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2020 Gold Award Girl Scouts

Congratulations to the 2020 Gold Award Girl Scouts!


South Region

Jenna Arthur | Fairfield, OH

Jenna is a graduate of Fairfield Senior High School and is currently attending Kent State University, majoring in Speech Pathology and Audiology. Jenna was involved with marching band, bowling, and 4-H. She has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Jenna has volunteered for many years at Safety Town, a¬†program that teaches young children safety skills. She noticed that the structures had¬†deteriorated, creating a safety hazard, and the program was suffering because of it.¬†Jenna collected donations of supplies needed to rebuild the houses and road signs,¬†paint the road markings, and found an organization that will donate bicycle helmets so¬†that each kid can take one home. Jenna coordinated volunteers to rebuild the houses,¬†and even created a way to safely store them in the winter and protect them from¬†water damage. Jenna also coordinated a conversation to move Safety Town to another¬†location ‚Äď as its current location is in danger of closing down - which will allow the¬†program to continue for years to come.

Kaitlyn Beauchamp | Maineville, OH

Kaitlyn is a senior at Kings High School. She is involved with marching band - color guard, winter guard, and journalism. Kaitlyn has been a Girl Scout for 12 years and has earned her Bronze & Silver Awards.


Kaitlyn, having been involved with color guard for many years, is very passionate about how this sport improves self-confidence in those who take part, and wanted to spread this to others. Her school has seen a decline in participation over the years because not a lot of people knew what it was and didn’t think they could try out if they didn’t have any experience with it. She developed a color guard group for fourth through sixth graders that was taught by high school students experienced in color guard. The kids learned dance and flag basics, and even some tosses. Kaitlyn designed each lesson and coordinated volunteers from the high school color guard team, who will host this camp each year, and continue to instill a love for this sport in future generations. 

Hannah Berry | Springboro, OH

Hannah is a graduate of Springboro High School and is currently attending Ohio University. Hannah is involved with National Honor Society, marching band, and Partner Kickoff Mentor. Hannah has been a Girl Scout for 12 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Hannah wanted to address the declining interest in music classes at the high school¬†level in her community. To do this, she felt that she needed to reach students in sixth¬†grade who were just beginning band classes. She created a ‚ÄúBand Buddy‚ÄĚ program,¬†which paired sixth grade students with high school level ‚Äúband buddies,‚ÄĚ who met on¬†a weekly basis. During each session they practiced instruments, embouchure, and¬†the proper way to hold their instrument. Having older role models helped the sixthgrade¬†students see themselves continuing to take band classes in high school. Hannah¬†recruited 24 high school band buddies, and the program continues to grow. The program¬†that Hannah started will continue under the direction of the high school band directors.¬†

Hannah Bird | Anderson Twp., OH

Hannah is a graduate of Anderson High School and is currently¬†attending The Ohio State University. Hannah was involved with¬†Cincinnati Youth Choir, CISV ‚Äď Building Global Friendships, and¬†has a teaching internship at Ayer Elementary. Hannah has been¬†a Girl Scout for 12 years..


Hannah saw that many younger students lacked interest in reading and felt that the classroom wasn’t personalized enough for students to grow their love and appreciation for reading. To change this, she partnered with Ayer Elementary PTA and 9United to create a book club for students in grades 4-6. At each book club meeting, the students not only got to practice their reading skills, they also explored literature analysis through a fun and interactive curriculum created by Hannah. Some of the activities gave the kids an opportunity to get involved in and give back to their community while exploring literature analysis. The book club will continue next year through the PTA Enrichment Program and 9United, who is working to start a similar book club at Forest Hills Elementary School. 

Marissa Boitnott | Fairfield, OH

Marissa is a graduate of Fairfield High School and is currently attending Bowling Green State University. Marissa was involved with Dayton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, and National Honor Society. Marissa has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Marissa used her passion for recycling to improve a place that means a lot to her. She coordinated the collection of 750 pounds of plastic bottle caps (surpassing her goal) to be recycled into park benches at the Joe Nuzhall Miracle League Field, a baseball park for children with special needs. Marissa found that many people in her community were not aware that the type of plastic used for bottle caps cannot be placed in regular recycling bins. With Marissa’s coordination, the YMCA has taken over the collection bins and will create more benches out of bottle caps as they expand the field and need more seating. Marissa has educated her community on the proper way to recycle plastic bottle caps and has provided a much-needed space for spectators to view games at this field.

Corinna Conaway | Liberty Twp., OH

Corinna is a graduate of Lakota West High School and is Currently attending Coastal Carolina College. Corinna was involved with student government, American Sign Language Club, and the Coastal Sea Turtle Club. Corinna has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Corinna was concerned about the amount of plastic that does not get recycled in her school district and wanted to do something about it. She started a marker recycling program at three schools in the Lakota School District, setting up collection bins, and talking with classrooms at each school about the importance of recycling, and why markers can’t be mixed with regular recycling. When the bins were full, Corinna coordinated shipping of the markers to Crayola to be recycled into new markers. As a result of her efforts, the school district will be expanding the collection bins to other schools across the district. Corinna also provided a step-by-step process, along with educational materials, to distribute to each school as this program continues to expand.

