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Cookie Resources

We want the Girl Scout Cookie Program to be as successful as possible for girls and volunteers! Check out the resources below for everything you need to know about the Cookie Sale.

Still have questions? Contact the Customer Care Team at 888.350.5090 or!

Resources for Troop Cookie Managers

Not registered as a Troop Cookie Manager yet? Check out this guide to walk to through the registration process!

New Troop Cookie Managers

New to the Girl Scout Cookie Program? Check out the Cookie Rookie Guidebook!

We also recommend signing up for the Cookie Rookie trainings and webinars, under the Trainings and Webinars tab below.

Cookie Manager Agreement Form

Troop Cookie Managers are required to complete the Product Sale Manager Agreement Form to gain access to the eBudde cookie system. This system will allow you to enter your troop's orders, view your sales, and follow along with all of the phases of the Cookie Program. Access to the site will not be granted until the agreement form has been completed.

The link to this form was sent in your Welcome Email after registering as your Troop Cookie Manager. If you have not registered yet please do so as soon as possible so that you can sign the form!

Can’t find your email? Contact the Customer Care Team at 888.350.5090 or and they can send you a new one!

2019 Cookie Book

The Cookie Book is your go-to resource for all things Cookies, including delivery schedules, Cookie Cupboard locations, important dates, and tutorials.

2019 Cookie Book

Financial Forms

Direct Deposit Worksheet for Refunds
Unpaid Funds Collection Assistance Form
Troop Final Report Envelope

Goal Getter Phase

This is the second part of the Cookie Program, between when girls turn in their Initial Orders and when they receive their cookies.  Don’t forget to track your girls’ sales during this time so they will be eligible for the special goal getter rewards! Check back on February 2 for a Goal Getter surprise rewards announcement!

Goal Getter Order Card

eBudde Resources

Little Brownie’s eBudde cookie system puts powerful and fun tools right at your fingertips! Several convenient apps are now available to support you during your Cookie Program this season, including the NEW Troop App Plus. For more details on any of Little Brownies resources, check out

Troop App Plus

eBudde has gone mobile with their updated Troop App! Once you have logged in to eBudde through the main site and set up your account, you will then be able to download the app to use on your mobile device. Nearly everything that eBudde offers is now available through this convenient app! View girls, place orders, sign up for cookie booths, place a pending cupboard order, and so much more. Be sure to check out the app to successfully manage your troop's Cookie Program while on 

Cookie Bites

Cookie Bites are short animated videos that walk you through different aspects of the Cookie Program in just a few minutes! Watch all of the Cookie Bites videos on YouTube.

Cookie Promotional Toolkit

Ready to promote the Girl Scout Cookie Program to your friends and family? Download the Cookie Promotional Toolkit!

Cookie Promotional Toolkit

Resources for Girls & Caregivers

2019 Cookie Family Packet

Navigate through the 2019 Girl Scout Cookie Program with your girl with the help of the Cookie Family Packet!

2019 Cookie Family Packet

Cookie Rookie: For GIRLS!

We have a video from Little Brownie Bakers for girls who are Cookie Rookies! If girls are new to the Cookie Program, this fun 10-minute video is just what they need to understand the basics. They'll learn:

  • How the sale works
  • Cookie names
  • Easy ways to ask a customer to buy
  • Cookie booth essentials
  • Safety rules
  • How to set a goal

Watch the video now!

Cookie House Party

What better way to celebrate the spirit of the Girl Scout Cookie Program than to host a cookie-selling house party? This is a super-fun strategy to help you take your cookie business to new heights! Plan a party and invite friends, families and all of your favorite cookie customers to hear your cookie goals and favorite recipes and encourage them to purchase cookies by the case! Share your proceeds plans with your guests and discuss the great things you’ve learned through the cookie sale program.

Check out the Cookie House Party Guide and all of the great party planning ideas from Little Brownie!

Bling Your Booth!

If you want to attract lots and lots of customers, it’s time to bling out your cookie booth! Not sure where to begin? Little Brownie has some awesome ideas for you!!

How to Be a Super Seller!

