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Earn Digital Dough for Your Troop

More Friends. More Fun!

Girls need connection now more than ever, and planning Girl Scout adventures as a troop is a great way to make new friends and keep the old! We have so much in store for the year, and we want to help your troop start the school year strong!

Digital Dough is a digital currency that girls and volunteers earn throughout the year. You can use Troop Digital Dough for all sorts of things—event registration, uniforms or badges in the GSWO Shops, or the membership of another adult volunteer who can lend a helping hand throughout the year!

  • Returning troops that stay (at least!) the same size from the 2020-2021 membership year to the 2021-2022 membership year* will receive $25 in Troop Digital Dough! For example, if a troop had 8 girls last year, they simply need to renew or register 8 girls this year to qualify! They can be the same girls or new friends who are excited to participate in Girl Scouts
    • Plus, returning troops that add at least one more girl beyond last year's troop size will get an additional $25 in Troop Digital Dough! That's $50 you can spend on new adventures together.
  • New troops that register at least 10 girls into their troop will receive $25 in Troop Digital Dough!

The sooner the girls renew or register, the sooner you will receive the Digital Dough—and the sooner your adventures can begin!

  • Qualify by September 30 to receive Troop Digital Dough by October 31
  • Qualify by December 31 to receive Troop Digital Dough by January 31

Not sure where to begin?  There are two main ways you can do this.

Send an Invitation to Girls Your Troop Already Knows

A personal invitation is the best way to invite girls to a troop. Often girls and families aren't aware of opportunities they can have in Girl Scouts. Troop leaders can encourage girls to give out invitations to join the troop (then they can get the Invite a Friend patch!), or troop leaders can send out letters to girls and families in their community. We've included a template letter below for inspiration!


My daughter is in Mrs./Mr. ___'s (insert grade level)  class at ____ school. I'm a leader in her Girl Scout troop, and we would love to have your girl join us!

I have been involved with Girl Scouts for more than __ years and can tell you that your girl will learn, do, and be amazing things—and of course have FUN!

Our troop will meet the __ and ___  every __ day of the month from __pm to __pm. To join, simply go to, and when it asks you to select a troop, search for Troop _____.

If you have any questions about Girl Scouts, please don't hesitate to reach out!

(a.k.a. ___’s Mom)

Host a Leap into Adventure Party

You’re invited to have an Invite a Friend Party to grow your troop. Work with your community development manager to plan, invite, and host the party. The box includes supplies for decorations, two activities, and a craft. The only things you need are tape, markers, scissors, glue, and water to get started.