Ella Cope | Oxford, OH

Ella is a senior at Talawanda High School. Ella is President of the Talawanda Diversity Club, and is also involved with Chamber Singers, and varsity women’s golf. She has been a Girl Scout for 9 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Ella noticed that her community lacked public art and had an absence of community pride. Ella felt that a public mural showcasing a piece of Oxford’s history would help change this. She worked with a local artist to bring her idea to life, approached the city for approval, and received two grants to fund the mural. The mural highlights Oxford's history as a part of the Underground Railroad, and as the training ground for the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer project. The central design is the blue station wagon belonging to three civil rights activists who were tragically killed in a hate crime in Mississippi. Ella dedicated the mural at Oxford’s Second Friday Art Walk with more than 200 attendees and created guides for the Arts Center to continue educating the community about this important piece of Oxford history.

Cydney Davidson | West Chester, OH

Cydney is a graduate of William Mason High School and is currently attending Ball State University, dual majoring in Art and Biological Anthropology. Cydney was involved with French Honors Society, Creative Writing Club, and Academic Team. She has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Cydney noticed that many schools in our community are reducing or  cutting art programs. She felt strongly that the arts deserve respect, and that they can be complementary to a STEM-dominated world. Partnering with teachers at Avondale High School, an underserved school in Cincinnati that needed more art education, she designed a curriculum giving students the opportunity to create original characters and develop comic stories. The students learned how to use ArtWeaver, a software program that combines art and technology. Cydney published a magazine with their stories to give to the students and the school, where they could see their work come to life. Cydney also purchased 14 lifetime subscriptions to ArtWeaver, allowing the students at Avondale to continue to develop their skills in technology-oriented art. 

Olivia Erdman | Cincinnati, OH

Olivia is a junior at Ursuline Academy. She is involved with lacrosse, Young Democrats, and Book Club. Olivia has been a Girl Scout for 11 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Olivia was concerned about residents at Twin Lakes Independent Living Community not having enough enrichment in their lives. To enhance this community, Olivia created a community garden for the residents to enjoy. She partnered with a 4th grade Girl Scout troop to help build the garden, and organized a class with a Master Gardener and invited the residents to attend to learn how to maintain the garden. This past spring Olivia coordinated a planting party with the residents to help the community enjoy this space for another year. Olivia worked with her service unit, which has committed to having every 4th grade troop in the service unit share the responsibility of maintaining this garden, so that the residents of Twin Lakes have access to a community garden that they can enjoy for years to come.

Skylar Harris | Cincinnati, OH

Skylar Harris is a graduate of Reading High School and is currently attending the University of Cincinnati. Skylar was involved with Key Club, Unified for Uganda, and running. Skylar has been a Girl Scout for 10 years.


While traveling to Uganda in 2018, Skylar learned that¬†many girls there were forced to miss up to a week of¬†school every month because they did not have access to menstrual products. To¬†change this, Skylar hosted ‚ÄúPad Parties,‚ÄĚ which were sewing workshops where she¬†taught volunteers how to make reusable pads (which included liners and hygienic bags¬†to store used ones), and educated volunteers on the hardships faced by these girls.¬†The pads were then sent to Uganda through an organization called Unified for Uganda,¬†which had struggled to meet this need for the people they serve. Skylar created a¬†manual that she has shared with Unified For Uganda, who will continue to host regular¬†‚Äúpad parties,‚ÄĚ so that there is a continuous flow of new reusable pads being sent to¬†Uganda.

Lauren Maynus | Cincinnati, OH

Lauren is a graduate of Ursuline Academy and is currently attending Miami University of Ohio. Lauren is involved with Knox Youth Group, St. X High School Theater, and is a section leader in her church choir. Lauren has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Lauren designed and coordinated the installation of a mindfulness garden at Owl’s Nest Park, directly adjacent to GLAD House, an organization that provides support services for children whose parents are seeking treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. Lauren collaborated with GLAD House and Cincinnati Parks to develop a space that could build on GLAD House’s mindfulness programming while giving the youth in the program an opportunity to better connect with nature, which has been a hallmark of Lauren’s Girl Scout experience. The garden included benches and custom stepping stones with designs and words that resonate with the GLAD House kids. In addition to the garden, Lauren developed mindfulness resources for GLAD House to help them make the best use of the garden. 

Sara Morehous | Wyoming, OH

Sara is a senior at Wyoming High School. Sarah is a leader at her school’s Model United Nations Club, plays piano at church services, and teaches Sunday school. Sarah has been a Girl Scout for 10 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards. 


Sarah recognized that she was from a privileged community, where many people were unaware of the injustices and hardships that women experience around the world. Sarah wanted to educate her peers so they could see what life for women is like outside of Wyoming, Ohio, and begin to leverage their privilege to create a more just world. To accomplish this goal, she started a club, teaching seven high school girls for four months about the inequalities women and girls face around the world that culminated in a trip to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW). The club is now going strong in its third year, and this past year 13 students attended the trip to the UNCSW, including two men.

Kaila Nutter | Cincinnati, OH

Kaila is a senior at West Clermont High School. Kaila is involved with varsity softball, varsity basketball, and is a LINK Crew Member. Kaila has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards. 