Check out for some fun ideas on how to take your cookie business to the next level! Play fun interactive games, learn how to sell more and check out cool crafts to help you during your cookie sale.

Cookie Promotional Toolkit

Ready to promote the Girl Scout Cookie Program to your friends and family? Download the Cookie Promotional Toolkit!

Cookie Promotional Toolkit



  • September 30, 2018 - Deadline for troop cookie managers to complete their online agreement form to get their materials shipped to them. Troop Cookie Managers must be registered as a Troop Assistant – Cookie Manager and receive their welcome email in order to complete the online agreement form. 
  • November 19 - 23, 2018 - Troop Cookie Packets start to arrive at the doorsteps of Troop Cookie Managers!
  • December 3, 2018 - Online training for experienced troop managers opens
  • December 4, 2018 - Cookie Basics for Troop Leaders Webinar at 7 pm
  • December 6, 2018 - Cookie Rookie Webinar at 12 pm and 7 pm
  • January 3, 2019 - Cookie Rookie Webinar at 7pm
  • January 4, 2019 - Beginning of Initial Order Phase. Order taking begins. Digital Cookie opens.
  • January 18, 2019 - Troops can view council-sponsored booths
  • January 21, 2019 - First booth sign up at 6 pm
  • January 22, 2019 - Initial Order Phase Webinar at 7 pm
  • January 24, 2019 - Second booth sign up at 6 pm
  • January 28, 2019 - Third booth sign up at 6 pm
  • January 31, 2019 - Fourth booth sign up at 6 pm
  • February 1, 2019 - Troops can begin soliciting non-council sponsored booths.
  • February 1, 2019 - Troop orders due into eBudde by 11:59 pm
  • February 2, 2019 - Goal Getter Phase begins, watch for an email from eBudde!
  • February 5, 2019 - Goal Getter Phase Webinar at 7 pm
  • February 11, 2019 - Fifth booth sign up at 6 pm
  • February 18, 2019 - Unlimited booth sign ups begin at 6 pm
  • February 19, 2019 - Cookies In Hand Phase Webinar at 7 pm
  • February 21, 2019 - Last day for Goal Getter opportunity at 11:59 pm
  • February 22 - 27, 2019 - Cookie Delivery 
  • March 1, 2019 - Cookie booths begin; cupboards open
  • March 14, 2019 - Girl Delivery option for Digital Cookie shuts off
  • March 15 – 17, 2019 - Cookies for a Cause Weekend
  • March 19, 2019 - Finishing Out the Cookie Program Webinar at 7 pm 
  • March 24, 2019 - Cupboards close; last day for council-sponsored cookie booths. Digital Cookie closes
  • March 29, 2019 - Final report envelopes due to your service unit cookie coordinator (or their given deadline) and all payments are due into troop and council bank accounts
  • May 2019 - Rewards begin to ship to service unit cookie coordinators
Trainings & Webinars



Cookie Bites

Cookie Bites are short animated videos that walk you through different aspects of the Girl Scout Cookie Program in a few minutes!

Cookie Roookie: Where to Start
How the Cookie Crumbles
Digital Cookie: How It Works
Cookie News: Stay Connected
Cookie Delivery: What to Expect
Cookie Finances
How to Be a Super Seller
Initial Orders Due This Week
Cookie Booths: Helping Girls Reach Their Goals

Veteran Troop Cookie Manager - 2018-19 Troop Cookie Manager Training

This training is for Troop Cookie Managers who have previous experience as a TCM. Click the link below to access the training. All you’ll need to do is enter your name and email and then click the blue “Register” to login to view the recording. The training is about 45 minutes long, but feel free to pause and watch as you need to. Also, let your Service Unit Cookie Coordinator know when you have completed this online training resource.

Watch the 2018-19 Training

Troop Financial Management

Troop Cookie Managers should complete Troop Financial Management Training

Use these best practice tips to be a troop financial wizard. You will learn how to keep accurate records, and involve girls in troop money management, as well as money earning and troop sponsorship policies and year-end reporting. This learning is required for all approved volunteers who manage troop funds.

Watch the Replay!

