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Branding 101 for Girl Scout Volunteers

Representing Girl Scouts in the Community

Thank you for representing Girl Scouts of Western Ohio at community events! Please refer to the following tips to maintain brand standards. 

  • Use consistent language and correct Girl Scout branding, as outlined below. (Please share this information with the coordinators, spokesperson, or media representatives at events in which you participate.)
  • Wear the Girl Scout uniform or Girl Scout-branded clothing at community and school functions (e.g., parades, flag ceremonies, recruitment events, Girl Scout troop outings).
  • Ask event announcers to distinguish between the two separate youth organizations (i.e., use “Girl Scouts” or “GSUSA” and “Boy Scouts” or “BSA” rather than “Scouts” or “Scouting”).

We are happy to help if you have a question about a partnership opportunity with another youth organization or need assistance with a related situation. Contact the Customer Care Team at 888.350.5090 or by email.

Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) Girl Scouts of America (GSA)
Girl Scout/Girl Scouts/Girl Scouting Scout/Scouts/Scouting
Girl Scouts The Girl Scouts
Girl Scout Troop 1234 Troop 1234
Cookie Program, Fall Product Program Cookie sale, Fall Nut Sale
Earn the Girl Scout Gold Award, Girl Scout Silver Award, Girl Scout Bronze Award Win the Girl Scout Gold Award
Gold Award Girl Scout, Silver Award Girl Scout, Bronze Award Girl Scout Gold/Silver/Bronze Award winner, awardee, recipient

2021-2023 Brand Refresh

Girl Scouts of the USA has launched a fresh, new brand and we're excited to share it with our volunteers!

This includes new servicemarks for Girl Scouts and Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, plus new guidelines for using them. In addition, all resources going forward will use either the official Girl Scout font or Palatino.

Brand training for volunteers is accessible through gsLearn.

Using the Girl Scout Logo

In order to use GSUSA trademarks on merchandise (including cookie names, logos, trefoil, etc.), our council’s marketing and communications department must facilitate the order to ensure brand guidelines are met and that the merchandise includes the council name or lock up and proper use of the marks.

The guidelines below should be followed when producing customized troop/service unit merchandise:

  • Items must be purchased with group funds and given to every member at no cost.
  • Designs that include GSUSA trademarks must adhere to GSUSA branding specifications and be approved by the council marketing and communications department before printing.
    • Email your design to KayAnn Rutter, director of marketing and communications, for approval. Include information about how the shirt will be used and printer contact information.
    • Use the font Palatino.
    • The item may include specific troop or service unit identification, like "Girl Scout Troop/Service Area XXXXX" or "Girl Scouts of Western Ohio Troop/Service Area XXXXX."
    • The trefoil must not include words inside. A photo can be in the shape of a trefoil.

In all cases, it is NOT acceptable to:

  • Create a design and send it or take it to a non-licensed vendor for printing without approval from the GSWO marketing and communications department.
  • Allow a non-licensed vendor to create a design and print product without approval from the GSWO marketing and communications department.

For products that will be sold or given away in connection with a fee-based event, GSUSA is responsible for approving the product and graphic rendering of any mark (Girl Scout name, service mark, or other Girl Scout marks or symbols). Additionally, regional licensed vendors must be used when merchandise is given away at fee-based events or activities. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Care Team at 888.350.5090 or by email.