After her school district cut all elementary-level sports, Kaila noticed that girls weren’t getting enough exposure to athletics and weren’t trying out for teams in high school. To address this, Kaila created a day camp for elementary level girls with the goal of introducing girls to a variety of sports and instill the love of athletics from a young age. Kaila recruited a group of adult coaches as instructors, and student athlete volunteers. The camp covered tennis, track, softball, and basketball. Kaila created a website, and compiled resources on local sports opportunities to give to campers so they could continue to develop their athletic ability. Kaila has coordinated with the athletics department at her high school and nominated an underclassman to lead the day camp for future years.

Sidney Posey | Cincinnati, OH

Sidney is a senior at Winton Woods High School. Sidney is involved with volleyball, band, and has a part-time job. Sidney has been a Girl Scout for 12 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Sidney saw that inner-city high school sports teams were at a disadvantage compared with other schools because they did not have the resources to provide opportunities for kids to get involved in sports until 7th grade. She wanted her school to be more competitive in volleyball, a sport that she is very passionate about, and she knew that more practice, and earlier exposure is what was needed. Sidney partnered with the city of Cincinnati to create a volleyball camp for inner-city students, and trained high school volleyball players to coach the younger students. During the camp they worked on basic volleyball skills, and team building activities. Sidney has already been asked to host a spring camp, and the city of Cincinnati’s Recreation Department will continue to offer the camp twice a year.

Kady Rasmussen | Terrace Park, OH

Kady is a senior at Mariemont High School. Kady is involved with musical theater, band, and softball. Kady has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Kady, who credits her passion for STEM from her involvement in First LEGO League, wanted to spark the same curiosity and passion in other children who may not otherwise have the opportunity. Kady held a LEGO drive and was able to compile 50 LEGO STEM kits to be used within the Cincinnati Public School system. Each kit is the size of a shoebox and can be used to supplement learning in the classroom, during indoor recess, or after school clubs. The kits include various themes such as space, math, maze building, coding, problem solving, and engineering.

Her team collected, sorted, and washed the LEGOs to prepare them for the kits. Kady

created laminated cards with instructions for various activities that go along with each


Emma Schatzel | Mason, OH

Emma is a sophomore at William Mason High School. Emma is involved with 4-H, Odyssey Club, basketball, and softball. She has been a Girl Scout for 10 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


As Emma’s grandparents have aged, she’s noticed that they are less able to make it out to family events, such as concerts, and sporting events to support their grandchildren. She realized that seniors often feel isolated and that can lead to depression. Emma wanted to change that, so she created a course to teach seniors in her community how to use the technology to communicate with their families. Emma taught more than 100 senior citizens how to use video chat and text messaging, so that seniors could feel less isolated and more a part of their families. The seniors that Emma worked with expressed joy and gratitude for the education Emma provided. She left an instruction book with the local senior center so that they can reference directions any time they need to.

Jailen Smith | West Chester, OH

Jailen is a graduate of The School of Creative & Performing Arts and is currently attending Xavier University of Louisiana. She is involved with musical theatre, mentoring program, and Baby Grants A Capella singing group. Jailen has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Jailen saw that many young girls in underserved communities lack positive female mentors, which inhibits their opportunities for success in life. Having been supported by many role models in her life, Jailen wanted to change this, so she created a mentoring program for girls at Lincoln Heights Elementary, a low-income school in Cincinnati. She developed a process to recruit and train mentors and paired them up with girls at Lincoln Heights. Eight mentors met on a weekly basis with their mentees, and the effects have been overwhelmingly positive on behaviors and attitudes of the girls in the program. The program will continue at Lincoln Heights Elementary. Jailen is considering expanding to other schools in the Cincinnati area, and hopes to include boys in the future.

Abigail Sturgeon | Cincinnati, OH

Abigail is a senior at Lakota West High School. She is involved with tennis, soccer, and Relay for Life. Abigail has been a Girl Scout for 12 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Abigail noticed that very few girls were represented in her engineering classes at school. Since this is a subject she is passionate about, she wanted to see more female students gain interest in STEM. According to her research, interest in STEM careers starts at a young age, so early exposure is important. Abigail designed and coordinated a STEM Summer Camp for girls in third through sixth grade, where each day focused on a different area of STEM. Abigail brought in partners such as Kroger Technology, who led an activity on binary code bracelets and coordinated volunteers to lead each session. The Women in Engineering Club at Lakota West will take over the camp that Abigail created once a year.

Melanie Weiss | Mariemont, OH

Melanie is a senior at Mariemont High School. Melanie is involved with tennis, Student Council, and Leadership Council. Melanie has been a Girl Scout for 13 years. 


After learning that some of the issues contributing to low literacy rates are stressful environments and parents not reading to their kids, Melanie knew she could do something to change this. She partnered with Bethany House, a nonprofit that assists women and children who are experiencing housing insecurity, and connected them with her high school’s service club. Melanie hosted sewing classes where volunteers made blankets, so that children would have comfort while reading. She also held a book drive and built a Little Free Library at Bethany House. Melanie organized an event at Bethany House to promote reading and distribute the donations to the residents. To ensure continuous access to books, Melanie built a partnership between MGU and Bethany House, where the students will continue to supply books and blankets to the shelter.