Cookie Basics for Troop Leaders

Become a cookie pro when you’re not actually the troop cookie manager! That’s right, this training is perfect for other troop leaders or assistants! You'll learn how to set sales goals with your girls, get parents on-board to help out, and how to recruit a troop cookie manager, if you don’t already have one. You will be set up for success and be able to enjoy the fun of selling world famous Girl Scout Cookies.

Watch the Replay!

Cookie Rookie: Troop Cookie Managers

Way to go! You went to the training meeting and you jumped in. Still have questions? Bring them to this interactive session and get the support you need for your next steps. You've got this!

Tuesday, December 6, 2018 - Noon - Watch the Replay!
Tuesday, December 6, 2018 - 7 pm - Watch the Replay!
Thursday, January 3, 2019 - 7 pm - Watch the Reply!

Troop Cookie Manager Webinars - Phases of the Cookie Program

Overwhelmed by that Cookie Book? We are here to help! These webinars break the Cookie Program down into three phases to make sure you have everything you need, when you need it. These webinars are designed for new and returning troop cookie managers.

Initial Order Phase Webinar
This webinar is designed for new and returning Troop Cookie Managers. We will walk you through how to place your troop's initial cookie order, talk you through how to order cookies for booth sales and answer all of your questions!
Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 7 pm - Watch the Replay!

Goal Getter Phase Webinar
This webinar is designed for new and returning Troop Cookie Managers. Join us as we walk you through everything you need to know about the Goal Getter phase, the Goal Getter promotion for your girls and how to prep for cookie delivery!
Tuesday, February 5, 2019 - 7 pm - Watch the Replay!

Cookies in Hand Phase Webinar
This webinar is designed for new and returning Troop Cookie Managers. Join us as we walk through the last phase of the cookie program where girls have cookies in hand, troops can do booth sales and learn other selling strategies for the month of March.
Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 7 pm - Watch the Replay!

Finishing Out the Cookie Program Webinar
This webinar is designed for new and returning Troop Cookie Managers.  Join us to learn about how to finish out the Cookie Program, complete your final report envelope and allocate cookies.
Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - 7 pm - Watch the Replay!


Digital Cookie

Digital Cookie Resources


Me2 Pilot

Special Announcement! We will be using the Me2 online system for our Digital Cookie sales during the 2019 Cookie Program! This will replace the digital cookie system we have used for the last several years.

Our council was selected as one of four to participate in a pilot program for 2019 only. Please share your enthusiasm as you talk with your caregivers and girls about this unique opportunity. We know you all love the features and ease of the Me2 system. Through this pilot program customers will have an easier user experience when supporting their Girl Scout to reach her goals. We hope that this is the future direction for Digital Cookie and we are thrilled to have this opportunity for you all to test this set up and provide valuable feedback for future years.

Troops will still use eBudde for overall cookie management and will be able to monitor their girl’s online digital sales through eBudde, just like in year’s past. We are encouraging girls to participate in the Fall Product Program so that they can get an early look at Me2 and be ready for the 2019 Cookie Program! While we are unsure if Me2 will be available for future years as Digital Cookie we could not pass up the opportunity for our volunteers and Girl Scouts to try this platform for online cookie sales.

We know that you likely have additional questions about this new pilot program, so please see our FAQ’s.

Cookie Rewards

Cookie Rewards 2019

Check out the 2019 Cookie Rewards for girls! Troop Leader Cookie Rewards are coming soon.

Cookie Dough

At some levels girls can opt for Cookie Dough instead of a traditional reward. Cookie Dough is a council digital gift card that can be used to pay for service unit day camps, council sponsored programs, in the shop, or next year's registration.

The electronic gift card numbers will be emailed to caregivers with redemption instructions by May 2019. Cookie Dough expires December 20, 2019.

New for 2019, girls who sell 1,000-2,500+ packages levels may select a reward from a previous level and make up the difference with additional cookie dough!

Redeem your Cookie Dough

Event Reward Opportunities

If a Girl Scout in your troop earns the Sweet Success and/or Cookies for a Cause Celebration event(s), her primary caregiver, listed on her membership record, will receive an email with event details and registration instructions. This email will be sent no later than 2 weeks prior to the event start date.

