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Thank you for your support during the 2021 Girl Scout Cookie Program! Girl Scouts of Western Ohio's Cookie Program has ended, but Girl Scout Cookies remain available for shipping from other councils through April 30!

Simply enter your zip code in the Cookie Finder below to be connected to a troop's Digital Cookie storefront.

Select the "Buy Cookies" button at the top of the results page to place an online order and have your favorite Girl Scout Cookies shipped to your door! (Or your best friend's door, or your grandma's door, or the door of whomever you'd like to share some joy with!)


Girls Who Make the World a Better Place

Girl Scout troops across our council are doing amazing things with their cookie proceeds!

Troop 3201 (Daisy, Grades K-1)
Cookie Goal: 1,505 boxes

Our cookie proceeds will buy supplies for the food cupboard in Jamestown and help us attend summer day camp.

Troop 10158 (Junior, Grades 4-5)
Cookie Goal: 8,000 boxes

We will use our cookie proceeds to clean up a local water source and plant trees. After that, we plan to go horseback riding!

Troop 48222 (Brownie, Grades 2-3)
Cookie Goal: 3,000 boxes

Our cookie proceeds will help us improve our butterfly garden, build bat boxes for a wetland area, and continue to explore ways to help in our community.