Amy Woods | West Chester, OH

Amy is a graduate of Lakota West High School and is currently attending Western Carolina University. Amy was involved with marching band and Roller-Skating Club. Amy has been a Girl Scout for 12 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Having grown up in Girl Scouts, Amy felt lucky to have had the opportunity to learn outdoor skills through attending camp for many years. She realized that not every kid gets the same opportunity, and that Girl Scouting played a vital role in her development of these skills. Wanting to spread this knowledge to kids who are not in Girl Scouts, Amy partnered with Gorman Heritage Farms and developed a curriculum to teach kids outdoor survival skills through one of their summer camps. Amy worked with three groups of kids ages 9-12, focusing on fire building/safety, outdoor cooking, and the principles of Leave No Trace, all of which were instilled in her as a Girl Scout! Amy also trained the staff at Gorman Heritage Farms to continue teaching the curriculum that she developed.


Central Region

Ariel Alappatt | Centerville, OH

Ariel is a graduate of Centerville High School, and is currently attending the University of Cincinnati majoring in Medical Sciences. She was involved in National Honor Society, student council, varsity tennis, speech & debate team and choir. She has been a Girl Scout for 11 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Concerned about the obesity epidemic, particularly in middle school girls, Ariel created and implemented a program focusing on healthy eating and staying active in order to instill life-long habits. Ariel held two 6-week-long sessions during lunch at Watts Middle School with 6 to 8 girls in attendance. They made healthy snacks, did a variety of exercises such as boxing and yoga, and learned nutrition tips such as portion sizes at fast food restaurants, which shocked the girls regarding their usual selections. Ariel also focused on the healthy benefits of fruits and grains and the amount of sugar in beverages. The girls motivated Ariel more during her project because of their own success. Ariel plans to continue learning how to fight the obesity epidemic with the ultimate goal of becoming a physician.

Caitlyn Borgert | Beavercreek, OH

Caitlyn is a junior at Beavercreek High School. Caitlyn is¬†involved in Drill Team ‚Äď Air Force Jr. ROTC, PALS and tech crew¬†for school plays. She has been a Girl Scout for 10 years and¬†has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Caitlyn wanted to grow and harvest a community¬†garden and give the produce to a homeless shelter. She¬†enlisted the help of about 35 children (ages 6 ‚Äď 13) from Aley United Methodist Church's¬†after-school program. The garden was located behind Aley Church. They planted a¬†variety of fruit and vegetable seeds while constantly watering and weeding. Some¬†of the vegetables they harvested were green beans, zucchini, bell peppers, radishes¬†and strawberries. Caitlyn held multiple lessons with the children on seed germination,¬†bees, worms and different fruits and vegetables. She had a beekeeper come and give¬†a presentation on how to save the bees and donated small bee kits for children. They¬†made zucchini bread along with a full meal and donated it to Schneider House of Hope¬†in Xenia.

Katherine Coyle | Tipp City, OH

Katherine is a graduate of Chaminade Julienne High School currently attending Wright State University majoring in Accounting and Marketing. She was involved in National Honor Society, Eagle Ambassador, performing arts and color guard. She has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


After completing her Marian Award, Katherine wanted to enhance the Mary Garden at The Knights of Columbus in Huber Heights. The garden was rundown, and the Mary statue was chipped and in need of repair. The members of the Knights of Columbus are older and have a hard time with maintenance. Recruiting a large team to help her fix up the area, she planted annuals and perennials in hip high baskets, installed two stone benches, made mosaic stepping stones, and repainted the Mary statue and grotto surrounding it. Katherine obtained bags of river rocks, and her team painted inspirational words on them. Katherine feels the most successful part of her project was the team effort put forth by everyone. It wasn’t just about earning her Gold Award; it was about the community they all helped build.

Brooke Dicke |New Bremen, OH

Brooke is a senior at New Bremen High School. She is involved in cheerleading, dance, and yearbook. Brooke has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


After learning about the support services that local organization Rustic Hope provides for single mothers, Brooke wanted to find a way to help the organization and the women it serves. As the organization expanded to a new facility, they needed renovation of restroom facilities including adding a shower, vanity, and new flooring. Brooke organized the renovation of the facility and then she also partnered with Holy Redeemer and New Bremen schools to organize a supply drive for items like toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, conditioner, and feminine hygiene products that were also needed.

Meredith Dillon | Beavercreek, OH

Meredith is a junior at Beavercreek High School. Meredith is involved in symphonic band, recreational volleyball, soccer and softball, and volunteers at SICSA. She has been a Girl Scout for 11 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Meredith has a love for animals and noticed that the¬†Greene County Animal Control Shelter had no place for¬†their shelter dogs to interact with potential adopters. She turned an unused office¬†into a cozy living room atmosphere that was functional as well as pet friendly. With¬†her team, Meredith repaired holes in the walls, fixed baseboards, painted the room,¬†hung framed works of art and shopped for furniture. The shelter also uses the room to¬†socialize dogs together and help train them on how to act in a house. Meredith‚Äôs goal¬†was to create a space that allows people to get to know the animal they want to adopt,¬†so that the adoptions last a lifetime. ‚ÄúSaving one animal won‚Äôt change the world, but it¬†will change the world for that one animal.‚ÄĚ

Madeline Ebright | Eaton, OH

Madeline is a senior at Eaton High School. Madeline is the Vice President of her class, and is involved in National Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Freshman Focus and Peer Leading Student Council. She has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Concerned about girls taking their education for granted, Madeline spoke to 200 girls¬†from grades 5 ‚Äď 8 about its importance and how girls in underdeveloped countries don‚Äôt¬†finish school because they don‚Äôt have access to feminine hygiene products. Madeline¬†decided to make feminine hygiene kits to send to an underdeveloped country so girls¬†would miss less school. Her team started sewing reusable (washable) pads made of¬†flannel. She held several kit making days; the kit contained three reusable pads, an¬†assortment of inner pads, disposable pads, safety pins, pad making instructions in¬†Spanish, and a letter of encouragement written by a local middle school girl. Adventures¬†in Missions transported 102 of Madeline‚Äôs kits to a girls' home in Guatemala. Madeline is¬†very grateful to everyone who contributed to help make the kits a success.