A caregiver or troop leader MUST register the girl for these events in MyGS Activities. Earning the event does not equal registration.

Sweet Success
Girls who sell 700+ may choose to attend one of two celebrations at camp! Girls will get to spend their morning participating in some classic camp activities, then will enjoy a lunch before moving on to an afternoon of SWAPs, crafts, fun, a sneak peek of next year's cookie rewards, and of course s'mores!

Camp Whip Poor Will
Morrow, Ohio
June 22, 2019
10 am to 3 pm

Camp Libbey
Defiance, Ohio
July 20, 2019
10 am to 3 pm

Cookies for a Cause
Girls who have 50+ donated packages are invited to attend one of two celebrations! Girls will have the opportunity to meet some of the organizations that benefit from the Cookies for a Cause program, while doing crafts and activities.

Lucas County Fairgrounds
Maumee, Ohio
June 8, 2019
1 pm to 4 pm

Camp Stonybrook
Waynesville, Ohio
May 18, 2019
1 pm to 4 pm

Cookie CEO Weekend
Girls who sell more than 2,019 packages are invited to attend our Cookie CEO Weekend in Columbus, Ohio. They will join girls from Girl Scouts of Ohio's Heartland for an overnight in the city, activities throughout the day, and get the chance to talk to some inspiring female CEO's and entrepreneurs!

Columbus, Ohio
July 13 – 14, 2019

Troop Event Bonus (250 + PGA)
Troops that have a selling per-girl average (PGA) of 250+ by end of the 2019 Cookie Program will earn the Troop Event Bonus!

Daisy troops earning the event bonus opportunity will have the choice of visiting either the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens or the Toledo Zoo. Daisy troops that earn this bonus will get tickets for girls that participated in the Cookie Program to attend the zoo of their choice.

Brownie through Ambassador troops will earn the Mystery Concert Bonus that will be announced in February. Multi-level troops that earn this reward level will either get tickets for the zoo of their choice or the mystery concert based on the age-level of the majority of the participating girls within the troop. Ticket quantities provided to the troop will be based off of the number of participating sellers within the troop and GSUSA safety ratio guidelines to provide chaperone tickets for adult volunteer members.

Cookie Rallies

What is a Cookie Rally? It's an event to "rally” your girls so they can launch their Cookie Business into a bright future!

While the Girl Scout Cookie Program is a great fundraiser and helps many girls do amazing things, we know that it can and should go beyond “just” a fundraiser. It should also be a skill-building learning opportunity for the girls, and at Girl Scouts we focus on the 5 Skills of the Cookie Program. A Cookie Rally is a great opportunity to join with other Girl Scouts and learn about those 5 Skills while having a blast! It’s like a big party!

Check with your Service Unit Cookie Coordinator to find a rally near you!

2019 Cookie Rally Guide

Cookie Booths

Cookies in Hand Phase

Cookie Allergen Chart
Booth Sale Guidelines
Cookie Booth Vendor Poster
Placing a Cookie Cupboard Order

Looking for a way to keep your cookie booth inventory organized and accurate? Download the handy Booth Inventory Tracker template form to help your troop keep track of sals and inventory during your cookie booths!

Kroger Booth Locations

NEW! Girl Scouts of Western Ohio is teaming up with ALL Kroger booth locations to help fight hunger! Every troop that participates in a Kroger booth in all regions throughout our council are required to ask each customer if they would like to purchase cookies to be donated to Cookies for a Cause in support of the Northwestern Ohio Food Bank, The Food Bank of Dayton and the Freestore Food Bank.

All cookie donations made at Kroger booths will benefit Cookies for a Cause, so no cookies will physically need to be delivered to your regional office. Simply allocate the donation purchase in the CFAC column in eBudde! Collecting donations for the food banks is the main purpose of the Kroger cookie booth, however customers can still encouraged to purchase cookies for their personal use.

Use the promotional Kroger flier included in your cookie materials during your Kroger booth times. Download the detailed Kroger procedures, which are also attached to the Kroger timeslots in eBudde.

