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Financial Assistance

Every girl should have the opportunity to find her wow through Girl Scouts. Girls should not be turned away when she has a desire to discover new things, connect with other girls, and make the world a better place. No girl should be denied membership because of her ability to pay.

Girl Scouts of Western Ohio offers financial assistance in the following ways:


Girl Scouts membership
Girls who would like to be part of the Girl Scouts sisterhood but cannot afford to do so, can contact us to have the membership fee waived. To learn more about this opportunity, call 1-888-350-5090. 


Every girl should be able to make lasting memories at summer camp! Funding for Camperships varies from year-to-year and often the number of open spots are unfilled.


Fill out the application and apply. 



Individual Events
Financial assistance is often available for council-sponsored one-day events. Parents and caregivers can fill out the Financial Assistance Request form here.

Make Girl Scouts an option for every girl        

We believe every girl should have the chance to be a Girl Scout and enjoy new and exciting experiences. You can become a sponsor and give girls the boost they need to learn new skills, meet new friends, and become tomorrow’s leaders. To learn more about Girl Scouts Financial Assistance Sponsorships, contact Customer Care at [email protected] or 888.350.5090.