Kalie Gayer | Saint Marys, OH

Kalie is a senior at Saint Marys Memorial High School. She is involved in band, powerlifting, and theatre. Kalie has been a Girl Scout for 9 years..


Pollinators like bees and butterflies are an important part of our ecosystem. To help boost the declining population of pollinators in her area, Kalie worked with the city to install a garden in a local park composed of pollinator friendly plants. To promote her garden, educate her community, and hopefully inspire others to plant pollinator friendly gardens, Kalie participated in a community event at the park. There she was able to share the environmental importance of pollinators with many people in attendance, showcase her garden, and share information on some of the common pollinators native to our area.

Anwen Harris | Troy, OH

Anwen is a homeschooled senior and is currently attending Sinclair Community College. She is involved in Club Table Tennis, volunteers at Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, is a Green Thumb Club Member, and a reporter at The Clarion Newspaper (Sinclair). She has been a Girl Scout for 9 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Anwen is passionate about the environment and concerned about the decline of bees and other pollinators. The Milton-Union Public Library was having trouble with landscaping and maintenance. With the help of several team members, Anwen designed and created a pollinator garden at the library with nine different species of native plants. These plants will attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds as well as other pollinators. When it was completed, Anwen held an open house with presentations, handing out brochures and seed packets. To fund this project, she hosted four babysitting nights at her church. Anwen educated the children about bees with crafts, reading, drawing and games. A library board member told Anwen how she inspired him by taking on this large project, giving him hope for future generations. 

Leah Horan | Centerville, OH

Leah is a senior at Centerville High School. Leah is involved in National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, Unit Advisory Rep, Octagon Club, Key Club, SADD Club and swim team. She has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.s.


Leah’s major aspect of her project was the education of youth about the importance of nature and what can be done to safeguard it, particularly monarch butterflies. She designed and created a 10’ x 16’ pollinator garden from a large patch of grass behind Cline Elementary School in Centerville. With the help of her team, Leah moved grass and soil, planted 17 different perennial pollinator plants, watered and weeded. Within a week, she was thrilled to see caterpillars and a monarch butterfly on her plants! Leah also enlisted the help of the Voyager After School program and the 2nd grade classrooms in watering and weeding. This enabled her to educate the kids about threats facing monarch butterflies. Leah held an open house for the community to view her garden where she passed out flyers, brochures and snacks.

Emily Huber | Troy, OH

Emily is a senior at Troy High School. She is involved in varsity volleyball, varsity swimming, National Honor Society, Key Club, ASTRA Club and CORE Team. She has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has earned her Silver Award.


Wanting to build upon families and community coming¬†together, Emily created and implemented two different¬†programs. With the help of volunteers, Emily organized a ‚ÄúShop & Drop‚ÄĚ at Christmas¬†time where parents could drop off their young children for six hours in order to go¬†Christmas shopping, providing a safe and affordable babysitting option. Emily recruited¬†enough volunteers so every family who signed up was able to participate. The kids¬†played games, frosted cookies, made crafts, watched Christmas movies and ate¬†lunch. Emily also developed a carnival at her church in the spring for ANY family in¬†the community to come and spend quality time getting to know each other. She had¬†40 kids and 60 adults in attendance. While the kids played carnival games, the adults¬†enjoyed conversation and made friends over coffee and doughnuts..

Allison Irey | Troy, OH

Allison is a senior at Troy High School. Allison is in involved in orchestra, her high school paper and dance. Allison has been a Girl Scout for 11 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


From a young age, Allison has been in love with film¬†and television production. Her goal is to work in film production. Wanting to share¬†her love of film with young students, she created and implemented the Trojan Film¬†Club at Heywood Elementary School. Twice a week for three months, 12 students in¬†grades 3-5 met after school to learn how films are made. They even made their own¬†short film with the help of high school thespians. The short film, entitled ‚ÄúDetention¬†Dreams,‚ÄĚ premiered at a well-attended red-carpet event. The club has grown this year¬†to 21 students. Allison decided to split the students into three groups, with each group¬†creating their own short film. Her hope is that the students are inspired to tackle their¬†film dreams. Link to her film:

Grace Jackson | Dayton, OH

Grace is a graduate of Chaminade Julienne High School and is currently attending the University of Dayton, majoring in Biology. Grace was involved in National Honor Society, varsity swimming, cross-country, Vega Acapella, jazz ensemble and Liturgical Choir. She has been a Girl Scout for 12 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Noticing the imbalance of women in the engineering classes at her school and that¬†there are a low number of women in STEMM careers nationwide, Grace founded the¬†Dayton Regional Women‚Äôs STEMM Club, serving girls 13 to 18 years old under the title¬†‚ÄúGems of STEMM.‚ÄĚ She held bi-monthly meetings with girls from approximately six¬†schools. Each meeting had a female speaker with a STEMM field specialty such as¬†engineering, biology, software development and medicine. The speakers inspired the¬†girls by talking about their day-to-day activities. Grace made sure each meeting had¬†a hands-on activity related to the speaker‚Äôs profession, such as coding, chemistry,¬†paper-making and geology. She provided snacks through a grant she applied for herself¬†from Aldi‚Äôs. Grace‚Äôs club was nationally featured in the SWENext Newsletter 9 ‚Äď 12!

