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Invite A Friend

Girl Scouts is more fun with friends! That's why we're encouraging girls and volunteers to grow their troops this year by inviting a friend to join in on the adventure.

When you add two girls to your troop by March 31, 2021, your troop will get to attend a GSWO event for free!

  • Add two girls by January 31: One free event, up to $100, for the troop
  • Add two girls by February 28: One free event, up to $70, for the troop
  • Add two girls by March 31: One free event, up to $50, for the troop

Once you've added two girls to your troop, simply fill out the form below and include the information of the event you'd like to attend!

(Please see the frequently asked questions section below for guidelines.)

Plus, girls who invite a friend will earn the lily pad and frog patch! Request a patch using the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What girls qualify as girls added to my troop?
Any girl without a 2020-2021 membership counts, whether she's a new Girl Scout member or renewing! She simply needs to register and be added to your troop between January 1 and March 31, 2021.

If I add two girls to my troop in two different months, what incentive do I qualify for?
Your troop qualifies for the event credit for the month when the second girl registers. So if one girl registers in January and another registers in February, your troop can attend an event up to $70.

Can I divide this credit up so the girls in my troop can attend different events?
No, this is intended for troops to attend the same event together, so it can only be used toward one event for the troop.

Do all of the girls in my troop need to attend the event?
If not all of the girls in your troop can attend an event, that is fine! But keep in mind the credit can only be used for one event, so we recommend finding an event that works for as many girls in your troop as possible.

If I don't use the whole amount, can we use it for more than one event?
No, the credit has to be applied to a single event.

What if we want to attend an event that costs more than the credit we're eligible for?
You can use the credit as a discount on the event! Simply complete the form and we'll contact you for the final payment.

What events can we use the credit for?
You can use it for any event that takes place before September 30, 2021, except for resident camp.

If you'd like to use the credit for your troop to attend Day Camp together, please register everyone for the session you're planning to attend and pay the deposit online before completing the form. The credit will be used for the balance due.

What if we don't know what event we want to attend?
Simply put "unsure" in the event title field on the form and choose today's date as the event date. We will keep a record that your troop has not redeemed the credit. Then contact the Customer Care Team when you've selected your event and we'll get you set up!

What if the event fills before we get the credit?
We will work to process event credits as quickly as we can, but we recommend checking event capacity on MyGS before completing the form. If you're concerned that the event will sell out before you receive the credit, we recommend registering your troop online to reserve your spot and using the credit for a different event.

Request Your Free Event
Request a Patch

Are you having a blast as a Girl Scout? Do you have friend who would love to join in on the fun? Now she can join, and you can both earn an awesome patch!

Girls will receive a lily pad patch for the first friend they invite, and an additional frog for each friend thereafter!

Fill out the form below to get your goodies.


Questions? Contact us.