Scout experience. Our programs are girl-led, so she can choose to blaze her own pathway!

How do I register for an Activity?
Go to Activities & Events in the main navigation of the GSWO website. You can either view the calendar view or use the search feature in the list view, whichever you prefer. Once you select and event, you will be directed to log into your My GS account to finish registering. Make sure to click all the way through to complete your registration.

Once I register for an Activity, will I get a confirmation with more information?
Yes, but not via email. The only email confirmation you will receive is a receipt for any paid event. However, each Activity has a corresponding confirmation packet attached in My GS. To locate it, log into your My GS account and click on My Activities. Scroll down to the list of Activities you are registered for. Find the event you want to view the confirmation for, and select Activity Materials. From there, locate the confirmation packet that you can download or print. You can also contact the Customer Care Team for help locating your confirmation packets.

What is the cancellation policy for an Activity?
In order to cancel and receive a refund, a written request must be received 30 days prior to the event. No refunds will be permitted after the deadline, with the exception of severe weather, illness, or accident (with a physician’s statement), or if a child moves from the GSWO jurisdiction prior to the date of the event.

Please make attendance a priority. For every girl who does not attend nor cancel in the appropriate time frame, another girl misses out on the opportunity. Keep in mind, whole troops do not have to attend events together. We often host partial troops and individual girls!

Where can I find our Troop Finance Report or other important documents?
For financial reports, you can click on the Finance tab of the Volunteer Toolkit or go to Volunteers tab of the GSWO website, then click Forms and Documents on the left hand side to find the PDF versions of various frequently used forms.

Where can I find training opportunities?
There are two main places to find training opportunities. Under Activities & Events, use the Activities List to search for training opportunities. Or, under Volunteers, select Learning Opportunities.