Madison Janky | Centerville, OH

Madison is a graduate of Centerville High School and is currently attending Miami University, majoring in marketing. She was involved in the Centerville Marketing Career Program, DECCA, French Club, tap and jazz dance. She has been a Girl Scout for 12 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Madison experienced a serious illness in high school, and her church (Centerville Community Church) was an integral part of her healing process. Wanting to give back to her church community, she created and implemented an outreach program for people who are in need of spiritual guidance. Some of the ministries she developed were an organized meal train, increased prayer boxes, quilt making and baked goods. The church had no database to coordinate this, so Madison developed one. She gathered her team by attending weekly prayer meetings to solicit help. Her team created about 50 prayer boxes, which was the most successful aspect of the outreach program. Madison created a brochure about her program and spoke about it at six different churches. She got a lot of positive response with churches wanting to implement what she had done.

Grace Knapke | Maria Stein, OH

Grace is a graduate of Marion Local High School and is currently attending Ohio Dominican University. She was involved in marching band, volleyball, and track. Grace has been a Girl Scout for 11 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Searching for a project that would benefit her school for generations, Grace decided to spearhead the construction of a permanent band tower on her school’s new marching band practice field, as the previous structure had become a safety concern. With her school’s support, she organized a mailing to local residents that outlined her project plan and also educated the community on how music education and band participation benefit students and the community. Through the support of community members and alumni, Grace raised over $10,000, enabling her team to weld, construct, and install a permanent band tower that will be used for decades to come.

Sierra Lentz | Minster, OH

Sierra is a senior at Minster High School. She is involved in band and track. Sierra has been a Girl Scout for 11 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


After noticing many youth in her church had trouble bridging the gap between the biblical language commonly used in faith communities and the way average teens speak, Sierra worked with her youth pastor and other area youth to write scripts, recruit actors, film and edit a video series focused on helping area youth. Her video series covered faith-related topics that young people in her community struggle with; it is accessible to all on YouTube. Sierra also organized a viewing party for her church’s youth group and shared her videos with several other youth groups in the area.

Jennifer Meek | Beavercreek, OH

Jennifer is a graduate of Beavercreek High School and is currently attending Miami University, majoring in Middle Childhood Education. Jennifer was involved in National Honor Society, captain of the golf team, and editor-in-chief of the school paper. She has been a Girl Scout for 12 years and has earned her Silver Award.


Jennifer has a love of reading and volunteered at the Greene County Public Library for years. She wanted to share her love of books, so she created and implemented a Sunday afternoon story time at Aley Church, using the MOPs program (mothers of preschoolers). Once a month for five months, Jennifer held themed story times, which included reading books and doing activities related to those books and the time of year. Some of the activities included making jack-o-lanterns, monster masks, thank you cards, hand turkeys and Christmas ornaments. Jennifer impacted about 25 preschool children with a volunteer staff of seven. She also collected about 300 books and donated them to Pennyroyal Elementary School in Franklin, OH to encourage a love of reading.

Jude Meekin | Yellow Springs, OH

Jude is a graduate of Yellow Springs High School and is currently attending Southern Illinois University, majoring in Zoology. She was involved in National Honor Society, track, cross country and swimming (all varsity). She has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Because of her concern for the environment, Jude created and implemented a¬†composting program at her high school. Astonished by how much food gets wasted¬†during lunch time, and knowing the school‚Äôs existing composting bins weren‚Äôt being¬†used, Jude gave talks at lunch time about what can and can‚Äôt be composted and had¬†a separate bin for kids to throw unused food ‚Äúfrom the ground‚ÄĚ into the compost bin.¬†She also talked about how the food goes from the trash and becomes compost with¬†the help of a carbon/nitrogen ratio. A teacher formed an Environmental Club as a result¬†of her project. Jude says she reduced the school‚Äôs landfill waste, and it pleased her to¬†know that her project benefited local organic farmers by providing them with rich soil¬†for their crops.

Sydney Paul | New Bremen, OH

Sydney is a senior at New Bremen High School. She is involved in cheer, swim, and science club. Sydney has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Sydney loved the game tent as a youth at her town’s festival. It was a safe family friendly place for area youth to enjoy themselves, entirely run by volunteers. When she realized that many of the games were worn or broken, and the tent might not continue to be part of the festival in the future, Sydney stepped in to fix this beloved community tradition. Sydney’s updated activities included refurbishing existing games and adding new educational games, all tested with younger Girl Scouts at summer camp. Along with the new and improved activities for the tent, Sydney recruited and trained volunteers to run the game tent during the festival, putting together a comprehensive binder with instructions that future volunteers can utilize as they organize the game tent. 