Cookies for a Cause

Through the Cookies for a Cause program, customers can purchase cookies that will be donated to several organizations that benefit different causes, including the military and veteran groups, health care, and food pantries.

Cookies for a Cause Flier
Cookies for a Cause Receipt

Cookies for a Cause Partners

This year Girl Scouts of Western Ohio will be supporting 4 types of organizations through our annual Cookie Program with donations of everyone’s favorite cookies. This means we have more amazing partners for our cookie donation program! The partners are listed below, and will be updated as we form more partnerships in the future.

Food Banks
Shared Harvest
Freestore Foodbank
The Dayton Foodbank
West Ohio Foodbank
Toledo Foodbank
The Dayton VA Food Pantry

Military Organizations
Heroes in Action and 180th
The Miami Valley Military Affairs Association
Yellow Ribbon Support Center

Veterans Organizations
The Dayton VA
The Toledo VA
The Cincinnati VA

HealthCare Organizations
Ronald McDonald House Charities of NW Ohio
Ronald McDonald House Charities of Dayton
Cincinnati Area Senior Services

Cookies for a Cause Challenge

This year, we've set aside this weekend, March 15-17, for the Cookies for a Cause Challenge. The goal? Donate 5,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to Cookies for a Cause. In just 3 days. Here are some resources to bring customers to your booth or Digital Cookie storefront March 15-17!

Cookies for a Cause Weekend Flier
Cookie Promotional Toolkit

Troop Gift of Caring

Your troop can reach out to an organization in your community to collect orders for and deliver those donated cookies to through the Troop Gift of Caring program. The troop will decide who to partner with, collect the donations, and personally deliver the donated packages of cookies. It’s a great way to give back while teaching the troop valuable life lessons!

Troop Gift of Caring patches can be purchased through the regional shops.

Troop Gift of Caring Resources

Blank Box Wrap for Troop Gift of Caring
Troop Gift of Caring Receipt

Cookie Pro 2019

The 2019 Cookie Pro™ contest is coming soon!

What’s your barrier-breaking, goal-crushing, world-changing superpower?  

Girl Scouts and the DC Super Hero Girls™ are teaming up to help young cookie entrepreneurs across the country unleash that unstoppable G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™ shine, share their cookie stories with the world like a super hero, and enter for a chance to win an epic adventure they’ll never forget!

Our incredible Cookie program participants will have the chance to win the Cookie Entrepreneur Experience of a lifetime featuring the DC Super Hero Girls, and meet prominent entrepreneurs, tour Warner Bros. Studios, and best of all, watch their inner super hero spread her wings and fly!

Grand Prize!

Twenty-four girls nationwide—four per Girl Scout grade level—will be selected for the epic opportunity to:

  • Travel to sunny southern California for an all-expenses-paid Cookie Entrepreneur Experience
  • Go on an incredible behind-the-scenes VIP adventure at Warner Bros. Studios
  • Take part in super-cool activities featuring the DC Super Hero Girls™
  • Meet successful entrepreneurs and business leaders 
  • Attend a very special Girl Scout Cookie Pro recognition event
  • And more!

Sounds pretty amazing, right? So get ready to unleash your very own superpowers this cookie season for your ultimate chance to shine! 

As part of the Girl Scout Cookie Program—the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world—girls gain essential life skills that stay with them forever. And the Cookie Pro contest highlights those accomplishments for everyone to see.

When you participate, you'll show the world how the Cookie Program prepares girls like you to lead, learn, and succeed not just for today, but for the future, too!      

Download the activity booklet to get started!

Limited-Edition Patch!
Cookie Pro Patch 2018

Every girl who enters the Cookie Pro contest will receive instructions by email on how to unlock this awesome, limited-edition Cookie Pro 2019 patch for optional purchase. You must be a registered Girl Scout selling cookies from a participating council to take part.

Join the nationwide celebration by entering the Cookie Pro contest from January 2 through April 30, 2019!

Get the latest news and entry details for the Cookie Pro contest.


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The Girl Scouts® name, mark, and all associated trademarks and logotypes, including the Trefoil Design, G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader)™, and Cookie Pro™ are owned by Girl Scouts of the USA.