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Volunteer Essentials

A big THANK YOU for saying yes to Girl Scouting. Welcome to a great adventure in changing girls’ lives and in changing yours. Are you ready for unlimited fun and adventure? Are you ready to laugh, make new friends, and build leaders? Girl Scouting will challenge you, encourage you, and at times you’ll wonder, “What did I get myself into?” We know you’re busy, and we are excited that you are helping girls find their wow and dream big.

This guide, Volunteer Essentials, is your reference for all things Girl Scouts. Think of this as your encyclopedia to Girl Scout volunteering. When you have a question, start with Volunteer Essentials. The answer is closer than you think!

When this was completed in June 2022, Girl Scouts of Western Ohio was still following CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. Please check our COVID-19 page for current protocols.

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Or, if you'd prefer, you can download a copy of Volunteer Essentials or view the flipbook version below!


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