Taylor Paul | New Bremen, OH

Taylor is a senior at New Bremen High School. She is involved in volleyball, swim, and softball. Taylor has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


After learning that some families in her community were struggling to afford staple food items and fresh produce, Taylor worked with local gardeners and carpenters to build a community orchard with six raised garden beds and eight dwarf fruit trees and to construct a food pantry accessible to citizens in nearby communities. To ensure that the pantry is restocked, she recruited local businesses and organizations and created a schedule for them to collect canned goods to refill the pantry for different months of the year. 

Neeti Prasad | Beavercreek, OH

Neeti is a junior at the Dayton Regional STEM School. She is involved in the Dayton Community Robotics Team, student government and rowing. She has been a Girl Scout for 10 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Neeti has participated in First LEGO League (FLL) robotics for 7 years. This inspired her to create and develop an FLL team comprised of 6th to 8th graders who attend an after-school program called Kids in New Directions (KIND) in downtown Dayton. These students are refugees from various African countries. Neeti held twice weekly camp sessions for approximately 25 children for several months. She taught the children how to build robots out of LEGOs and basic block programming. Initially, she did teambuilding puzzles as basic tasks. Neeti also conducted teamwork challenges to help them improve their communication and collaboration skills. This project allowed the students to experience STEM fields and motivate them to consider a STEM career in the future.

Amber Stull | Springboro, OH

Amber is a graduate of Springboro High School and is currently attending the University of Cincinnati, majoring in Accounting. Amber was involved in tennis, track, American Mock Trial Association, Interact Club, SADD, JCOWA, Spanish Club and stage crew. She has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Amber’s mother is a breast cancer survivor and was the inspiration for her project. Her project was two-fold. She wanted to bring awareness to the fact that early detection saves lives. Amber especially wanted to bring awareness to underserved women that screening is not only important, but available to all. She gave talks to various groups about breast cancer awareness such as the women at Hope House Mission in Middletown. She created and developed a Facebook page where women could share their breast cancer survivor stories. The second part of Amber’s project was to make cloth cancer caps. She held sessions at her church to make about 30 cancer caps. Amber delivered these to The Greater Dayton Cancer Center.

Elizabeth Suda | Centerville, OH

Elizabeth is a senior at Centerville High School. Elizabeth is involved in National Honor Society, Key Club, Octagon Club, and National French Honor Society. She is also a glider pilot. She has been a Girl Scout for 12 years and has earned her Bronze Award.


Inspired by her childhood tutor, Elizabeth created an afterschool tutoring program with The Voyager group at Primary Village South. For two days a week for at least two semesters, Elizabeth and her team tutored about 50 children in grades K-1. Each session lasted one hour and focused on reading, spelling and vowels. They rotated through each lesson every 15 minutes during the hour. Elizabeth used all kinds of tutoring tools, but Word Bingo was their favorite. Tracking who needed help from one session to the next, Elizabeth made sure children got the extra help they needed at future sessions. At the end of each semester, she hosted a party for the children. Because of her childhood tutor, Elizabeth now has the opportunity to serve as a role model for someone else.

Christina Tidwell | Oregonia, OH

Christina is a sophomore at Clinton-Massie High School. Christina is involved in orchestra, theatre, Teen Advisory Board and Book Club. She has been a Girl Scout for 9 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Christina wanted to help those families who are struggling to make ends meet and can’t afford to provide clothing for themselves. This would allow families to focus on other important expenses. The Falcon Pantry at her school is comprised of an already established food pantry and now contains a clothing section. The Pantry is open once a month during the school year and all the clothing is donated. Families may come in and pick out one outfit per member per month. There are also tubs for socks, hats and scarves. About 50 people per month have utilized the pantry. Christina has gotten a lot of positive feedback and publicity. She wants people to know that others care about them and having nice clothes can give them much needed self-confidence.

Catherine Tollefson | Centerville, OH

Catherine is a senior at Centerville High School. She is involved in National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, Jr. Optimist Club, varsity golf and Ohio Model United Nations. She has been a Girl Scout for 13 years and has earned her Bronze Award.


Catherine has always had a love of nature and concern for the environment. She attended Summer Day Camp through the Centerville Washington Park District (CWPD) yearly. This inspired her to help and protect monarch butterflies which are in decline due to pesticides that are destroying milkweed plants and other nectar sources. Catherine created a butterfly waystation and planted 18 milkweed plants (5 different species) at Holes Creek in Centerville. After three weeks, she spotted about 36 caterpillars on her plants! Catherine was part of the CWPD Big Backyard Party where she had a table set up to talk about her waystation and handed out seed packets. She also hosted an informal discussion at the Holes Creek Gazebo to talk about her waystation and monarch Butterflies. Her project is registered as an official monarch waystation at

Melissa Wynk | Celina, OH

Melissa is a graduate of Marion Local High School and is currently attending Sinclair Community College. She was involved in marching band, concert band, and softball. Melissa has been a Girl Scout for 12 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Recognizing the need for technology education geared toward elderly members of her community, Melissa partnered with a local assisted living facility to offer residents computer education. Through her efforts, residents gained new skills and confidence using the technology available to them to communicate with friends and family, play games, use  e-readers, and more. To ensure her project could continue to be of use to the facility by current and future residents, Melissa created video tutorials from common questions the residents asked that she passed on to staff at the facility. 

