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Host a Leap into Adventure Party

Excited to share the adventure of Girl Scouts with friends? Host a Leap into Adventure Party to invite new girls into your troop! (Plus, you can earn Digital Dough in the process!)

Work with your community development manager (CDM) to plan, invite, and host the party. We'll provide a box that includes decorations, two activities, and a craft. The only things you need are tape, markers, scissors, glue, and water to get started!

Here are the requirements:

  • Event must be free to attendees.
  • Have date, location confirmed and provided to CDM 3 weeks prior to party.
  • Troop leaders and parents agree to help market event to their connections, examples include invitations for girls, sharing the event on social media platforms.
  • Collect girl information and share any leads with CDM to follow up within 5 days of the event.
  • Leads and an event report form will be given to CDM.

Your community development manager will assist to:

  • Bring Party in a Box
  • Print any resources needed to help market the event
  • Supply decorations
  • Provide supplies for specific craft & games
  • Prepare parent resources for next steps in joining Girl Scout

There are five Party in a Box options:

  • Option 1:
    Great for Daisies

    Frog Headbands
    Musical Lilypads
    Pin the Frog on the Lilypad

  • Option 2:
    Great for Brownies & Juniors

    Lilypad Tie-Dye
    Frog Draw
    Lilypad Leap

  • Option 3:
    Outdoors / Large Spaces

    Clothes Pin Frog Craft
    Clothes Pin Tag
    Ribbit Ribbit Jump

  • Option 4:
    Small Spaces

    Frog Party Blowers
    Catching Flies Game
    Rock Paper Scissors Frog Game

  • Option 5:
    Small Spaces

    Frog Swap
    Fly Frogs Fly
    Poison Dart Frog

  • Psst!

    Girls who invite a friend
    to Girl Scouts can receive
    a frog-themed Invite a Friend patch!

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