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Host a Leap into Adventure Party

Excited to share the adventure of Girl Scouts with friends? Host a Leap into Adventure Party to invite new girls into your troop!

Work with your community development manager (CDM) to plan, invite, and host the party. We'll provide a box that includes decorations, two activities, and a craft. The only things you need are tape, markers, scissors, glue, and water to get started!

Here are the requirements:

  • Event must be free to attendees.
  • Have date, location confirmed and provided to CDM 3 weeks prior to party.
  • Troop leaders and parents agree to help market event to their connections, examples include invitations for girls, sharing the event on social media platforms.
  • Collect girl information and share any leads with CDM to follow up within 5 days of the event.
  • Leads and an event report form will be given to CDM.

Your community development manager will assist to:

  • Bring Party in a Box
  • Print any resources needed to help market the event
  • Supply decorations
  • Provide supplies for specific craft & games
  • Prepare parent resources for next steps in joining Girl Scout

There are five Party in a Box options:

  • Option 1:
    Great for Daisies

    Frog Headbands
    Musical Lilypads
    Pin the Frog on the Lilypad

  • Option 2:
    Great for Brownies & Juniors

    Lilypad Tie-Dye
    Frog Draw
    Lilypad Leap

  • Option 3:
    Outdoors / Large Spaces

    Clothes Pin Frog Craft
    Clothes Pin Tag
    Ribbit Ribbit Jump

  • Option 4:
    Small Spaces

    Frog Party Blowers
    Catching Flies Game
    Rock Paper Scissors Frog Game

  • Option 5:
    Small Spaces

    Frog Swap
    Fly Frogs Fly
    Poison Dart Frog

  • Psst!

    Girls who invite a friend
    to Girl Scouts can receive
    a frog-themed Invite a Friend patch!

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