Claire Yamamoto | Beavercreek, OH

Claire is a junior at Beavercreek High School. She is involved in marching band, indoor percussion ensemble, orchestra and Springfield Youth Symphony. She has been a Girl Scout for 11 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Claire loves music and is concerned about the education¬†system not understanding the value of music and¬†therefore eliminating music classes. She created and ran a week-long nonprofit music¬†camp for children in grades K‚Äď6 at Aley Church in Beavercreek. She kept the camp‚Äôs¬†costs low ($15) so any child could attend. Claire and her team taught rhythm, beats,¬†basic music concepts, instruments and vocals. Each day she had a combination of¬†instrument presentations, singing, crafts and games. Some of the instruments Claire¬†demonstrated were the bassoon, flute, violin, ukulele, tuba and saxophone. Some of¬†the crafts made were rain sticks, egg shakers and hand drums. The last day of camp¬†they held a recital. The camp was such a success that it will be held yearly.

Troop 32725


North Region

Allyson Patterson | Findlay, OH

Allyson is a sophomore at Findlay Digital Academy. She is involved in 4-H, the Youth Advisory Board and the Raise the Bar program. She has been a Girl Scout for 11 years and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


History can inform our decisions and communities¬†today. Allyson realized that many of her peers and adults didn‚Äôt know the history of¬†her home county of Hancock. After researching her community, she realized that the¬†information was behind a barrier ‚Äď impersonal and inaccessible textbooks. Allyson¬†created a way to teach others about local history while remaining both educational and¬†fun. Partnering with the Hancock Parks District, Allyson created a Living in History day¬†and curriculum. This event took place in a home within the parks that was from the¬†1840s ‚Äď with activities from cooking and churning butter, to journal making and creating¬†quill pens. Although it was 105 degrees on the day of her event, Allyson provided ample¬†water to all participants. The parks district will use the curriculum that Allyson created¬†for future programs.

Gabriella Ravas | Perrysburg, OH

Gabriella is a junior at Notre Dame Academy. She is involved in cross county, speech and debate teams, and Math Club at her school. She has been a Girl Scout for 11 years and has earned her Silver Award.


After learning about the services available for young¬†parents at The Nest, Gabriella saw a need for young parents to be able to spend quality¬†time with their children. Through time and research, Gabriella identified that building¬†a strong and nurturing relationship between parents and children is crucial for their¬†emotional development, conversation skills and their self-esteem ‚Äď of both the parent¬†and child. Partnering with The Nest, Gabriella was able to create a Parent/Child Reading¬†Program and Lending Library. Through her efforts, she was able to donate almost 2,000¬†books to The Nest‚Äôs Lending Library, allowing parents to have a free resource to provide¬†for their children.

Caroline Sass | Northwood, OH

Caroline is a graduate of Cardinal Stritch Catholic High School, currently attending Owens Community College. She was a Girl Scout for 12 years and is now a Troop Leader for a local troop. 


As an active member of her faith community, Caroline noticed the lack of outdoor space for parishioners at her church and a gap in education of Mary to the younger parish members. To combine these two issues, Caroline worked hard to create a Mary Devotional Garden with 16 stations. Designing the space itself, Caroline worked with her parish and helped guide a team of volunteers to create this devotional space. She also worked to educate youth classes on the importance of learning about Mary and the scripture. With the completion of her project, the church will continue a yearly celebration, and has invited local parishes to attend and utilize the space. 

Victoria Swiler | Maumee, OH

Victoria is a senior at Anthony Wayne High School. She is involved in band, theater, and Zoo Teens with the local Toledo Zoo. She has been a Girl Scout for 12 years and has earned her Silver Award.


It was during a summer outreach program with the youth¬†volunteering group ‚ÄúZoo Teens‚ÄĚ that Victoria connected with the organization ‚ÄúToledo¬†GROWs.‚ÄĚ As part of her volunteer outreach, she began to work with Toledo GROWs and¬†understand the importance of pollinators to our community. In partnership with the¬†organization, Victoria worked hard to research local pollinator species and their food¬†sources; with this information, she was able to create a raised garden that provided¬†coverage for all main pollinators through the spring, summer and fall. Victoria held an¬†event filled with educational activities. All of her research has been given to Toledo¬†GROWs to further educate the community about the importance of pollinators.

Leia Wenninger | Sylvania, OH

Leia is a homeschooled senior in high school. She is involved in Toastmasters, and has taken Dual Credit College courses. She has been a Girl Scout for 10 years, and has earned her Bronze and Silver Awards.


Leia began working on her project in 2017, after learning about how menstruation can affect women both in her community and around the world. Choosing between food or pads is a reality that many poverty-stricken women must face in communities, both locally and across the globe. Leia collected and donated thousands of menstrual products to local shelters while educating others to do the same. She also hosted a reusable pad-making workshop for a regional World Thinking Day event as well as workshops to teach others how to create the simple pattern she made for reusable pads. These pads were delivered to girls and women in Kenya to help ensure they have access to menstrual products. She has created two Facebook pages, Periods Worldwide and Periods Toledo, to continue her work and help destigmatize the conversation around periods.